Chapter 289: Big Dipper Sirius Spell

I didn’t have the power to attack anymore. My whole body felt spongy, and my consciousness blurred. I vaguely heard Li Mazi and Senior Shu scream… It sounded like they were trying to help me, but they soon ended up in the same situation.

The world quieted down, and my mind went blank. I heard buzzing sounds echo in my ears, just as if there was a big machine operating inside my brain.

I wanted to turn my head around to look, but I couldn’t. Water filled my nostrils, mouth, and ears. I gradually lost my ability to breathe.

I knew I was about to die because my soul was on the verge of leaving my body…

As I felt like giving up, I heard a faint voice in my ears. “Do you want to live?”

That voice was very overbearing, but it sounded familiar.

It’s my grandpa’s voice! Is he here?

I was so happy and screamed, “Grandpa, I want to live!”

“Good!” said my grandpa. “You need to use the matching chant to bring out the full potential of the Sirius Whip. I didn’t teach it to you because I was afraid it would be too much for you to handle. But now, I’ve realized that I was a fool. Ever since you’ve joined this Circle, the things and people you’ve encountered were all beyond my expectation. Repeat after me.”

“The heavenly fortune is not truly clear, and the earthly dragon shows its true body…” Grandpa began to chant.

The whole scene felt illusory, and I wasn’t sure if it was real. However, I didn’t want to give up on my only hope. I focused and read after my grandfather.

“Big Dipper Sirius Spell, break!” After I’d shouted the last part of the spell, a formidable force burst forth.

My mind became more stable, and power filled my body like a surging river.

Thanks to that, I managed to shake off most of the corpse crystals on my body, which made me feel much lighter.

I swiftly stood up, causing the whole water in the lake to surge.

My breathing stabilized, and so did my eyesight.

The Corpse Scattered Essence looked at me in fear. The bearded man and Senior Shu were also shocked. “Impossible... How could this be?”

The Corpse Scattered Essence attempted to sink back into the water, but how could I let this chance slip? I strode forward, and the leather whip in my hand brutally lashed at it again.

I vaguely saw a dark glow on my Sirius Whip. When it crossed the air, it created a sonic boom!

The Corpse Scattered Essence was frightened and tried to submerge faster. Still, there was no way it could be faster than my Sirius Whip! After the whip hit its flesh, a crack appeared; its jade-like body became dim and gray.

This time, the statue screeched in pain.

“Awesome!” Senior Shu screamed excitedly. “Quick, kill that girl!”

The Sirius Whip attacked continuously. Every lash was full of power, and I could feel the air around me heat up.

The Corpse Scattered Essence had changed beyond recognition. The beautiful woman was now black and riddled with cracks. The spell my grandfather taught me was really intimidating!  I was now an unstoppable machine. I continuously wielded my whip until the Corpse Scattered Essence sank into the water without any energy left.

The power of the spell also disappeared. I was drained all of my energy and couldn’t even stand upright. Eventually, I fell and sank into the water.

I vaguely felt someone lift me up from the water and carry me to an ambulance. I had no recollection of what happened afterwards.

I didn’t know how long I had been sleeping, but when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a white room.

The room was very clean, and I could smell the disinfectant in the air. The temperature was a little low.

I recognized that I was in a hospital, which made me heave a sigh of relief.

“Cough, you’re finally awake.”

I heard Senior Shu’s voice. I opened my eyes and gave him a smile. “Senior Shu, are you okay?”

Senior Shu was a little stirred up when he showed me his bandaged body. “Does it look like I’m okay?”

I shook my head and smiled. “I’m sorry, I didn’t notice.”

Senior Shu rolled his eyes at me, but his tone changed. He smiled and said, “Kid, you’re really incredible. Since when did you learn the Big Dipper Sirius Spell? I’ve never seen you use it before.”

I smiled embarrassedly and said, “Senior Shu, if I were to tell you that my grandpa imparted it to me when we were at the lake, would you believe me?”

Senior Shu nodded. “I would. That old man wasn’t simple. It’s good that he became a messenger of the Netherworld. Otherwise, the Big Dipper Sirius Spell would have gone down with him and disappeared forever.”

While we were talking, the door was pushed open, and the bearded man walked in.

Although he didn’t have bandages all over his body like Senior Shu, his situation wasn’t much better. As he had overdrawn his energy, he was now limping and had to use a walking stick. When he came to my bed, he unexpectedly got on his knees.

At first, I thought that he was too weak and couldn’t keep his balance, but when he bowed to me three times, I was really shocked.

I quickly went to him and lifted him up. “Senior, what are you doing?”

Senior Shu was also astonished. “Second Brother, what are you doing?”

“I’m here to apologize and thank you on behalf of my brothers,” the bearded man said resolutely. “If it weren’t for you, my brothers and I would have… Sigh, we were too arrogant and overestimated ourselves.”

I told him, ”Senior, please don’t say that. We defeated the Corpse Scattered Essence together. If you hadn’t worn it out first, I wouldn’t have been able to destroy it.”

I supported him and guided him to sit on my bed. He said feebly, “It’s your merit. You don’t need to be humble. Guys, come in!”

The gold-toothed man came in with the Corpse Scattered Essence. It was now much smaller and full of cracks. It looked like a withered tree stump, and I could barely tell that it had a human shape.

The gold-toothed man cracked a smile and said, “Senior Shu, please forgive me. I hope you won’t mind my words from before.”

Senior Shu smiled and said, “It’s all right. I’m an old man, and I won’t go as far as to quibble with youngsters like you.”

Then, he walked up to him and took the Corpse Scattered Essence. He hugged it as if he was hugging his wife.

“This Corpse Scattered Essence is for you guys,” said the bearded man. “Since the Longquan Villa has provoked our Zhang family, we must give them a lesson. Otherwise, they’ll keep bullying us in the future.”

I nodded and fell deep in thought. I didn’t talk much and just listened to the plan, to which I readily agreed.

I couldn’t swallow this insult, either. In addition, the bearded man told me that my grandfather’s death was possibly related to the Longquan Villa.

I held the Corpse Scattered Essence and sank into my thoughts. I had learned a lot after this event. It was important to have self-knowledge and act humbly. Otherwise, one was bound to be miserable later.

The destruction of the Scarlet Spirit Saintess and the heavy losses of the Zhang family proved this point!

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