Chapter 29: Possessed

Song Longji quickly came over and opened our cell, asking, "In whose body is the Human Bones Necklace concealed?"

I immediately pointed at the guy sitting on the toilet bowl.

Li Mazi and Yin Xinyue were confused as they looked at Song Longji and I.

I didn't have the time to explain. I told them to grab the lime powder, desiccant, and bucket of pig intestines that Song Longji had prepared in advance and entered the cell of the thug.

That guy was still pulling out his hair and eating them while taking a dump.

I didn't waste time and sprinkled the lime powder and desiccant on his body.

However, neither of them had an effect. The guy kept sitting on the toilet bowl.

Although surprised, I moved forward and grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the toilet. But, as soon as I did so, I was scared shitless.

I discovered that his intestines had dropped into the toilet through his rectum!

The thug didn't utter a word and just smiled coldly.

I realized that things would only get worse from now on. The Human Bones Necklace was very likely in his belly... and now, it had gone down the drain alongside his intestines!

Although I had taken into account all kinds of scenarios, I didn't think of this one.

I said to Song Longji, "Can you tell the police station to block the drains?"

Song Longji was perplexed. "I can make a call and tell somebody to do it."

After hanging up, he looked at the thug on the ground and said, "Still, this guy sure was determined..."

I sighed. "It's not that he was determined... this was done by the Human Bones Necklace. The necklace has already developed a consciousness of its own and can now control its owner, making them act according to its wishes."

"What? A necklace can develop a consciousness?" Song Longji was dumbfounded.

"Rather than consciousness, it would be best to call it 'unconditioned reflex'. It's similar to how animals and insects keep evolving in order to survive."

It seemed that Song Longji didn't really understand what I was saying and he just looked at me in puzzlement.

In the meantime, Li Mazi grabbed my collar and said, "Little Brother, you better explain what’s going on, or else this matter won’t end here!"

I forced a smile. "Let's find the Human Bones Necklace first and leave this discussion for later, okay?"

As a result, Song Longji and I went to look for the Human Bones Necklace.

When we found the worker in charge of the drains, they told us that they didn't find anything except for some excrement.

I furrowed my brow. "Think again, did you see anything else? Like a person?"

The worker had a sudden realization. "There was indeed a person that crawled out of the drainage. However, they left very quickly."

I sighed. When we finally found the Human Bones Necklace, we lost it again.

When we returned to the police station, Li Mazi asked me, "Were you conspiring with Song Longji since the very beginning? If so, why didn't you tell us? You made us worry for nothing!"

Since he insisted, I roughly told Li Mazi about the plan.

"When we were on the roof, I had a sudden idea. The old woman casually falling off the building was very likely related to the Human Bones Necklace's owner."

"Their objective was to shift the blame on me since I could potentially affect their plan."

"Therefore, I decided to take the bait and play along."

"I believe that it wasn’t the owner who took the necklace off the wrist of the red-haired girl, but the thugs. If the Human Bones Necklace wished to absorb more fame, those thugs were the best candidate."

"I told Song Longji to catch those guys by surprise and bring them to the police station tonight. That way, I could keep an eye on them. If one of them really had the Human Bones Necklace, there was a chance that it would be revealed."

“What caught me off guard was that the other party had stuffed the Human Bones Necklace into their intestinal tract instead of wearing it on their body…”

The Human Bones Necklace was an extremely dangerous otherworldly item, and it wasn't strange that it could influence the user up to this point.

As for the lime powder, desiccant, and pig intestines, I’d prepared them to temporarily suppress its negative power. Although, they had no use right now.

I hadn't told Yin Xinyue and Li Mazi about the plan because I didn’t want the other party to suspect anything.

If the Human Bones Necklace’s owner discovered my plan, it was unlikely that they’d take action!

Still, I never expected that my detailed plan would end up failing miserably.

I sighed and felt depressed.

Now, the enemy had been alerted, and it wouldn’t be so easy to find the Human Bones Necklace again!

I felt a headache and suggested returning to the hotel, resting, and then thinking of another plan.

Song Longji agreed. "Alright, I'll help you settle the matter on this side."

I asked, "What are you going to do with those drug addicts?"

Song Longji replied, "We have no choice but to release them."

According to Song Longji, Hong Kong's government was overloaded with work, and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts were already full. The government didn't have the manpower to waste on this scum.

Even if they were to forcefully put the thugs into a rehabilitation center, it wouldn't take them long to start doing drugs again. Therefore, it was better to release them and let them run their course.

I forced a smile and felt that Hong Kong's public security was somewhat lacking.

After returning to the hotel, I closed the doors and windows.

I had a bad feeling... I felt that the Human Bones Necklace’s owner was definitely going to retaliate!

After everything that had happened over the past few days, we were exhausted. Due to this, we fell asleep pretty quickly.

While sleeping, I was startled awake by the sound of brawling.

I opened my eyes and saw two figures in the room!

After taking a careful look, I discovered that one of the figures was Li Mazi. He was holding a knife and stabbing blindly.

The other figure was thin and tall, and he effortlessly dodged Li Mazi's attacks. Afterward, the figure threw Li Mazi to the ground and got rid of the knife in his hand, subduing him.

Li Mazi growled, but his voice was strange. It didn't seem like his voice, but that of a woman. Moreover, his face was pale, and his eyes rolled up. There was definitely something wrong with him.

After a while, I recognized the other figure. It was the man that had killed the giant python back at Yama's Execution Ground!

Why is he here? How did he get in the hotel?

I was in a daze and returned to my senses only after a while.

When he turned around and gazed at me with his cold eyes, I finally reacted. "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

The man said expressionlessly, "You would’ve died if I hadn't been following you. Find me a pair of chopsticks."

After listening to his magnetic voice, I followed his orders without hesitation and started looking for a pair of chopsticks.

Once I gave him the chopsticks, he pried open Li Mazi's mouth and stuffed the chopsticks between his teeth to prevent him from biting his tongue.

He then took out a piece of sandalwood, lit it, inhaled some smoke, and blew it in Li Mazi's face.

The vast majority of the smoke dispersed, but Li Mazi inhaled a part of it.

In the next moment, his pale complexion changed for the better.

After dealing with Li Mazi, he handed me the remaining half of the sandalwood. "Take it, it might come in handy later."

I gazed at him in a daze. "Just who are you...?"

"It doesn't matter who I am," he said. "What matters is that you can't foolishly accept all tasks. Know your place."

I blushed from shame. The other party was definitely thinking that I was an idiot, ready to give up my life for the sake of money...

"Just now, your friend tried to kill you with a knife. Who knows what might’ve happened if I hadn't come here in time. His body is somewhat weak and lacks vitality. That's why the Human Bones Necklace was able to influence his mind this easily..."

"The Human Bones Necklace is a double-edged sword and hardly something good! It can indeed increase one's fame, but it will also overdraw the remaining luck of the user, taking their life away once there’s no more luck to absorb," the man explained.

I nodded, agreeing with his analysis.

"Good. Now, I can leave."

"Wait a minute!” I blurted. "Why do you keep helping me? Where can I find you if I find myself at a dead end?"

"You'll know everything in due time… If you want to find me, come to Hong Kong's Mitu Temple."

Then, he quietly left with his sword on his back.

I called him several times, but he ignored me.

I gazed at his cold back and fell into deep thought. This guy isn't as simple as he seems. Does he have an ulterior motive? Did someone entrust him with my protection?

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