Chapter 292: Ghost Summoning Formation

Li Mazi stood next to me and spoke with a trace of guilt in his voice. “Aren’t we being a little too mean here? Three grown up men playing tricks in the middle of the night to scare a girl...”

After hearing him, I also felt a little guilty. He was right.

After considering things carefully, I decided to give her a small lesson. That should be enough.

The two shadows followed the streak of ox hairs and spider webs, floating toward Zhang Ai’s bedroom.

I pretended to go to the toilet and walked out of my room, checking on the two shadows through the corner of my eye.

When the two shadows saw me come out, they stopped. I could feel they were looking at me with strange eyes.

While I was walking toward the toilet, I saw that the two shadows were still heading to Zhang Ai’s room.

I was startled as the two departed souls seemed to possess very strong resentful energy. Not even an otherworldly merchant such as myself could scare them off.

I couldn’t go to the toilet anymore. Otherwise, Zhang Ai would be scared to death if she saw the two ghosts enter her room.

I stopped walking and faked a cough. The two shadows also halted.

I went to Zhang Ai’s room and loudly knocked on her door. “Zhang Ai, open up. There’s no more toilet paper!”

Zhang Ai’s dreamy voice came out of the room. “It’s really late at night. Why are you knocking on my door? I want to sleep.”

“There’s no paper! Hurry, I can’t hold it in anymore…” I tried to sound rushed.

I was surprised to notice that the two souls didn’t seem to be scared of me. Their tongues were still stuck out as they followed the streak of ox hairs and spider webs, slowly approaching me.

Holy crap, how did I end up summoning two evil ghosts with such strong resentment? I can’t even force them away as it would ruin my plan. It seems I can only keep knocking on Zhang Ai’s door… 

Eventually, Zhang Ai couldn’t ignore me anymore. She said angrily, “Why do you keep knocking on my door? Where did your shame go? Did you use it to wipe your ass?!”

She then opened the door, shrieking right after, “W-What’s that?”

I felt satisfied. Stinky girl, are you scared now? Do you finally believe in the supernatural? 

I chuckled. “Don’t worry, they won't hurt you. They are only good for scaring people.”

Zhang Ai paid no heed to my words. She screamed and prepared to close the door; I had to use my foot to keep it open. Eventually, she jumped onto her bed and pulled over the blanket, covering her head and shrieking, “There’s a ghost outside!”

I smiled. “Look at how scared you are. Didn’t I just say that they won’t harm you? To be honest, I was the one who summoned…”

While I was talking, I heard someone reading poems in the room next door. It was Senior Shu and Li Mazi.

Their deep voices were full of emotion, and they sounded especially deafening in the quiet of the night.

“The lonely wind howls, while the cold water freezes one’s heart. There goes the hero, never coming home until the oath is fulfilled!”

While reading the ancient poem, they walked up to me.

They stood next to me, one person on each side. Then, they grabbed my arms and guided me toward the balcony.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” I asked in puzzlement. “Let me—”

Senior Shu lowered his voice and muttered into my ear, “Did you open that girl’s Yin and Yang Eye?”

My heart sank all of a sudden.

I’d gone through all that trouble just to forget something so simple. I’d summoned the ghosts without opening Zhang Ai’s Yin and Yang Eye!

As a result, Zhang Ai should have been unable to see those two resentful ghosts... And yet, she did see something! 

It meant that she didn’t see the resentful ghosts I had invited but something else.

Moreover, that thing had so much resentful energy that Zhang Ai could see it with the naked eye.

Li Mazi and Senior Shu had opened their Yin and Yang Eye, so they could see it for sure. When I thought about their strange behavior, I couldn’t help but shiver.

I knew that some evil creature was standing behind me. Moreover, the two ‘buddies’ I had invited had left already. I guessed that thing scared them off.

I suddenly remembered a famous sentence online, “If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.” I had messed up this time!

“Zhang Ai, come out! You have a visitor!” Senior Shu gave a pat to Zhang Ai, who was still hiding under the quilt.

This time, Zhang Ai listened to us without hesitation. She lowered the blanket and subconsciously glanced at my neck.

I immediately felt cold air blow on my nape.

Senior Shu stretched out his hand and turned Zhang Ai’s head toward the window. “Tonight is a beautiful night. Isn’t that right, girl?”

Zhang Ai nodded and said in a trembling voice, “Y-Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Do you have some baiju in your house? Bring me a bottle. Li Mazi, come and take the willow twigs. Our guest wants to drink and enjoy the beautiful moonlight!” Senior Shu said mysteriously.

Zhang Ai was frozen in place. Li Mazi could only grab her arm and lead her out of the bedroom.

I thought about turning my head to look at what was on my neck, but I didn’t dare to do so as the Yang flames on my shoulders were suppressed. That ‘visitor’ could blow out the two Yang flames on my shoulders at any time. I got the feeling that my Yang flames would be extinguished if I turned my head.

I could only hold back my fear and curiosity as I walked towards the window with Senior Shu.

“Nephew, look at this magnificent moonlight. Don’t you feel like composing a poem?” Senior Shu suddenly suggested.

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