Chapter 512: Powerful Illusion

Li Mazi told me that they had decided to take the stairs, but later found that they could never reach the end. He was flustered, so he pulled Ru Xue to return to us. Although they saw the corridor right in front of them, the top of the stairs seemed to be even higher than the Himalayas. They tried but couldn’t leave the place

Fortunately, the phone call still went through. Ru Xue was so scared that she almost cried. 

“All right, calm down. I’m coming!” 

I hung up the call and said to Chuyi, “They probably encountered a road-blocking ghost. We should hurry” 

Before I could finish talking, Chuyi, who was sitting next to me, suddenly moved backwards. I turned around to look. Yin Xinyue and Xiao Gao also moved far from me. The same thing happened to the tables, chairs, the bar counter, and the other customers. The place was empty. It looked like the space around me had been stretched endlessly in just the blink of an eye. 

While moving away, Chuyi screamed, “It’s illusion magic! Bite your ton” 

However, his voice faded until I could no longer hear it. At the same time, his body began to shrink until he was as big as a sesame seed. He disappeared shortly after that. 

tried to bite the tip of my tongue. However, my tongue was like stone. I couldn’t bite it. I tried to talk but couldn’t make a sound, either. 

Not good. It must be the drink I just had! 

If it was just aillusion, everything was fake. I turned and rushed in the direction Chuyi went. However, the floor tiles underneath me moved backward. I had run for a long time but still didn’t see anyone. 

I was flustered and took out a Ksitigarbha Talisman, palming it on my forehead. Unfortunately, this didn’t work, either. 

I gave up running and sat on the ground, waiting to be rescued. Time moved very slowly, and I wasn’t sure if I had been here for a few hours or a few minutes. Anyway, besides feeling bored, I wasn’t tired. 

I had drunk a few glasses of wine, so it would make sense if I felt tipsy. However, I didn’t. 

I suddenly realized something. This illusion stretched both space and time endlessly, affecting people’s brains. I’d heard that a strong magician could trap people for a few seconds, but those few seconds would feel like an eternity. People’s brains couldn’t endure this kind of stress. In the end, the brain would be overloaded, which would make the victim enter a state of suspended animation. 

I didn’t know how long I had waited; perhaps six or seven hours had passed. Anyway, I started to panic when I thought that only a few seconds might have passed in the real world. I might have to wait ten years to see Yin Xinyue, Chuyi, or Li Mazi again. I felt so down that I started to cry

At this moment, a blue light flashed in the distance. A sword was flying toward me. I was scared and prepared to run. However, the sword was like a missile that had locked me as its target. I couldn’t dodge it. 

Fortunately, I recognized it was Chuyi’s eight-faced Han sword. I stopped and pulled myself together.

The sword zoomed through the long space and precisely stabbed my glabella. After that short pain, the endless space created by the illusion shrank. The bar’s interior returned to my side. 

I saw Chuyi holding the sword. It was touching my glabella. The effect of thillusion hadn’t ended yet as time was still passing slowly. In my eyes, the whole scene was like a slow-motion video. Moreover, all I heard was a buzzing sound. Nothing was distinctive enough to make sense

When the tip of the sword left my face, time returned normal. Afterward, Chuyi swiftly used his sword to stab Yin Xinyue’s glabella, while his other hand smashed a glass on the counter. He picked up a shard and scratched Xiao Gao’s glabella. Xiao Gao shrieked then fell to the ground. 

Yin Xinyue’s eyes returned to normal. She cried and hugged me. “Brother Zhang, I thought I would never see you again! It was so scary! So scary!” 

Xiao Gao woke up and rolled on the ground. He cried and called for his mother, scaring the other customers in the bar. 

“Chuyi, how long were we trapped in the illusion?” 

“Not even one second.” 

“What? I thought I was there for at least ten hours!” cried Yin Xinyue. 

I turned to the bar counter. The bartender that had just served us was gone. I guessed he might be the fox spirit. 

He must have put something in our drinks. Except for Chuyi, who had drunk orange juice, the three of us were affected by the magic! 

The moment we were trapped in the illusion, Chuyi used his fastest speed to deal with the magic cast on us. If he had been a few seconds slower, we would have been trapped there for a few days or even a few years. It was terrifying! 

However, I knew that there was no time to waste. We left the bar quickly

We then saw Li Mazi and Ru Xue hugging each other. They were crying on the stairs. 

Chuyi wiped the sword tip with his sleeves and rushed to them. His strength and skills were that of a real master. The touch of his sword was like a dragonfly surfing on the water. The tip touched their glabellas and left immediately. The duo was saved from the illusion. 

Li Mazi cried and blamed us. “What took you so long?! Do you know how long we were trapped here? I almost became crazy!” 

I caught the glimpse of a figure wearing white clothes in the corner of the corridor. The figure flashed for a moment then disappeared. I didn’t have time to listen to Li Mazi. I took out the Sirius Whip and chased after the figure. 

As soon as I moved, Chuyi quickly followed me. When we reached the corner, the white-clothed figure dashed faster and entered the elevator on the other end of the corridor. Then, the figure turned to see us. 

It was a fox spirit in the shape of a teenager. The figure had a pair of triangular ears and a red, fluffy tail that wagged behind it

This teenager looked pretty similar to the fox spirit we saw yesterday. But this one was a little girl! 

There are two fox spirits? 

The white-clothed teenage girl gave us a mocking smile. Right before the elevator closed, Chuyi took out a Ghost Sealing Pouch. He held one end of the rope and threw the pouch away. 

The Ghost Sealing Pouch released a black mist in midair, which entered the elevator. The mist then turned into a bloody and burly figure with white eyes. 

The little girl felt threatened. Her mouth became long and pointy, and she showed her sharp fangs. Then, she roared and started to fight with that muscular figure. 

When we reached the elevator, it had already started to move down. The elevator next to us was on the first floor. As we didn’t have time to waste, we took the stairs. 

This hotel had twenty floors. As we rushed downstairs, I was almost out of breath. When we reached the lobby on the first floor, my clothes were damp with sweat. I had to plant my hand on the wall to support my body as I gasped for breath.

It’s not too late!” Chuyi sprinted past me. I was surprised that his face didn’t change color. He wasn’t sweating, either. This man looked slender and delicate, but his physique was unexpectedly tough.

I thought to myself, have to work out more

The elevator was still on the third floor. We had surpassed it by running. It turned out that those chasing scenes in movies weren’t that exaggerated.  

We carefully watched the elevator. When the doors opened, the walls inside were dyed red with ghost blood. I guessed the muscular figure had been torn into pieces. No matter what, he was just a soul. His power wasn’t as strong as a monster with a profound cultivation base. 

However, the little girl was gone. I then noticed that the vent on the elevator ceiling had been pushed aside.

Did she escape from there? 

As I was thinking, a piece of paper stained with blood blew out of the elevator. It flew past us.

It was a closed elevator, so where did the wind come from? It was unnatural. I raised my foot and stamped on it. 


The sheet of paper transformed into a little girl. I had stepped on her fluffy, big tail.

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