Chapter 506: Father and Child

My heart sank. The spirit was here

attacked with the Yin and Yang Umbrella as I turned around. However, the spirit was too fastWhile I was in the middle of my attack, he had already backed off and returned to his footless ghost form. 

“Bianhe, stop it!” 

I somewhat admired this persistent historical figure. Moreover, what he had experienced was very tragic, so I didn’t want to hurt him further

The spirit ignored me. He laughed strangely and turned into a red mist that came toward me. Blood drained from my face. I hurried to spin the Yin and Yang Umbrella, forcing the red mist to back off. 

Given the circumstances, I could only hold my ground and was unable to help Chuyi. If got distracted, Bianhe would immediately storm toward me. The worst thing was that I couldn’t hurt him. After one night of recovering, Bianhe seemed to be much stronger. 

My strength was draining and my movements were slowing down. Eventually, I had to shift my strategy from defending to attacking. I read the Big Dipper Sirius Spell and got ready to attack with the Sirius Whip. 

The Sirius Whip released a magnificent red glow when the spell was activated. I gritted my teeth and prepared to use all of my remaining strength to lash at the spirit. Bianhe couldn’t react in time and seemed scared

When my whip was about to hit him, I felt a tinge of regret. After all, this strike was enough to destroy his soul. But to my surprise, when my strike hit him, he didn’t scream or flinch. 

“How could it be?” I dropped my jaw in surprise and looked at Bianhe.

I became aghast when I realized that I was encircled by many sneering ghosts! 

The spirit had learned to clone itself, and I had just destroyed one of his clones while the real one was unhurt.

In the meantime, I had used up my strength, and my legs felt like jellyI staggered and landed on my butt. 

Bianhe smiled maliciously. He opened his mouth and blew red mist toward me. 

I was surrounded, and I didn’t have any strength left to wield the Sirius Whip. At the moment my life was at stake, Chuyi came and chanted a mysterious spell that sounded rather pleasant to the ears. Then, he drew his eight-faced Han sword out of its sheath. The sword released a cold blue light. 

“You evildoer! You see me, an immortaland you don’t kneel?” 

Immortal Lu Dongbin’s voice came from Chuyi’s mouth. After hearing his voice, I heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, I felt a little irritated. He wasn’t being fair. When I invited him, he lingered and wasn’t willing to help. Meanwhile, Chuyi could call him at any time.

Bianhe was bewildered when he heard Lu Dongbin’s shout. The red mist that was attacking me was gone; his clones also disappeared.

The spirit stood in front of us, looking at me and Chuyi. The murderous aura in his eyes was fading, replaced by confusion. 

I then heard the old man’s voice from the lodge. “Don’t stop! That man isn’t an immortal. He’s fooling you!” 

After the old man said that, Bianhe’s eyes turned crimson againHe gritted his teeth and howled, producing more clones. This time, his clones were almost double the amount as the previous time. 

It took me a while to understand what was happening. Lu Dongbin was born during the Tang Dynasty, while Bianhe was from the pre-Qin Dynasty. It was no wonder he didn’t know Lu Dongbin. 

You leave me with no choice!” Chuyi snorted. His body darted like an arrow released from a bow. His eight-faced Han sword moved swiftly, cutting apart many of the clones. He was so fast that I couldn’t see his attacks clearly. 

Every time I saw the sword move, Bianhe screeched. In the end, there was only one left. He was terrified and turned into a red mist, trying to flee into the wooden lodge. 

“You want to run?” Chuyi threw the Han sword across the air. The sword flashed with blue light and pierced through the red shadow. Bianhe’s body scattered like sand grains

At the same time, Zhou Tian screamed his heart out from the small lodge. “Father, father…” 

As we had dealt with the spirit, Lu Dongbin didn’t waste time and left. Chuyi slowly opened his eyes and regained his composure. Then, he walked to the wooden lodge. I followed him.

Zhou Tian was holding an old man, weeping loudly. 

The old man was vomiting blood, and his entire body was shaking. At first glance, I knew he wouldn’t survive. 

Anyway, Zhou Tian hacalled this man father! I now understood why his expression changed so much at that time. His father hadn’t died that year and had been hiding in the dark, looking for a chance to kill him! 

However, why was he trying to kill his son? I couldn't understand

After the grannie’s incident, Zhou Tian had completely changed.

Anyway, although he knew his father had tried to kill him, Zhou Tian still got on his knees and begged us to save his father. 

I was touched by his filial piety. I wanted to save the old man, but I saw that his soul had half vanished. We could no longer do anything. 

“Chuyi, what happened?” 

Chuyi answered with his cold voice, “Did you think Bianhe would be able to create so many clones after just one night of rest? This old man used his soul to replenish Bianhe. When Bianhe perished, he was also affected. 

After listening to him, I didn’t know what to say. I pulled Zhou Tian up. 

Chuyi thought for a moment and squatted by the old man. He asked, “Before you go, can you tell me the reason?” 

“Cough…” The old man vomited blood. He used the last bits of strength to ask, “Kid, have you heard the story of Mrs. Zhou Shi, who kept watch by her husband’s coffin?” 

“What? You are from the Zhou family?” 

Chuyi was surprised as he looked at the old man. Slowly, he read, “Mrs. Zhou Shi stayed beside her husband’s grave on the south flank of the mountain. Through a thousand years of wind and cloud, this ugly wife had no regrets. All of her life, she wanted to be with Bianhe in Nirvana.” 

The old man listened as Chuyi recited the poem. Then, he turned to Zhou Tian and mouthed something. However, his eyes closed before he could make a sound.

“Father!” Zhou Tian hugged him as he sobbed

I couldn’t stand this sort of atmosphere, so I pulled Chuyi and left. “Who was Mrs. Zhou Shi? What’s the meaning of that poem?” 

“Mrs. Zhou Shi was the first wife of Bianhe. Bianhe left her because she was ugly and remarried a beautiful woman. However, his life had ups and downs. When Bianhe offered his jade to the Kings, he wasn’t rewarded but punished. His feet were chopped off. The beautiful woman then left him. Mrs. Zhou Shi, the wife he had left, stayed to take care of him. After Bianhe died, Mrs. Zhou Shi watched over his grave for the rest of her life. Her image has become a symbol of loyalty and dignity.” 

He sighed and glanced at Zhou Tian. “Generations of the Zhou family have fulfilled their ancestor’s wish by watching over Bianhe’s grave. If that old man could control Bianhe’s spirit, he must have been a grave-keeper before. As for the reason why he attacked his son, I think only his mother knows…” 

When we told the grannie the situation, she cried and shook uncontrollably. “That old man! How stupid could you be! How can I keep on living?!” 

It turned out Zhou Tian wasn’t the old man’s biological son. While the old man was in the army, a thug in the village had raped his wife. She got pregnant and gave birth to Zhou Tian. When the old man came home after he was discharged from the military, he knew Zhou Tian wasn’t his son. But because of his love for his wife, he didn’t want to leave her

He secretly asked around. Eventually, he learned that the thug that had harmed his family was already dead. His flame of anger couldn’t be vented out, so he pointed his spear at the poor, illegitimate son. 

As he didn’t want to hurt his wife, he planned to use the spiritEventually, the plan that he had incubated for half of his life was ruined because of me. Perhaps, it was the Will of Heaven... 

However, from the look on the old man’s face before he died, I thought he had finally accepted this son. Anyway, his death wasn’t in vain as it had been exchanged for Zhou Tian’s filial heart!

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