Chapter 287: Experts Gathering

We found a bush near the lake to rest. The villagers hid not far from us and looked at us with fearful eyes. I guessed they were afraid that we would take revenge. I simply ignored them.

Senior Shu and I were quite bored when an explosion suddenly echoed from the lake, causing the water to slash seven or eight meters into the air. It seemed someone was denoting some dynamite underwater.

The water surged and bubbled. Steam rose.

Senior Shu and I advanced forward.

People from the Zhang family had already arranged into a formation. They scattered and circled around the ancient tomb.

After watching for a moment, the bearded man ordered, “Pour the lime!”

The villagers immediately walked toward the lakeside and threw bags of lime into the lake.

When the lime met the water, it boiled and bubbled. The steam that burst out was as powerful as an atomic bomb. It rose high in the air and produced a pungent smell that permeated the whole area. When people inhaled, they got headaches.

The men in the formation were ready to meet the enemy. All of them had their eyes fixed on the lake surface.

Gurgling bubbles appeared on the surface of the lake. Then, bones slowly emerged. Most of the skeletons were broken into pieces, while just a few of them were intact. They rose along with the boiling water.

A high wave rolled forward, and the corpse crystals in the lake gathered together, condensing into a column of white crystals. As time ticked by, the column became bigger and taller. In the end, it began to grow a head and limbs.

Nobody had thought that there would be so many corpse crystals under the lake. Perhaps the rebellious workers weren’t the only ones killed back then. I guessed there were more corpses buried in this place.

I took a deep breath. If the corpse crystals could evolve into Corpse Scattered Essence, it would be very difficult to deal with.

The bearded man walked out of the crowd and thundered, “Pour sand!”

The villagers dashed forward. They held dustpans and plain wooden boards that contained fine sand. After the bearded man’s order, they threw all the sand into the lake.

Unexpectedly, the sand grains didn’t sink but swirled together with the crystals and became part of the white column.

However, they didn’t stick to the column like the corpse crystals. Instead, the grains gradually fell starting from the top. As the sand peeled off, more and more of the corpse crystals fell altogether. Shortly after, the white column was only half of its original height.

"These kids are smart,” said Senior Shu. “They know how to use sand to get rid of the corpse crystals. If the corpse crystals are allowed to take human form, we won’t be able to defeat them.”

I looked pensive. “There’s still half of them left. Why didn’t they peel off like the others?”

Senior Shu looked at the column and sighed. “I’m afraid that the chunk of the remaining corpse crystals is where the Corpse Scattered Essence is. It’s not easy to deal with the Corpse Scattered Essence.”

I turned and looked at the bearded man. He looked excited. It didn’t look like he was worried about the remaining corpse crystals.

The battle had just begun, and the bearded man was already tasting victory. I had an unlucky premonitionWhat if he failed?

Even though only half of the corpse crystals remained, they still wanted to take human form. However, there were too many sand grains mixed within. The corpse crystals couldn’t condense and kept falling apart.

The bearded man and the members of the Zhang family watched the scene with despising looks. They thought that the corpse crystals were done for and that things would be over soon.

But I didn’t dare to be reckless. Although the corpse crystals were collapsing, it could just be a farce. Perhaps they would detonate in the next moment and kill us all.

Sure enough, the corpse crystals seemed to have a mind of their own. When they noticed that they couldn’t condense, they stopped. The lake quieted down shortly as the remaining corpse crystals sank back into the water.

“Evil thing, were you trying to show off in front of me?” The bearded man sneered. Then, he turned to me with an indifferent expression. “All right, it’s over; you guys can leave. I’ll deal with the Longquan Villa someday in the future. If you have a conscience, come and help us, although I know you can’t do much.”

You bastard, you aren’t even trying to hide the fact that you’re looking down on us! I threw the bearded man a fierce glance then prepared to leave.

However, as soon as I turned around, explosions echoed from the bottom of the Heavenly Dragon Lake. The water shot up for dozens of meters. The shining corpse crystals bloomed in midair then slowly fell.

The white corpse crystals were like snowflakes, just heavier. They had the power to harm people's souls. When I saw them, I suddenly felt dizzy.

The bearded man glared at me then took off his vest and put it on my head. “It’s just some corpse crystal, how can it hurt your soul? Get lost. You’re just shaming our Zhang family by staying here! Open your eyes and see how your uncles will finish this!”

I wasn’t the sort of man that showed off a lot. Although I was angry, I immediately walked aside.

Senior Shu knew how to take advantage of the situation. He looked at the scene and lurked away. “I’m old, and I can’t help you. I’ll step aside and giving you room. Good luck!”

Then, he fled.

Li Mazi now ran out of the horde of villagers and pulled us to them. He squatted down and said, “Just be patient. Those pricks are going to suffer sooner or later.”

Birds of a feather flock together. The three of us were all afraid of dying and eventually ended up together.

Anyway, I saw a white statue emerge from the bottom of the lake.

After the waves subsided, I carefully observed the white statue. I couldn’t tell what it was made of, but it was translucent. It looked like a piece of smooth, high-quality jade.

The jade was carved into a woman. Her face was calm, and she sat cross-legged, wearing an elegant smile. Although she didn’t have a pair of eyes, she looked full of spirit as she ‘looked’ at the crowd.

“That’s the Corpse Scattered Essence!” Senior Shu was so stirred up that his body shivered. “God, I finally saw the real Corpse Scattered Essence!”

The bearded man and the others were also excited. They gazed at the jade statue, and their bodies shivered as they said, “The real Corpse Scattered Essence! It’s really different from ordinary spirits. Brothers, it’s time to attack! If we can bring the Corpse Scattered Essence back, the Elders will treat us well!”

The Zhang family members were all excited and took out leather whips from their clothes. They began to walk into the water, aiming at the Corpse Scattered Essence.

I felt somewhat depressed. The leather whips in their hands looked exactly the same as my Sirius Whip.

Do the descendants of the Zhang family all have a Sirius Whip? My precious Sirius Whip is actually a common tool?! My pride had just received 10,000 points of damage.

Senior Shu couldn’t sit still and whispered, “That’s not good.”

Then, he jolted up and tried to stop the group. “Don’t go in the water! The lake is the Corpse Scattered Essence’s home ground. If you go there, your formation will be destroyed!”

However, those people didn’t listen to Senior Shu. Before leaving, the gold-toothed man turned and shouted at him, “Get lost! It’s just some Corpse Scattered Essence. I can’t believe you’re this scared of it. You’re really bringing shame on our family. Later, don’t ever say that you’re a member of the Zhang family…”

While we were talking, those guys had already approached and encircled the Corpse Scattered Essence.

Senior Shu jumped on the lakeside and cursed, “Those ignorant fools are going to die! Second Brother, you have to look at the bigger picture. Do not be blinded by instant gratification!”

The bearded man answered coldly, “I am prepared. Go, hit it!”

After the bearded man issued his order, the members of the Zhang family wielded their whips and lashed at the Corpse Scattered Essence. At the same time, they used their free hand to make hand seals to strengthen the power of their attacks.

I ran forward and said, “Senior Shu, will it work?”

Senior Shu was perplexed and turned to me. “From what I can see… It should work. Maybe I am too old, and I’m worrying for nothing. I’ve seen the power of this Demon Slaying Palm before. Although these young men haven’t mastered the technique yet, they can fill in the gaps with their numbers.”

I exhaled in relief. If Senior Shu said it could work, then it was almost certain that it would work.

As they attacked, bloody whip marks appeared on the hovering Corpse Scattered Essence. The smirk on its face also slowly faded.

It seemed things would be over soon.

Senior Shu also heaved a sigh of relief. “The Corpse Scattered Essence is a fleshly body created by resentful energy, and the Zhang family’s Demon Slaying Palm has the ability to use resentful energy as fuel. It's basically its nemesis!”

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