Chapter 465: Crazy Yi Xi

“Yi Xi is wearing the Prince of Lanling’s mask. He’s holding a sword and attacking people in the small town. He has wounded a few already!” screamed Yin Xinyue. 

“Hurry, let’s take a look! Also, bring something to defend yourselves!” I said. 

Yin Xinyue picked up a rake, but I stopped her. “It’s dangerous.

She changed her weapon of choice to a bamboo stick people used to dust the blankets. 

We saw Li Mazi after we left the courtyard. When I saw his appearance, my eyes widened in surprise. He was wearing a tin bucket on his head and was holding two big pots. 

“You’re carrying such heavy items. Aren’t you afraid that they will weigh you down? What if you can’t run fast enough?” I asked. 

Li Mazi considered my suggestion. Then, he gave me one of his pots. 

We headed outside and saw the walk-ons run around madly. They were so flustered that they didn’t even pay attention to the road. They almost bumped into us. After the horde ran away, I saw Team leader Xu. Two of his staff were supporting him to walk. It looked like he had serious wounds. 

“Are you okay?” I asked. 

“I hurt my leg while running,” he answered. Then, he gave me a paper bag. “This is what you wanted. Mr. Zhang, are you sure you can subdue him with only the three of you? Do you want me to call the police?” 

“Not yet. If the police get involved in this, the situation will turn worse,” I answered. 

Yi Xi was a famous actor. If the press brought this story to the public, his future would be ruined. 

“How did he turn crazy?” I asked. 

“I don’t know. He suddenly rushed to the film crew and started to assault us. No one could stop him…” Team leader Xu was still scared. 

“You guys should go first. If I need anything, I’ll call you.” 

Mr. Xu nodded. 

I dropped the paper bag in the room and continued to head to town with Li Mazi and Yin Xinyue. We saw Yi Xi dash out of a small alley. He was wearing the mask, and the knife in his hand had blood on it. There was a vague black mist that swirled around him. It gave him a murderous and eerie aura. I almost shivered when I saw it

“Who dares to look down on me?! I’ll kill you all!” 

Yi Xi’s voice sounded hoarse. He then lunged toward us.

Li Mazi stammered“Who looked down on him this time? This boy is really too prideful.” 

called him loudly, “Yi Xi, handsome Yi, we’ve always respected and admired you. We’re on your side! If you have something you loathe, please tell us. We can help you deal with it.” 

“Hmph! Do you dare look down on me? I’ll kill you all!” 

He wielded his knife and ran toward us. His eyes under the mask looked blood-red. I didn’t know what had stimulated him, but it had turned him crazy.

“We can’t reason with him! Just run!” Li Mazi was scared. 

“Run my butt! Li Mazi, you and I will stop him. Yin Xinyue, use your bamboo stick to strike the knife in his hand,” I advised.

Li Mazi and I took the lead. We stood there with the pot lids held high to parry. Yin Xinyue stood in the middle, behind us. Our formation was like a military march during the war.  

“Hey, how many slashes can this wooden pot lid bear?” muttered Li Mazi. 

“Don’t be flustered. It will only get worse!” I scoffed. 

Yi Xi roared and lunged toward us. He slashed my pot lid, and the impact was enough to make my arm numb. Yin Xinyue used her bamboo stick to hit the back of Yi Xi’s hand. 

Yi Xi was mad. He wanted to get through the two of us to slash Yin Xinyue. I screamed and asked Li Mazi to stop him. 

We stood guard on both sides. Yi Xi struggled hard to pull his right hand from the space between us, swinging his blade disorderly. The blood-dripping blade almost brushed past my face. 

Yin Xinyue kept hitting his hand. However, Yi Xi didn’t drop his knifeSuddenly, the bamboo stick broke in half. The broken piece cut the back of his hand, which made him bleed hard. 

“It’s not working, Brother Zhang! He’s holding it too tightly!” Yin Xinyue was so scared that she was about to cry.

At the same time, Li Mazi and I couldn’t hold him for much longer. Yi Xi was unimaginably strong. Underneath the mask, he grunted like a crazy wild beast. 

I reached one hand to take the tin bucket off Li Mazi’s head and waited for the right chance and put it on the hand Yi Xi used to hold the knife

“Press him down!” I screamed and used my body to press Yi Xi onto the ground. 

“Li Mazi, take his knife, now!” 

Li Mazi used the pod lid and hit Yi Xi’s hand a few times before stopping. “What if I break his wrist?”

“Just do it. We can’t worry that much!” 

In the meantime, I reached my hand to take the mask off his face. However, Yi Xi was struggling hard. I couldn’t touch his mask. 


Yi Xi finally dropped the knife.

“Li Mazi, hold his head!” 

We joined hands, and we were finally able to keep Yi Xi still. The moment I pried his mask away, I saw Yi Xi’s bloodshot eyes. He even had foam at the corners of his mouth.

All of a sudden, he tried to bite me. I reacted fast enough so he only bit my sleeve, which he tore in half.

This isn’t right!” I was surprised. “I took off his mask!” 

“Brother Zhang, what should we do now?” asked Yin Xinyue. 

I threw the mask to Yin Xinyue and asked her to find Team leader Xu. I needed him to bring more people here. It seemed we couldn’t wait until night. We had to stop the Prince of Lanling now! 

I took out a Ksitigarbha Talisman. I didn’t know if it would work or not, but I decided to paste it onto his body. However, Yi Xi bit the talisman, chewed itthen swallowed it. 

“Brother, we’ve never experienced anything like this before.” Li Mazi sounded worried. 

“He’s not possessed, but he lost his mind. I’m sure someone stimulated him too much!” I furrowed my brows. 

Yi Xi struggled hard. He quickly drained our energies.

Li Mazi asked, “Isn’t he tired? Should we hit him unconscious?” 

Don’t hit him too hard,” I said. 

I’ll try.” Li Mazi sounded eager. 

You need to be sure!” I wore a wry smile. 

Li Mazi asked me to pin Yi Xi down. Then, he bent and picked up the pot lid to hit the man.

However, Yi Xi pushed me away. He sprang up and ran away. 

“Not good. After him!” Li Mazi and I hurried to chase after him. 

However, Yi Xi was too fast. After running through a few alleys, we lost sight of him.

Yin Xinyue called me. “I’ve brought some people with me. We’re waiting for you at the place we parted.

Another thing, I think I know why he became crazy…” Yin Xinyue sounded hurried. 


“Search his name on the Internet!” 

I hung up the call and used my phone to search up his name. All the search results that came up were, ‘Yi Xi’s gay’ and Yi Xi kissed a man.’ I opened my eyes wide in shock. It was a fatal blow to Yi Xi! 

Moreover, it happened at such a crucial moment. If this wasn’t a coincidence, then someone wanted to destroy Yi Xi! 

At this moment, I heard some noise. I turned to Li Mazi and saw him browsing the Internet as well. He saw me looking at him and thought that I was suspecting him. “Are you thinking that I was the one who released the news? Although I don’t approve of homosexual love, I know that the situation is serious, so I definitely won’t talk ill about him on the Internet!” 

While Li Mazi was talking, Yi Xi appeared on the roof behind him. His face looked scary.

I cried, “Watch behind you!”

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