Chapter 377: Sword Immortal Lu Dongbin’s Descent

Yuan Chonghuan was hiding behind an off-road car. We found him writhing in pain, so much so that it looked as if he could collapse in the next minute. We immediately took him away.

We couldn’t take the cannon with us as the rich woman still had a tight grip on the item that could control the cannon. Taking it with us would be no different from carrying a time bomb on our backs!

The three of us crossed the street to reach the shop Yin Xinyue had told me about. She was seated in an SUV, wearing a hat to cover her beautiful face; she waved at us as soon as she saw us in the distance.

“Brother Zhang! Get in the car! Quickly!” Yin Xinyue called and opened the door for us. Yuan Chonghuan studied her for a few solid seconds. Then, he said with deep emotion, “So similar to my late wife.”

Ancient people also had pick-up lines!

However, unofficial records mentioned that Yuan Chonghuan had sent his wife, Mrs. Ruan, to be a hostage in one of his military operations. He didn’t treat her well. 

“Yin Xinyue, where did you get this car?” 

“I borrowed it from a friend.” 

She still didn’t have much driving experience; she seemed to be struggling a bit, going at a very slow speed since she was afraid to be stopped by the traffic police. We decided to switch seats at some point, and Chuyi sat in the back with Yuan Chonghuan.

I felt General Yuan might be bored, so I went to a supermarket on the way to buy him a bag of lychees. His eyes brimmed with tears when he received the bag. Yin Xinyue quietly asked me, “What’s going on?”

I smiled at her. “Yuan Chonghuan was from Guangzhou. After he left his hometown, he went from one battlefield to another in the North for dozens of years… It’s been hundreds of years since his last visit home to eat lychees, which are famous in that region.”

Chuyi asked when I started the engine, “Where are we going?” 

“We need to find a place to hide him first.” I was planning to take him to an abandoned warehouse somewhere in the suburban area.

A man suddenly fell from the sky as we were ready to leave, smashing a car that was parked by the street. The pedestrians were scared; they started screaming and running away.

I lifted my head to look. The glass panels on the highest floor had been broken. Something sparkling was up there.

“Damn! She’s taking action now! I’ve underestimated her craziness.” I was starting to feel tense. 

“Is she planning to kill all the shareholders of the company?” Yin Xinyue sounded worried.

“Then, what would happen to the company’s equity?” 

“Of course, it will belong to the heir. We’re talking about some properties, after all…” 

Now I get it! “No, not good. She’s going to kill Shen Hongbin!” 


Shen Hongbin had the DNA paternity test results, which would stop the rich woman from receiving the family’s wealth. But Shen Hongbin had yet to reveal this; he thought it was his last resort. The rich woman knew that, so she was going to kill him to make him shut up.

Although I didn’t have a good impression of Shen Hongbin, I didn’t want to see the rich woman getting away with murder. Chuyi had the same idea. He said indifferently, “Let’s go there and save them.” 

“Okay, let’s do that.” 

I told Yin Xinyue to take Yuan Chonghuan away first; she would need to find a safe place to hide him. She called me after I had already left, just to ask me to be careful. I carried a bag filled with my things as Chuyi and I rushed back to the hotel. 

A golden-armored warrior had suddenly appeared at the highest floor. He started to massacre people left and right; the entire hotel was in chaos. The bodyguards ran all over the place, making calls and reporting. It was easy for us to mingle during the chaos. We went directly for the elevator. 

There was mayhem when we reached the highest floor. The golden-armored warrior was using his long broadsword to slash at the people present. He had already killed three bodyguards, and all the distinguished guests were running madly as they tried to escape. The bodyguards decided to flip the long catering tables as they tried to stop him. They could only use some dishes to hit the warrior since they weren’t carrying guns. The scene looked a bit comical. 

Chuyi turned his head around and asked me, “Could you keep him occupied for a while?”

I thought for a moment and answered, “I think I can distract him for five or six minutes.” 

“That’ll be enough.” 

Chuyi took out his eight-faced Han sword and drew a formation on the carpeted floor. 

His left hand slid above the sharp sword, and blood dripped from his palm shortly after. He held the blood-stained sword while he sat cross-legged, which then flashed with a dazzling blue light.

I took out several crow eggs. It was the ‘magic tool’ I had prepared the night before. I had injected eel blood and goat urine in those eggs, making it a combination of extreme Yin items. I guessed it would be enough to attract the attention of the Red Barbarian Cannon.

I threw an egg to one of the walls. The warrior in golden armor shook as if he was under some spell. He dashed and slashed at the wall. 

It worked! I was excited.

After the golden-armored warrior was done attacking the wall, he turned to look at me with his hollow face. He seemed to be attracted to my crow eggs. I took this chance to throw the eggs in different directions. The warrior growled like an enraged animal. Both of his hands raised the broadsword. Some of the broken eggs’ fluids fell on a table; the warrior hacked it in two pieces with a single slash, causing the entire floor to shake.

While he was on a mindless rampage, I picked up a tin bucket that was used to cool Champagne. I discarded the ice and filled the bucket with iron grains. Then, I placed the infant’s hair and the used towel from some married woman, which I had taken great pains to get last night, inside. Afterward, I poured an entire bottle of swine blood into the bucket and wore a pair of rubber gloves to stir the substance. The iron grains started clumping as the swine blood became solid. I rolled the clumps together to make a big ball. It was obviously not a real iron ball as this thing would break and scatter if you applied some force.

I finished preparing the ‘round shot’ just as the warrior had finished dealing with all the stuff that had been smeared with crow egg fluid. His gloomy eyes were now aimed at me. I was getting a little worried, so I told Chuyi, “Hey, I can’t hold much longer!”

Chuyi, who was sitting on the ground, suddenly jumped onto a table like a man doing a stunt job. He approached the golden-armored warrior at speed the naked eye found hard to follow. 

I wiped my forehead in worry as the warrior slashed horizontally. Chuyi slightly flicked his sword up to push the broadsword away. The warrior’s sword was pushed away, which caused him to lose his balance.

Chuyi suddenly jumped and kicked the warrior in the chest. The warrior was flung backward with a loud bang. Afterward, Chuyi landed with an awesome pose. His eyes had actually been closed all the time.

“You bold evildoer! You dare wreak havoc in front of me, Lu Dongbin!” 

It was Chuyi speaking, but the voice and tone were completely different. I suddenly understood what had happened. He had invited a spirit to possess his body. This time, he didn’t invite a great monster or a Ghost King, but the legendary Lu Dongbin!

That’s super cool! 

According to some of the books I had read, Lu Dongbin really existed and was a knight roaming the land and fighting injustice. His swordsmanship had reached a very high level. Later on, he was deified, becoming one of the Eight Immortals.

The golden-armored warrior roared, raising his broadsword again to fight back. Chuyi dodged to the right and then to the left. There were many times the blade was just an inch away from his body, but he had managed to avoid all the attacks. I could only break in a cold sweat as I watched.

The warrior in golden armor wielded his sword wildly; I could even hear the wind hissing whenever his blade moved. The tables and chairs were smashed into pieces wherever the blade passed. Chuyi was trying to find a chance to attack. His sword had stabbed the warrior several times, but that monster felt nothing. No wounds, no pain.

I noticed a small detail, though. From time to time, Chuyi’s free left hand would try to take something from his back. In history, Lu Dongbin’s weapons of choice were a pair of swords. Drawing both swords had become his subconscious habit. However, since Chuyi only had one at hand, it was affecting Lu Dongbin’s performance considerably.

I scanned the hall and found a steel pipe that had fallen off of something. I threw the pipe to him.

“Immortal Lu, catch the sword!” 

“Thank you, brother!”

Chuyi caught the steel pipe and used it to parry the broadsword. The Han sword in his right hand continuously stabbed the warrior’s abdomen, sending sparks everywhere. This duel was tremendous!

The warrior in golden armor was enraged. He drew his sword and swept over from beneath.

Chuyi jumped up, stomping on the broadsword. The warrior tried to pull, but he couldn’t take his sword back. In the next moment, Chuyi beheaded the warrior with a slash.

Headless, the warrior was forced to return to his original form, the Red Barbarian Cannon, as it aimed its dark muzzle at Chuyi!

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