Chapter 356: Illusory Insect Spell

After Yin Xinyue recklessly went out, Chuyi and I followed after her. 

During this season, the countryside had a lot of mosquitoes, and I wondered if there was a problem with my blood type as they all gathered around me.

We slowly approached a lush paddy field.

It seemed the farmers had just irrigated the field. After I took the first step, my leg sank into the field until my knee. 

I gasped and moved back. I looked at Chuyi and saw that he was walking on the muddy field very easily, just as if he was walking on flat ground. The fact that he had a heavy sword on his back didn’t seem to bother him. 

Deep inside the field, we saw an abandoned well. The dried grass by the well looked ruffled; someone had just passed by this place. 

Yin Xinyue stood by the well and looked down. 

“Xinyue, did you see anything?” I asked. 

Yin Xinyue didn’t move and stood still like a statue… A chill ran down my spine.

“Xinyue!” I called her one more time. However, she still didn’t react. 

I was now sure that she had been possessed.

Right when I was about to approach her, Chuyi pulled me back. He lowered his voice and said, “Don’t move. Just check the situation first.” 

I tried to resist the urge to go to her, but I couldn’t suppress the worry in my heart. 

Yin Xinyue stood still and kept looking at the well. One minute , two minutes, three minutes… Time slowly passed by.

What the heck is going on there? How could a lively girl like her suddenly turn into a statue?

I didn’t know what had happened, but I also didn’t want to leave her like that. I ignored Chuyi and walked forward to pull Yin Xinyue back. 

However, as soon as my hands touched her shoulder, I saw a beam of green light shoot up from the well. I curiously lowered my head to take a good glance at it. 

I was deeply attracted by this green light. I stood in a daze like Yin Xinyue and watched the well. I couldn’t pull my eyes off it. 

It was so sudden that I had no time to react. I didn’t know what had happened, either. 

Yin Xinyue and I stood there and watched the well. However, this dry well was just a mass of darkness. I couldn’t see anything.

What are we even looking at? This is too strange!

While I was worried, I heard a strange voice. I calmed my mind and tried to listen to it. It was the voice of a woman and was extremely seductive. 

“Darling, do you want me?” 

My body shook, and the well in front of us disappeared, replaced by a half-naked beautiful woman. 

The woman had a very flimsy piece of white silk that covered her body. It showed off her alluring figure. 

Since I was a normal, adult male, my body unconsciously reacted…

I cursed myself for not being able to control myself. I had betrayed Yin Xinyue so easily! My self-control had been overwhelmed by my desire. 

Then, the half-naked woman in front of me turned into Yin Xinyue. 

What the heck is going on? 

Yin Xinyue was a conservative woman. Although we had done it, she was always shy whenever she was with me. She was never so active. 

As soon as this thought popped up in my head, Yin Xinyue transformed. She now wore a nightgown that covered her body. She had a shy expression and looked at me with a flirtatious gaze.  

Why is the sight before me so exaggerated? I tried to think of something else. 

I rubbed my eyes and checked again. Now, I was in my bedroom.

As my desire surged, my primal instinct got the best of me. I couldn’t control myself and slowly walked toward Yin Xinyue, who was lying on the bed. 

At this critical moment, I felt a cold touch right at my nape. 

I reached my hand and found a small cut at the nape of my neck. Chuyi withdrew his sword and said. “You two, close your eyes! Slowly retreat towards me. Do not look at the well!”

I was startled. The illusory scene in front of me had disappeared, and the abandoned well was back.

As expected, there was no bed, and I was trying to climb the mouth of the well!

If it wasn’t for Chuyi, I would have killed myself by jumping into the well.

Yin Xinyue was standing next to me, also on the wall of the well. At this moment, she turned to me, her face frightened. 

“What are you looking at? Hurry, come back here!” Chuyi’s voice grew frantic.

Yin Xinyue and I followed his advice. We closed our eyes, held hands, and slowly backed away from the well.

After retreating around ten meters, I heard Chuyi’s voice. “Good. Now, open your eyes.” 

“What happened?” I was puzzled. 

Chuyi snorted, “Someone set up a trap near the abandoned well. Anybody who goes close to the well will start hallucinating and die.” 

“So it was a hallucination!” Yin Xinyue clutched her chest. She was still frightened. “I wanted to find the girl. While looking for her, I saw the well and went over there to check.” 

“What did you see?” I asked carefully. 

“I saw that you were being chased on a rooftop. I was worried about you, so I went there to save you. When I walked on the stairs, I woke up. What did you see?” 

“Just like you. I saw you in danger…” I blushed.

Yin Xinyue glared at me. “How could it be? You saw me in danger and you still had the time to undress? You unzipped your pants!” 

Feeling embarrassed, I zipped up my pants then ruffled my hair. “It’s a long story.”

Chuyi looked indifferent as he listened to us. “That well is cursed. There’s a strong spell on it, and anybody that gets within ten meters of it will die.” 

“Is that so?” I felt that things were very complicated. 

Yin Xinyue intervened, “I asked the villagers if anything strange had happened recently, and they didn’t mention this well. After the military sealed the mountain, nothing strange has happened in the village.”

“Correct,” said Chuyi. “I’m afraid the spell was added just recently. The purpose was to lure us to our deaths.” 

“What?!” I was scared. Chills ran down my spine.

Chuyi continued, “I’m afraid the Longquan Villa has been keeping an eye on us. For the rest of this mission, if you ever encounter anything strange, you must listen to me. We don’t want to fall into a trap.” 

Then, Chuyi avoided the cursed well, turned on his flashlight, and started to look around. Shortly after, he found a series of footprints along a small path.

“She went this way,” he said. 

As he was about to leave, Yin Xinyue asked, “What about this well?” 

“For the time being, we shouldn’t take any risks,” he said. “I suspect a Yunnan Insect Master used poppy flowers to set up an Illusory Insect Spell. Anybody who goes near it will have to pay a big price, including me…”

“So, are we just going to ignore it? What if it kills other people?” Yin Xinyue couldn’t ease her mind.

“Don’t worry.” Chuyi shook his head and said, “The spell can only last for one night. The sunlight will erase it. Right now, the villagers are all sleeping, so no one will come here.” 

After we heard his words, Yin Xinyue and I put our worries to rest. We checked our tools then continued to chase after the girl in white. 

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