Chapter 471: Invincible

I pulled off the blanket covering Gao Erhu’s wife to check if her heart was still beating. Unexpectedly, the image of her two big breasts greeted my eyes! 

hastily moved the blanket back, blushing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to see that.” 

Gao Erhu shook his head. “That doesn’t matter right now! Master, saving her is more important!” 

I tried to press my ear against Mrs. Gao’s chest and heard her heartbeat. From the way her chest was heaving up and down, she seemed to be sleeping! 

However, when I put my finger under her nose, I couldn’t feel her breathing at all

I had a headache. I never encountered anything as mysterious as this. All I could rely on now was the Sirius Whip.  

I waited for quite a long time, but Li Mazi and Baldy still didn’t return. I called Li Mazi, but he didn’t pick up the call. 

realized that something had gone awry and instantly rushed outside. Gao Erhu hesitated for a while but eventually decided to stay with his wife. 

I ran straight to the car. When I opened the door, I saw the Sirius Whip and the other items inside. After confirming that everything was fine, I exhaled in relief. 

However, Li Mazi and Baldy were nowhere to be seen. The spirit must have bewitched them. I was lucky that Gao Erhu’s house was in a small village and that there was only one way out. 

I hurriedly grabbed the Sirius Whip and a few spirit talismans. Moving as fast as possible, I dashed down the road and found them at the village entrance. 

They were moving like wooden marionettes, slowly advancing. I ran in front of them and screamed their names, yet they didn’t react.

readied the Sirius Whip, preparing to wake them up. But after thinking about it carefully, I decided to follow them to see if I could get any clues. I expected to see them head somewhere unsafe, but after a long walk, the two of them returned to Baldy’s hotel.

Anyway, this proved that Baldy’s intuition was correct. This was done by the same spirit that had wreaked havoc in his hotel before! 

Since the two ignored my existence entirely, I didn’t need to hide and just followed behind them. Unexpectedly, as soon as Li Mazi and Baldy entered the hotel lobby, they turned around in unison. Their eyes had turned blood-red and their faces angry. 

Instinctively, I backed off. “Who are you?” 

“Kid, don’t put your nose in my business! Otherwise, this General will kill you!” Li Mazi and Baldy opened their mouths, talking at the same time. Not only did they speak in unison, but their voices were also the same. They acted like a speaker for whoever was controlling them

I suddenly had a startling thought. Is this a pair of twin spirits? 

While I was still in a daze, the two approached me, reaching their hands forward. I struggled, but Li Mazi and Baldy seemed to be possessed by a powerful, sinister being. They lifted me with one hand and hurled me away, sending me flying a few meters before hitting the ground

A mouthful of blood spewed from my mouth; I felt helpless. I couldn’t match the spirit’s strength at alleven though it was holding back. A small push was enough to make me cough blood. There was no way I could fight it. 

When I pulled myself together and lifted my head to check Li Mazi and Baldy, they were gone, and I heard their footsteps upstairs. 

“Not good!” 

I cursed under my breath as I remembered the thick Yin energy on the sixth floor this morning. Immediately, I sped up after them. 

When I passed the kitchen, I craned my neck into the room to see the hole. 

The kitchen was pit-black, and although I couldn’t see anything, I still heard the water gurgling from the deep hole. I knew it was because the spirit had left. Without the freezing Yin energy, the frozen soil was melting. 

Luckily, they weren’t moving too quickly, and I caught up to them on the third floor. I didn’t dare waste any time, directly lashing the Sirius Whip at them. 

They paused for a moment. Then, without turning their heads to even look at me, they continued to climb the stairs. 


This spirit was too strong, beyond any estimations I’d madeHoweverI didn’t give up. I read the Big Dipper Sirius Spell and used the Heavenly Dipper Step to lash the whip at them one more time. 

Li Mazi and Baldy screeched, and a moment later, they gathered their senses, looking at me with a puzzled face. 

“You two were bewitched by the spiritDon’t waste time. Let’s go!” I was worried and screamed this sentence before I ran downstairs.

Li Mazi and Baldy followed close behind me. While descending, I felt very anxious. This spirit was really intimidating. Although the Sirius Whip expelled it out of Li Mazi and Baldy’s bodies, the spirit didn’t run away. 

But if it neither attacked nor ran, what was its goal

Soon, we arrived on the first floor and saw a white shadow at a cornerFrom the shadow’s shape, I recognized that it was a man wearing heavy armor, his hair worn in a high bun. I guessed he was from the Han Dynasty. 

Even though I was a few meters away, I could feel the formidable murderous energy emanating from his body. This murderous energy had never appeared before. It seemed that my actions had provoked him. I told Li Mazi and Baldy to back away

I brought my palms together and bowed to the white shadow, speaking to him in an ancient style, “Our hero over there, could you tell us what your name is? Why have you troubled two innocent men?” 

Since he had such a powerful aura, he must have been a famous figure when he was alive, and these types of people always worried about losing face. That was why I decided to speak like an ancient Chinese person would

“Bullshit! Since when have I troubled innocent people? You’re the one who’s troubling me. Who are you anyway?” The white shadow fumed. He didn’t answer my question about his identity. 

I had to ask for his name again. 

Unexpectedly, he got even more suspicious. He angrily rolled his eyes at me, speaking through gritted teeth. “You don’t deserve to know my name! Spit it out, have you been sent by the enemy? Are you a spy?” 

I was speechless and felt that the man was paranoid. I hurried to shake my head. 

However, he was still angry. He reached his hand toward me.

Seeing the big hand approach me, I was forced to take out a talisman and stick it on him. The spirit exuded black smoke. He frowned, shouting coldly, “You dare attack me! You’re an enemy spy! I’m going to kill you!” 

It turned out that he was only testing me earlier, but now, he did really want to kill me. He wasn’t afraid of my spirit talismans. Or, to be exact, my spirit talisman wasn’t strong enough to hurt him. 

In just a blink of an eye, his big hand almost reached my throat. It was too late to dodge now. If he got me, my throat would be crushed! I was so scared that my brain went blank. 

Fortunately, Li Mazi and Baldy didn’t run away and moved to hold the spirit’s arms. I seized the chance and bit my tongue, spitting the blood on the talisman, which I then smashed on the spirit’s forehead.  

The forehead was where the spirit’s Yin energy was gathered, and it was one of its weak points. After my sudden attack, the other party slowed down. 

This is a good opportunity! Little Brother Zhang, kill him!” Li Mazi said happily

I was speechless. I then pulled Baldy and ran away. Li Mazi was bewildered. It took him a moment to return to his senses and run after us. 

Before we could leave the hotel, a gust of wind swept over us. Instinctively, I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw the spirit standing in our way. 

“Damn! We have to take the risk and fight!” 

The Sirius Whip was useless in this case, and I had already used all of my spirit talismans in the desperate attack just nowWno longer had a chance to run away. I shouted, raising my fists and attacking in any way I could

My punch that carried almost my full strength hit his throat. 

Despite this, the spirit didn't react, seemingly not feeling the pain. He lifted his leg, sending a hard kick at my stomach. It felt like a truck had just hit me at max speed, and I was sent flying through the air. When I landed, my arm touched the ground first, getting dislocated. 

“Argh!” I couldn’t help but scream.

Li Mazi saw that I was hurt. He gritted his teeth and dashed forward. He received the same treatment and was sent flying backward. 

Baldy was scared. He hurried to take out a pistol, aiming at the spirit. Without thinking much, he pulled the trigger. 

Although the fact that a gangster had a gun didn’t shock me, his actions surely did

The bullet went through the spirit’s body. The spirit had a look of disbelief as he checked his wound. Then, he pointed at the pistol in Baldy’s hand, asking suspiciously, “What’s that hidden weapon in your hand? It’s quite powerful!” 

Li Mazi muttered in my ear, “Little Brother Zhang, I’m certain that someone will die today. How about we seize this chance and run away while that spirit is focused on that lad?” 

I was bewildered. Thinking about Yin Xinyue waiting for me at home and this invincible spirit, I hesitated.

Before I could make a choice, Li Mazi suddenly screamed excitedly, “He’s gone! Haha, we don’t need to die!” 

When I heard him, I turned around. The spirit was really gone. Baldy held his pistol and sat on the ground, his forehead covered in sweat. 

“Was he scared away by the gun?” Li Mazi asked. 

“Impossible. He wasn’t scared earlier, and the pistol isn’t very strong. It can only injure a physical body. It can’t hurt spirits.” 

“Perhaps he had something more important to do?” 

Baldy wiped his sweat. He hadn’t pulled himself together yet when he shouted, “Something important like going to Gao Erhu’s!” 

Damn, let’s go! Gao Erhu’s in danger!” 

After Baldy’s reminder, I recalled that I had left Gao Erhu and his wife alone in their house to follow these two. The spirit had disappeared and had possibly gone to Gao Erhu’s house! 

I attempted to use my hand to support myself, but a sharp pain shot through my arm, which made me scream. I then remembered that my arm was dislocated

“Do you know how to pop the joint back in?” I looked at Li Mazi, gritting my teeth. 

dislocated joint wasn’t too worrying. People who knew how to fix it just needed to pull and straighten the bones to reconnect the joint. However, it was also easy to misalign the bones. Li Mazi observed my arm then shook his head.

“Let me do it!” 

After catching his breathBaldy came and directly grabbed my arm. He asked Li Mazi to press on my shoulder blade. He then gave a quick pull, and my joint was popped back in

It occurred to me that it was normal for mafia members to get hurt or have a dislocated shoulder like this. Perhaps Baldy was used to fixing joints

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