Chapter 466: Provoking the General

As soon as Li Mazi was about to turn around to check, Yi Xi jumped off the roof and landed on his back. He opened his mouth and tried to bite Li Mazi

Shoot! Little Brother Zhang, help! Help me!” 

Li Mazi screamed and cried as he tried to push Yi Xi away. I took out the Sirius Whip and hit Yi Xi’s back. However, he didn’t let go of Li Mazi. 

I was wrestling with a superstar. I could tell my grandchildren this glorious story. That is if I could live until then

Yi Xi drooled. His mouth was wide open and was about to bite Li Mazi’s throat. My heart dropped. For my friend, I wouldn’t mind risking my life.

I screamed and charged forward. “Yi Xi, you shameless gay bastard, look here!” 

Yi Xi halted, and his bloodshot eyes bulged. He quietly gazed at me, then slowly got up one more time. 

I felt my hair rising under his malicious gaze. I hurried to rush backward. The moment Yi Xi stormed toward me, I immediately ran in the opposite direction

Yi Xi didn’t care about anything and only chased after me. He panted and grunted like a wild beast. I could feel him close behind me. I held the Sirius Whip tightly in my hand. As soon as I turned around, Yi Xi jumped and pressed onto me. 

I shoved the Sirius Whip into his mouth. Yi Xi bit it, and his drool dropped to my neck. The Sirius Whip was made of extraordinarily tough wolf skin, and people’s teeth couldn’t break it. 

However, his face was just an inch away from mine. It looked terrifying. His fingernails dug deep into my shoulders as he pressed me on the ground. I didn’t know how long I could put up with this madman. 

Li Mazi came. He was stunned when he saw us. “Little Brother Zhang, are you all right?” 

“Do you think I’m all right? Help me!” I shouted. 

“I’m going to get more people…” 

“Get back here!” 

Li Mazi turned around. He looked hesitant. “Even if I stay, I can’t help you.” 

“Do you have a pocket knife or anything sharp?” I asked. 

Li Mazi checked his pocket and said, “I’ve got a pair of pocket scissors.” 

“Okay, I’ll try my best to hold him. Scratch both of his shoulders and his glabella. Scratch him until he bleeds!” 

I’m not sure if—” Li Mazi hesitated. 

“He will bite me to death if you don’t do it!” I scoffed. 

“All right, all right, I’ll do it!” Li Mazi took out his small scissors. 

My grandpa once told me that someone who had gone crazy had their three Yang flames corrupted by some evil spirit. Yi Xi’s condition wasn’t different from that. It was the only thing I could think of at this moment.

I started to read the sacred text of Daoism. Li Mazi approached Yi Xi from behind and scratched his shoulder. Yi Xi didn’t seem to feel any pain. 

After he had scratched both of Yi Xi’s shoulders, Li Mazi came to the front and said, “I’m so sorry, handsome Yi!”

He held the scissors tightly but didn’t dare to scratch the man’s face. I was busy chanting the sacred text of Daoism, so I didn’t urge him. 

Eventually, Li Mazi stabbed a hole at Yi Xi’s glabella. Right after, Yi Xi’s bloodshot eyes became normal. They then rolled to the back of his head, and he lost consciousness.  

Yi Xi’s body was already in bad shape, and he was then controlled, which drained his stamina and vitality. When his Yang flames extinguished, he went into shock. 

I carefully pushed him aside and heaved a sigh of relief. I found my clothes damp with sweat. 

“Come help me lift him,” I told Li Mazi. 

“What if he wakes up?” Li Mazi asked. 

He won’t. Hurry up!”

The two of us held him by his shoulders and legs and lifted him with easeWe then returned to the courtyard; Yin Xinyue and Team leader Xu were waiting for us.

When they saw us carrying Yi Xi, Yin Xinyue was thrilled. “Brother Zhang, how did you guys subdue him?”

“We almost didn’t make it. Come help us bring him to his room.” I gasped for my breath

Two staff members walked forward and received Yi Xi. I asked Mr. Xu, “Did he kill anybody?” 

“No, the emergency unit came and took the wounded staff away. There hasn’t been any bad news yet.” Mr. Xu also felt lucky. 

That’s good!” 

Yi Xi was brought to the living room. I asked people to move the furniture away. I then went to the kitchen to fetch the rooster I had bought yesterday. I killed the rooster in the yard and collected a bowl of warm blood. I poured all of the blood into the carpenter line marker. 

I asked a staff member to help me mark some lines on the ground and even on the walls. This line marker was a tool used by carpenters, and since it could create straight lines, it was associated with ‘righteousness. Gradually, it became an exorcising tool. 

Soon, red lines covered the entire room. After I considered Yi Xi’s situation, I was afraid that we couldn’t stick to our original plan. I asked the others, Was anyone here born in the year of the ox?” 

A man stepped forward. “I was.” 

I asked him to put on the ancient woman clothes and the Prince of Lanling’s mask. However, he wasn’t willing to do it. Everybody here knew how strange the mask was. “It’s okay. Your birth year was the same as the Prince of Lanling. You will temporarily be his stunt double.” 

The extra still didn’t want to do it, so I quietly enticed him. “After this, I’ll give you an otherworldly item that can help you become rich.” 

“Really?” The extra’s eyes brightened. 


“I want you to promise that I’ll be safe!” 

“I swear that you’ll be safe.” I nodded. 

The extra took off his jacket and put on the dress and the mask. I asked him to sit in the middle of the yard. 

It was already twilight. There was no beam of sunlight left in the sky. 

Then, I called the others to move all the clay dolls and horses we had made in the morning. I arranged them so that they faced the big mountain behind the small town. 

After the preparations were complete, I took out the bag of coal cinder and sprinkled the cinder on the extra as I read a soul-summoning spell. The otherstood and watched. No one dared to breathe aloud. 

I did that to provoke the soul of the Prince of Lanling. I wanted him to come out so that I could force him to return to his tomb! With that, the mask’s power would reduce. It would also make it easier to help Yi Xi. 

Asking the stunt double’ to wear women’s clothing was no different from talking ill of the Prince of Lanling for being feminine. At the same time, the cinder that ten thousand people had stepped on was meant to insult him. 

To deal with otherworldly items, sometimes we needed to anger them, and other times we need to persuade them. There was no best solution.

After around fifteen minutes, the stunt double began to shake. Strange humming noises escaped his throat. Suddenly, his voice changed. “Ignorant fools. Are you trying to humiliate me?!” 

He stood up. The onlookers were so frightened that they hurriedly backed off. I signaled at them to not talk. 

He stooped and saw himself wearing women’s clothes. This set of clothes made him feel extremely embarrassed. He then noticed the clay dolls and horses and scolded, “I’ll lead a great army of thousands to take your pathetic lives!” 

A mass of black wind came out of the man, twirling around him. Eventually, it left his body and covered the mud dolls. 

The mud dolls and horses shook hard then shattered into dust. I followed it until the door and saw the wisp of cold wind zoom away to the big mountain. 

“Done! We’ve sent him away!” I cheered up. 

I returned to the yard. The stunt double was unconscious and laid on the ground. I took the mask off his face and marked a few lines on it with the carpenter line marker. It was to ensure the soul wouldn’t return. 

After a while, the man awoke. He didn’t remember what took place just now, and he didn’t feel anything strange, either. The onlookers were thrilled as they admired my deeds. 

Yin Xinyue came out from the house and shouted, “Brother Zhang, Yi Xi woke up!”

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