Chapter 378: Payback for the Committed Crime

“Watch out!” I couldn’t help but scream.

Right after that, the cannon fired, followed by an ear-splitting boom. The iron shell blew off a column, and pieces of debris were sprayed everywhere.

Chuyi fell to the ground, and I ran to him in a hurry. He didn’t get hurt as his body had managed to tip backward, barely evading that deadly shot.

The cannon’s iron wheels moved, trying to run him over. I jumped and used my hands to pull the wheels. At the same time, I shouted at Chuyi, “Move!” 

The cannon wanted to get rid of me, so it moved backward, almost straining both of my arms. Two of my fingernails were broken, and my fingers bled.

Chuyi rolled away, jumping up to get on his feet like a carp. The steel pipe in his hand pierced through the cannon wheel, trying to bend it. The cannon’s wheels continued to roll backward, bending the steel pipe in the process, which ultimately blocked the wheels. The cannon ended up like a caged beast, unable to move. 

“I have a round shot!” I screamed.

Chuyi hit his head when he fell just now; Lu Dongbin had left his body, and his eyes were back to normal. He grabbed the ‘round shot’ made of iron grains and swine blood, and loaded it into the cannon’s muzzle.

“Hurry! Get something to stuff that muzzle! Don’t let it spit the ball out!” I said in a hurry

Chuyi pulled a table cloth, crumpled it, and stuffed it inside the muzzle. The cannon shook hard.

I guessed the ‘round shot’ inside had crumbled, releasing the infant hair and the used towels, which were extremely irritating to the cannon.

I used my body to press on the cannon. Then, all of a sudden, its surface started to rust, and a layer of frost covered the cannon. It had consumed too much energy and was at its wits’ end.

Then came a blast of golden light. An invisible force threw me and Chuyi away. I landed on a table, although I didn’t smash it like it often happened in action movies. Chuyi was able to land perfectly. He didn’t even have a single scratch. 

The headless warrior wearing golden armor reappeared, limping since one of his legs was broken. He had to use the sword to support himself as he lurched his way to the door. His armor wasn’t shining anymore; it was all covered in rust.

Chuyi took out a spirit talisman and shot it toward the warrior. The warrior was forced to kneel once the talisman touched his body, both of his hands planted on the ground for support. He shivered, looking as though he was under great agony. 

I took out a chain that had been soaked in eel blood from my bag. While holding one end, I threw the other end to Chuyi, who nodded as he understood my idea.

We hurled the iron chain and coiled it around the warrior. Since his armor already had a thick layer of rust, I wanted to stop it from rising again. 

However, the golden-armored warrior suddenly acted strange. A trickle of red fluid oozed from a slit in the armor; it had a fishy stench. The armor was bleeding! 

The weak golden-armored warrior suddenly got up, grabbed the chains, and started to spin. Chuyi and I were like two sandbags being flailed. I was hurled away in the end, as I didn’t grab the chain tightly enough. I slid on the ground for a distance before I could finally stop. I hurried to lift my head to see. The warrior grabbed his sword and stood up again. Pieces of his armor were flapping slightly, opening and closing as they still bled. He was filled with a murderous aura.

“What’s going on?” I was shocked. 

“The one controlling it wants to die together with us!” Chuyi frowned.

How crazy is that person?! 

Chuyi took out some talismans and fanned them between his fingers. He then told me calmly, “The user must be somewhere close. Go get him. I’ll stay to deal with this thing.”

“No, you can’t deal with it alone…” I was quite worried about Chuyi. 

“Hurry up!”

I bit my lip and left. I heard loud, banging noises as soon as I left the room. 

The user wouldn’t stay too far away from the golden-armored warrior since he had to be watching to control him. As such, the security room came to mind.

I took the elevator and went down to the first floor. Since the golden-armored warrior had made such a sudden appearance, all the people at the bar had run away, and the police had yet to arrive.

I found the office. The deepest room was the one assigned for security, which was also the control room. I felt an intimidating aura as soon as I neared its door. 

The room was locked, and I had to bump into it several times to open it. I thought that I would see the rich woman inside, but I saw her fat secretary instead when I pushed the door open. He was intently watching the surveillance monitors while two security guards were lying on the floor, unconscious. The fat man was holding a metal token; his hair was now gray, and his skin looked loose. It seemed as if he had suddenly aged thirty years. Like tears, two trickles of blood rolled from his eyes, which had sunk deep into his sockets. 

I couldn’t help but frown. Even if he could earn more money, would it be worth it if he had to pay with his life?

Once he saw me, the fat secretary produced a shuddery series of laughter until he vomited blood. The token slipped from his hand and fell onto the ground. I quickly used the chance to pick it up.

The metal token was hot. There were a dragon and a phoenix on one side; the other side had a big spider with a skull on its back.

This was the item they were using to control the Red Barbarian Cannon. Actually, this was the first time I had come across something like this.

On the monitor, I could see the golden-armored warrior chasing after Chuyi. Suddenly, blood spurted from him, and he turned back into a rusted cannon.

The fat secretary planted his hands on the control desk, shakily getting up. I was worried that he would fall and die in the next moment. 

“You’re late!” He smiled. 

“What do you mean?” I arched my eyebrows.

“I was tasked with keeping you occupied and distracted. I guess the contract is already signed by now…”

“Impossible, the tycoon is with us!” I screamed. 

“Haha, you’re too naive. His fleshly body is with you guys, but where’s his soul?”

I suddenly understood. When the tycoon was under surgery, the rich woman had taken his soul away. Of course, she couldn’t do that herself; some expert had done it on her behalf. After the operation, she wanted to kill those doctors to prevent them from disclosing her secret.

I was sure they had tortured the tycoon’s soul and found a body to let him possess it. That was the only way they could force him to sign the contract. As long as the signature was the same, it would be legal.

I started to sweat at this point. In all of my life, I had never seen such a wicked method.

I turned around and left, calling Yin Xinyue on the way. “Where are you?”

“I’m still in the neighborhood. I didn’t drive far.” 

“Please bring the tycoon to the hotel immediately!”

After ending the call, I phoned Shen Hongbin and asked him to come down with Chuyi. A few minutes later, Shen Hongbin and Chuyi came out of the elevator while Yin Xinyue led the tycoon in through the main entrance.

Shen Hongbin was shocked. “Why is my brother with you? I thought he had been kidnapped!”

“No time to explain. You should do what I tell you if you don’t want that woman to take your company’s equity!” I grimaced.

I asked him to get some stuff, so Shen Hongbin gave orders to his men. I then asked several burly bodyguards to press Yuan Chonghuan down on the floor, who kept struggling and cursing. I thought the police would interfere if they arrived and saw this, which would make things more problematic.

Shen Hongbin understood my worries. “Grandmaster, no need to worry. Just take your time and do what you need to do. I’ll take care of the police.”

I told everyone what had happened. They were all shocked. Yin Xinyue asked me, “Brother Zhang, what are you going to do now?”

“I’ll summon the tycoon’s soul!” I replied and gritted my teeth.

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