Chapter 467: The Despicable Agent

We walked into the house and saw that Yi Xi was awake. He looked dispirited. He asked for some water. 

I gave him a bottle of mineral water. After taking a few sips, he looked around. Suddenly, he hugged Yin Xinyue and sobbed. “Sister Yin, what should I do now? My acting career is completely ruined!” 

Earlier, didn’t have a chance to read the news on the Internet carefully, so I used my phone to check again.

This morning, an anonymous person sent a lot of information and photos to many press agencies. They were all about Yi Xi having private moments with some men. 

Whether he liked men or women, one thing was clear—his personal life was complicated. 

Those photos weren’t taken on the same day. Someone must have collected them over a long time to dirty his name. 

thought of one person and immediately asked, “Was there anything wrong with your agent today?” 

“Song? This morning he told me that he had some stuff to do. He left and…” Then, Yi Xi’s face changed drastically. “Damn, that bastard! He plotted against me! I have to kill him!” 

He was still weak. He struggled to get up, but he fell right back on his butt. 

Since his soul had stabilized not too long ago, I was worried about him. “Calm down. Yesterday, I asked your agent to keep this mask. How did you end up wearing it?” 

“I don’t know. I was taking a nap in my van. When I woke up, he was gone. The mask was placed in a bag on the driver’s seat. Then, my company called me and told me that there were so many negative news articles about me on the Internet. I checked the news on my phone and felt as if my head had exploded…” 

He gritted his teeth. “Then, I heard many people in the film crew discussing the news and laughing at me. I hated them so much. I put on the mask, and I don’t remember anything after that.” 

This was a deliberate act.

I told Yi Xi, “You should rest. I’m going to help you find your agent. You guys can talk face to face. Is it okay?” 

Yi Xi agreed. I went with Li Mazi and Yin Xinyue to the entrance of the town. Because of the incident in the afternoon, the film crew members were there to avoid the danger. They flocked together like scared birds. 

“Director, where’s Yi Xi’s agent?” I asked the director. 

“I don’t know.” 

“Didn’t I ask you to comfort him? There are huge news threads about him. Why did you guys talk ill behind his back?” I was upset. 

The director wore an innocent face. “I was shooting the drama the entire afternoon. There are a few hundred people here. How could I control their mouths?” 

I went to check Yi Xi’s van. The van was not locked. There was an envelope on the driver’s seat with Yi Xi’s name on it. Yin Xinyue stopped me. “It’s not good to do that. What if he becomes even angrier if he finds out that you opened the letter?” 

“But what if this letter contains something too overwhelming? I should read it first,” I said. 

I opened the envelope. It was a resignation letter that listed all the times Yi Xi had caused problems with his love affairs. Every time it happened, the agent had to clean up his mess. It even included their complicated relationship. 

The agent loved Yi Xi but started to hate him later. That was why he had come up with this revenge plan to destroy him. If Yi Xi killed someone today, the police wouldn’t care if he had been possessed by an otherworldly item or not. He would have been jailed or confined in an asylum. He wouldn’t have been able to be a star or lead a normal life. After all, Yi Xi always had a privileged life. This blow would be more painful than death to him. 

It was fortunate that we had solved the case on time. Otherwise, we couldn’t imagine the consequences. 

“Yi Xi’s personal life is a mess.” Yin Xinyue furrowed her brows. “However, this agent crossed the line.” 

I also didn’t feel comfortable that the man had run away. 

Afterward, we didn’t tell Yi Xi anything. “Your agent admitted that he did these things. Moreover, he’s resigned.” 

Yi Xi clenched his teeth. “I’ve always treated him well. I can’t believe that he stabbed me like that!” He clutched his head. “It’s a big scandal this time! What should I do now?” 

Yin Xinyue comforted him. “I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. You’ve been hiding the truth for too long. That’s why everyone is so shocked right now. Many movie stars have come out of the closet. They’ve even gained more fans. You should consider it too.” 

Yi Xi sighed. “It’s really hard to earn a bowl of rice in this industry.” 

“You should be more careful about your personal life. Celebrities live under a magnifying glass. Normal people don’t need to mind their image that much, and they can live their lives casually. However, celebrities are different. To have the glorious halo around you, you must sacrifice something. Don’t you think so?” 

Yi Xi had tears in his eyes. He reached out a hand and patted my shoulder. “Mr. Zhang, thank you for helping me. Can you stay and comfort me?” 

“Er, this…” I turned to look at Yin Xinyue.

She tried to hold in her laughter. “I have some stuff to do. See you.” 

After this event, we stayed in the filming location for a few days. Yi Xi recovered shortly after. Without the aid of the mask, he couldn’t immerse himself in his character. However, this man was tough enough. He memorized all of his lines and eventually understood the character. Gradually, he got in the right state

Having confidence was a good thing. However, too much confidence would make a person narcissistic and ignorant. They couldn’t accept any critiques or comments. They’d gradually isolate themselves from the rest of the world. When they noticed that their friends had distanced themselves from them, it would be too late to regret it.  

I believed Yi Xi had learned a good lesson from this scandal. He wouldn’t act like that again!

Before we left the filming location, the staff member from the prop team found me and told me that I didn’t keep my word. I had promised that I would give him an otherworldly item that would make him rich after he helped me. However, I hadn’t done anything. 

I then remembered my promise. “I didn’t bring it with me. I’ll send it to you when I get home. Could you give me your contact information and address?” 

After we returned to Wuhan, I saw on the Internet that someone had kept digging into Yi Xi’s case, discovering that it was the doing of his agent.

His scandal heated up a second time. People mocked that one shouldn’t find an agent named Song. Ironically, agent Song became more famous as people kept cursing him. They made his name well-known. Many people were willing to hire him. He opened a blog to expose Yi Xi and spread rumors about him. Some talk-show hosts even invited him to their programs.

The more shameless people were, the more popular they could become!

Half a year ago, I had collected a Yin and Yang money bag. It was a tricky deal. This money bag had two parts. One helped earn money, while the other drained your money. With the good money bag, money and opportunities would come unceasingly. However, when one had both of the bags, there would be no effect at all. 

The trickier part was that if the first owner didn’t throw the money bag away, the second owner couldn’t throw his bag, either. 

Thus, I sent the prop team member the good money bag and asked Yin Xinyue to send the evil money bag to agent Song through his new company’s address. I put a note inside that bag that wrote, “If you don’t do anything bad, you won’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on your door.” 

I hoped that he would remember it for a long time and that he would never stab people’s backs again. Regardless of the reasons he had, it was disgusting!

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