Chapter 40: Longquan Villa

The mysterious man finally looked at the lamp. “Is that the Myriad Corpses Lamp?” 

He’d only needed a glance to figure out the lamp’s origin. I truly admire his incredible skills.

I nodded and confirmed, “Yes.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “Where did you get it? Also, no wonder bad things happened. You had the lamp with you this late at night.”

I sighed and narrated everything that I’d encountered in the past few days, while Yin Xinyue showed him the video we’d recorded last night. 

After watching the video, he frowned and asked, “Is there a grudge between you and the people from the Longquan Villa?”

“The Longquan Villa?” I was puzzled. I’d never heard about the Longquan Villa and had no idea what was going on. 

I hurried to inquire, “What’s this Longquan Villa? And, why are you saying that there’s a grudge between us?”

The mysterious man asked, “You really don’t know about it?”

I shook my head. “I don’t.” 

At first, I thought that he’d give me a brief introduction on the Longquan Villa, but he just said, “That’s good. Less trouble.”

But, how could I restrain my curiosity now? 

After I’d pestered him nonstop, he finally explained, “This Myriad Corpses Lamp belongs to the Longquan Villa. The Longquan Villa is a famous family within the otherworldly item circle, but they have a very bad reputation. It’s not exaggerated to say that they’re a family of ‘otherworldly assassins’. They’ve accepted a large number of assassination missions in the past, and most of the targets were merchants of otherworldly items…”

“The way they kill is also very special, completely different from ordinary assassins. They won’t shoot or poison you. Instead, they’ll sell extremely dangerous otherworldly items to the target and put them to death that way.”

“If I hadn’t been there today, you two would’ve died in the villa.”

I gasped in shock. 

Yin Xinyue was also dumbfounded. 

I’d heard about otherworldly assassins before, but I felt that we lived in two different worlds and that I’d never meet them in my life.

Little did I expect that I’d anger them without realizing, almost losing my life in their hands. 

I was so scared that I had goosebumps all over my body. 

Still, how come the man in the Kumamon t-shirt had appeared here? 

“Did you already know that the otherworldly assassins were targeting me? Is that why you came here ahead of time? To make preparations?”

He waved his hand and said, “You’re overthinking things. I received a mission and was asked to investigate how that family died. I didn’t think that I’d meet you guys there.” 

Right, without coincidences, there’d be no story!

I hurriedly asked, “What’s so special in that villa that even you’re afraid of it?” 

The mysterious man replied, “That villa isn’t simple. It seems that a lot of people have died there. Tomorrow, you and I will explore that place and investigate the root of this matter.” 

I nodded, expressing my agreement. 

Yin Xinyue also volunteered to go with us. The mysterious man lifted his head. He was about to say something but finally stopped, agreeing to bring her along.

Since he hadn’t slept for three days and nights, I told him to head to the bedroom to rest. However, he insisted on spending the night on the sofa.

Yin Xinyue and I lay in the bedroom, but neither of us could sleep. 

I couldn’t sleep because I was scared, while Yin Xinyue couldn’t sleep because she was too excited.

The Longquan Villa, huh? 

Who did I anger for them to go so far as to hire otherworldly assassins to deal with me? Is it an enemy of my father or grandfather?

However, both of them were honest merchants. They shouldn’t have personal enemies! I forced a smile. The Longquan Villa was like a huge rock pressing on my chest, suffocating me.

The sky brightened.

I got out of bed and found the mysterious man meditating on the sofa.

Afterward, I went out to buy soybean milk and fried twisted dough sticks. After having a simple breakfast, the mysterious man got to work. He asked me to bring over the cat, the lamps, and two shovels. Then, we headed to the compound from yesterday.

When we arrived, the mysterious man didn’t directly enter the villa but called someone. 

Shortly after, a Mercedes-Benz came over and stopped next to us. 

An obese man with his hair slicked back got out of the car. Looking at his appearance and bearing, he must be a parvenu.

Is he the man in the Kumamon t-shirt’s client...?

The fatty arrived before the mysterious man and asked respectfully, “How’s it going? Yesterday, when I heard that things didn’t go well, I got a fright. Is everything alright?”

The mysterious man replied, “Everything’s fine. You just have to bring us into the villa in a while.”

The fatty nodded and asked him about our identities. It seemed that he didn’t want too many people to know about this matter. 

The mysterious man casually said, “They’re helpers.”

The fatty didn’t ask further. However, I noticed that he was staring at Yin Xinyue.

Yin Xinyue was truly a femme fatale, and no man could resist her charms. 

Still, she seemed to dislike the other party. She deliberately hugged my arm and walked very close to me. She was warning him: ‘I’m already taken, don’t bother me!’

The mysterious man brought us to the entrance of the villa, where I spotted traces of blood on the peephole. 

Just as I was about to remind him, I saw him shake his head, signaling me not to talk. 

Although I had no idea what he had in mind, he definitely had his reasons for doing so. I played along and didn’t speak.

When the fatty opened the door, he also noticed the blood on the peephole. He was frightened and told the mysterious man about his discovery. 

The mysterious man nodded and said, “Your cousin’s family is already dead. Moreover, their death was very tragic. The traces of blood here imply that they’ll be unable to find peace unless they can be avenged.” 

The fatty broke out in a cold sweat. Then, after wiping the sweat off, he asked, “Do ghosts really exist?” 

The mysterious man said calmly, “Why do you care if ghosts exist or not? Shouldn’t you be worried about your cousin’s life? Didn’t you hire me because you wanted to find him?” 

The fatty coughed, embarrassed. “Yeah… Right, how did my cousin die?” 

Seeing his strange reaction, I knew that he had an ulterior motive.

His cousin’s death is likely related to him...

The mysterious man said, “I don’t know yet. Open the door.”

The fatty followed the order and opened the door, letting us into the villa. 

The place was cold and gave the onlookers an oppressive feeling. The living room was covered in dust. There were some clean spots as if someone had cleaned part of it and left the rest alone because they didn’t have time.

The mysterious man looked at me and said, “Light the lamp.” 

I nodded and lit the jade lamp. 

The lamp’s flame slowly became red and swayed toward a certain direction, even though there was no wind in the room!

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