Chapter 235: The Odd Story of the Child-Eating Monster

The situation became worse when Lei Long realized that he wasn’t just sleeping-walking in the kitchen area. He had started to walk around the living room as well, and his wife had been startled awake several times due to his strange behavior.

One day, something terrible happened. This event finally pushed Lei Long into the abyss of despair.

That night, Lei Long was rummaging through the house for food as usual. However, he had already eaten all the edible items and was about to go crazy. Eventually, he found a ham sausage and ate it. This awakened his appetite and made him lose his mind.

While starving, he suddenly thought of his child, who was just one month old.

During that moment, he didn’t see the sleeping child as a precious life. In his mind, the child was just a chunk of soft and fresh meat. He couldn’t control himself and grabbed a knife, stepping toward the child.

If his wife hadn’t woken up and rescued their baby, only God knew what would have happened.

When Lei Long got a hold of himself, he was shocked. His wife didn’t dare to stay in the house anymore. No matter how much he begged her, she left with the child.

Later on, Lei Long felt that it was for the better. If he had done anything to harm their son, he wouldn’t have been able to forgive himself.

Lei Long suspected that some evil creature was pestering him, so he tried to look for an expert.

However, it wasn’t easy to find a capable person that could solve his problem. After getting scammed several times, Lei Long was even more desperate. However, he didn’t give up. He kept searching and traveled far and wide, even spending several nights on the streets.

Although Lei Long didn’t go home, those frightening thoughts never left his mind. He still felt hungry every minute of the day, and he often thought about eating children. He simply couldn’t control himself, and whenever he saw kids walking on the streets, he would storm forward and try to eat them.

However, he never succeeded. During all those attempts, there were adults around to stop him.

It was a coincidence, or perhaps it was destiny that Lei Long came across my antique shop as he was searching for an expert.

When he passed by the shop, he was still struggling to keep his hunger in check. His mind was telling him that he had to eat a child immediately. Otherwise, he would starve to death.

The hunger was gradually eroding his sanity, but right as he was about to lose his mind and preparing to kidnap a child, his desire suddenly subsided.

He was surprised and very happy. He thought that he had finally overcome his desire.

However, as soon as he left the antique shop, those cannibalistic thoughts came back to him, starting to erode his sanity again. Startled, he returned to my antique shop, and his desire subsided again.

Lei Long tested it several times and came to the conclusion that my antique shop was the safest place for him.

However, I later shooed him away. Left with no choice, he had to look for another place that could temporarily subdue his desire.

He didn’t expect this new place to be Yin Xinyue’s house. However, he didn’t know that we were a couple, so he got kicked out again…

After I forced him to leave, those horrific thoughts came back. Since he couldn’t find another place that could subdue his desire, he attacked a kid that was playing on the sidewalk.

As a result, he was arrested and taken to the police station.

Lei Long had a grudge against me as I’d kicked him out twice. That was why he told Fengshen Nana that I was his partner in crime.

However, he didn’t expect that Fengshen Nana and I acquainted; neither did he expect that I could expel evil spirits. Lei Long became very excited after this discovery and repeated that I had ordered him to commit those crimes. He was hoping that I would be summoned to the police station.

I knew the rest of the story. Destiny got me involved in Lei Long’s troubles…

After listening to him, we all went silent. Fengshen Nana said, “Mister Zhang, if you don’t help him, this fellow will be kept in detention for two days. After he’s released, he will continue to harm society. Perhaps you will even get his disease. You should solve this case!”

From Fengshen Nana’s expression, I knew that even if I ignored this guy, she wouldn’t let me go.

This woman really liked to put her nose into other peoples’ business. Moreover, it was easy for her to talk as I would be the one putting my life on the line while dealing with the otherworldly item!

Did she think that I could solve the case just by snapping my fingers?

Lei Long began to beg me when he saw that I had remained silent. Eventually, I said with a sigh, “I wonder if I owed you money in my previous life. Take me to your house. I need to check it before I make my decision.”

Lei Long thanked me repeatedly. Fengshen Nana then said, “Since you’re sick, I’ll let you go this time. But if you do it again, I’ll shoot you!”

Fengshen Nana was just an ordinary policewoman, but she could deal with this sort of civil dispute pretty easily. After scolding Lei Long for a while, she released the poor man.

Lei Long was broke, so I had to catch a taxi to take him home.

The entire way back home, he was a little embarrassed. He kept promising me that if I could help him recover, he would repay me handsomely.

Lei Long lived inside a neighborhood built by his company. This neighborhood was probably old since it had rows of tiled houses. I saw the red words, ‘To Be Demolished’ on the wall. I knew that these tiled houses would be demolished soon and that their owners would receive compensation.

Although it looked old on the outside, Lei Long’s house was clean and tidy on the inside. The place had a scholarly aura, with calligraphy rolls hung on the walls and furniture that was a mix of both vintage and modern styles. It was a pleasant view.

However, I caught a faint stench in the air; the smell was really nauseous. I frowned and carefully searched for the source of the smell. It came from the kitchen.

“What’s this smell?” I asked.

Lei Long also didn’t know. He walked to the kitchen to check. Immediately after, he screamed in shock. “What happened? Who did this?!”

“What’s going on?” My nerves went tense immediately. I hurried to follow him into the kitchen.

When I saw the things inside the kitchen, my scalp went numb.

His not-too-big kitchen was stuffed with countless dead animals, including cats, mice, and dogs. Most of them were babies.

They looked like they had been dead for several days. The corpses formed a pile and were moldy, a layer of white fluff covered them.

All of them had been killed by a deep wound on their necks. We then spotted a bloody knife that was still deep inside a puppy’s neck. Swarms of maggots covered the knife, which looked scary as hell.

I took a deep breath. “Who else has your house key? I noticed that your lock wasn’t picked.”

Lei Long thought about this, then turned to look at his kitchen door. “My wife and I each have a set of keys, but I don’t think my wife has any reason to do this…”

I gave him a meaningful look.

He was so frightened that his eyes bulged. “Do you mean that… I did all of this?”

I nodded and said, “It’s possible. Do you have any cameras in your house?”

Lei Long was scared. “No… Who would install a camera in the kitchen? Sir, I don’t recall doing any of this. I don’t remember killing these animals and stacking them in my kitchen. Moreover, why would I kill them?”

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