Chapter 475: Gao Erhu’s Conspiracy

While I was talking to Hou San’er’s ghost, I completely forgot this point! 

This proved that someone had been stalking us right from the beginningWho was that person

To imprison us in the hidden chamber, someone had moved the stone slab back to its original position. Yet, the slab was later lifted. Why did this person free us? 

When we returned to Hou San’er’s house, his wife was preparing to bury him. She became frightened and paled when she saw us, rushing to hide inside her house. We didn’t hurry and continued to walk after her. In the end, we stopped her at the door. 

“You… Are you humans or ghosts?” Hou San’er’s wife asked, shivering

Li Mazi fumed, “Of course, I’m human! We were kind enough to help you, and you wanted to kill us!” 

She couldn’t believe what she’d heard, gawking in shock. “Are you really humans?” 

“Ma’am, I talked to brother Hou’s ghost when I was in your family’s ancestral hall. What’s done is done; let’s put the past behind us!” I conveyed my unwillingness to blame her for what occurred before placing the bag containing Hou San’er’s head on the table. 

“What’s that?” 

“You know what this is. You should give brother Hou a proper and respectful burial; leave the rest to us.” Then, I took Li Mazi and Baldy, leaving Hou San’er’s house. 

It had been more than thirty hours since we had a proper sleep. We were all worn out, and as soon as we returned to Baotou City, we found a hotel to sleep in. 

This slumber lasted until the morning of the next day. As soon as I woke up, I asked Baldy to have his employees remove the drawings of Diao Chan situated on the highest floor of the hotel. This would somewhat ease Lu Bu’s rage. 

With this done, we went to Gao Erhu’s house. As soon as we arrived at the village entrance, we saw him driving a tricycle cargo truck full of pork. 

While driving, he was humming something in a relaxed manner

He stopped when he saw us, asking skeptically, “Hi, guys. Why are you here?” 

It seemed he remembered nothing about the incident last night. I was too lazy to explain the situation, so I simply said, “Yesterday, you told me that there was something evil in your house. I’m here to check it out.” 

“What? Something evil’s in my house?” Gao Erhu was bewildered. He looked around for a moment before speaking, “Master, please don’t scare me. My family is all right. How could some evil live in our house!” 

Gao Erhu didn’t sound very eager to invite us into his house. He drove his tricycle truck away, leaving a fume of black smoke behind. 

Li Mazi looked at him, his eyes turning complicated. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

“Do you think Gao Erhu was the one who was watching us at the Hou family’s ancestral hall?” Li Mazi suddenly asked. 

My heart sank. It is possible! 

They were both pestered by ghosts. Hou San’er was murdered, but Gao Erhu was totally fine. 

In additionthere was another important clue. Yesterday, Gao Erhu was begging me to help him, but this morning, it was as if he were a completely different person. It was possible that he didn’t have any memories during the period when Lu Bu possessed him, but when he took us to his home, he saw his wife stop breathing. He begged me to save her! This shouldn’t be something he could forget after one night! 

From this, it was clear that there was some problem with Gao Erhu! 

In order to not alert anybody, I asked Li Mazi and Baldy to drive away. I would stay here alone. 

Gao Erhu’s house was situated deep in the village. Behind the house was a timber yard where many logs were stacked neatly, having not been processed yet. I scanned the surroundings and found no one. Without any further delay, I climbed on a pile of logs to reach Gao Erhu’s roof. 

Gao Erhu didn’t return for the entire morning, and I wondered what he was doing. Gao Erhu’s wife walked out of the house a few times, but she looked all right. There was nothing suspicious about her. 

Around twilight, Gao Erhu came home. The meat stacked on his tricycle truck was gone. Did he go out to sell meat for the whole day?

Gao Erhu parked the tricycle truck in the yard and pulled a stuffed bag off the truck. It looked like some herbal medicines. 

I had a feeling that this bag would be an essential clue. I carefully went into his house, hiding in a corner and pricking my ears to listen. 

“Darling, I’ve bought the medicines that Lu Bu has prescribed for you. Remember to use it on time. We have to use poison to treat poison as he told us. I’m sure you’ll be all right.” Gao Erhu spoke with a tender voice.  

After listening to him, I was a little bewildered. Soon, I understood the situation. Gao Erhu was possibly the descendant of Gao Shun, Lu Bu’s loyal subordinate! 

Gao Shun was Lu Bu’s general and close confidant when he was alive. He commanded a legion of five hundred elite vanguards. After Lu Bu was captured, Cao Cao tried many times to entice and recruit Gao Shun. However, Gao Shun remained loyal to Lu Bu, and in the end, both of them were murdered. 

This explained why Lu Bu appeared in Gao Erhu’s house and didn’t harm Gao Erhu and his wife. 

Lu Bu didn’t want to pester them. He wanted to repay Gao Shun’s loyalty

From what Gao Erhu had just said and the situation last night where his wife was almost frozen, I guessed that she was severely ill. Lu Bu had used his Yin energy to seal her veins and help ease her symptoms. 

My heart somewhat ached. People of later generations thought that Lu Bu was a ruthless wolf and an ungrateful person. No one knew that even though two thousand years had passedLu Bu didn’t forget Gao Shun’s loyalty to him that year! 

I felt a little moody. People only knew of Lu Bu’s invincible prowess in battle, but no one understood his sentimental heart. 

If Lu Bu were truly a sentimental person, I would feel more confident in persuading him. However, since Gao Erhu deceived me previously, I had to see what he would do next. I needed to know the root of this. 

While thinking, I texted Li Mazi, asking him to collect the items we often used and to be prepared to come and support me. 

The sky quickly turned dark. Gao Erhu cooked dinner for his wife and helped her swallow her medicine. 

After everything was done, he took his wife to the bed. Then, he put on a raincoat and left

I hid in a corner. Confirming that he had left the house, I carefully followed him. Unfortunately, he decided to use his tricycle truck, and I was unable to catch up with him. 

At this moment, Li Mazi called. “Hey, how are you doing?” 

“Gao Erhu just left. He’s driving the tricycle truck, so I can’t catch up with him. Come and fetch me.” I hung up the phone, waiting for Li Mazi. 

Around twenty minutes later, Li Mazi and Baldy arrived. 

“What took you so long?” I frowned. 

Baldy’s facial expression looked as if he had just returned from a funeral. “Master, someone caused trouble at the hotel. When Li Mazi and I went back, we did as you asked and removed all of Diao Chan’s pictures off the wall. Yet, when we were about to head out to get you, the pictures had been returned to their spots…” 

suddenly noticed that they were covered in sweat, and there was a bloodstain on Li Mazi’s arm.

“What happened?” I asked him. 

Ru Xue was pregnant. If I let something bad happen to Li Mazi, I couldn’t explain it to her! 

“Nothing much. I don’t know who, but someone hung those naked drawings of Diao Chan back up. Lu Bu was enraged. If we hadn’t been fast enough, we would have been dead already.” 

“All right! It’s good that you’re fine!” 

I sighed and patted their shoulders. I got in the car, ready to find Gao Erhu. 

This village only had one main road. It was impossible to use our car to chase after Gao Erhu’s tricycle truck without being noticed. 

At first, I limited the car’s speed as I was afraid that Gao Erhu would notice us. Gradually, I felt something strange. 

Gao Erhu was going in the direction of Baldy’s hotel

“Damn it!” I was bewildered at first, but I quickly pulled myself together. I cursed then stepped on the accelerator. 

“What’s wrong?” Li Mazi didn’t notice the issue

“We underestimated Gao Erhu! Damn it!” I panted. 

Gao Erhu had fooled us all. He purposely put on a show this morning, aiming to catch our attention and seize more time for Lu Bu! 

He deliberately chose to drive the tricycle truck away too! He did that to force Li Mazi to come and fetch me, leaving the hotel unattended! 

I was certain that Lu Bu was now madly enraged since I had used lime to besiege him in the hotel. If Gao Erhu released him, the consequence would be unimaginable

After reaching our destination, I saw Gao Erhu’s truck parked in front of the hotel. I didn’t have time to think. I grabbed my Yin and Yang Umbrella and dashed toward the top floor. 

However, when I passed the kitchen on the first floor, a strong wind swirled up from the deep hole. At the same time, I heard footsteps on the emergency exit staircases. 

I halted, asking Li Mazi and Baldy to go after Gao Erhu. In the meantime, I stood in front of the hole in the kitchen, talking gently and respectfully, “General Lu, I know you’re there. Could you please come out here and talk to me?” 

“What do you want to talk about?” An emotionless, deep voice arose. 

In the end, Lu Bu was still an unrivaled general. He didn’t need to hide. Without any fanfare, he appeared above the hole, gazing at me and clenching his teeth

“General, you’re too strong! I had no choice but to trap you here…” 

I bowed to him deeply. “Sir, Hou Cheng would like to end the grudge between you two from your previous lives. I hope you can forgive him.” 

“Impossible! That son of a bitch betrayed me! Unless I can kill him, I will never be able to let go of the grudge in my heart!” Lu Bu thundered, not even pausing to consider. 

fell deep in thought and put on a pained look. I slowly comforted and persuaded him, “You know, sir, people from later generations all think that General Lu only admires boldness. However, I understand your desire of calming and giving peace to this country. Hou Cheng and the others followed you because of your ambition, didn’t they?” 

“It was out of his control, and he was reluctant in his decision to betray you. What would have happened to your loyal, innocent soldiers in Xu Province if there had been a deadly battle? You wouldn’t want to have seen Cao Cao slaughter them, would you? They solved the problem for you. You shouldn’t hate them. You should thank them!” After talking, I discreetly took two steps backward. I was afraid Lu Bu would burst with anger in the next moment. 

However, Lu Bu didn’t look enraged. He looked baffled, mumbling to himself, “So, what they did wasn’t wrong?” 

I knew I had made the right bet! Lu Bu was different from Xiang Yu, the Emperor of Western Chu. Xiang Yu only knew to kill, and he was stubbornly conservative, listening to no one. Lu Bu, on the other hand, had a tough exterior but a soft heart!

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