Chapter 230: The Bloody Forest

Zen Master Baimei gave his all to chant the incantation, and his forehead was covered with a layer of sweat. At the same time, Li Mazi was also resisting hard.

However, since Zen Master Baimei was not as young as he used to be, Li Mazi slowly got the upper hand. “Bald donkey, are you trying to prevent me from seeing the late Emperor? I’m going to kill you!”

Then, he pushed back Zen Master Baimei.

I took out the Sirius Whip and hit Li Mazi.

After each attack, Li Mazi frowned in pain. He glared at me and hissed, “I’m going to kill you as well!”

As he roared, he grabbed the Sirius Whip and pulled hard, dragging me over alongside the whip.

I swiftly squatted and hugged a big tree. However, I still couldn’t resist his superhuman strength. Eventually, I was pulled over and then hurled me away.

I landed hard on the ground, and my chest hurt like hell. I couldn’t breathe, and as the tension started to ease, I felt a tint of warmth in my throat. It was also when I vomited blood.

I angrily got up and picked up my Sirius Whip, storming forward one more time.

However, when I wielded the Sirius Whip to lash at Li Mazi, I felt that someone had gripped onto my whip. I tried to pull it, but it didn’t move. The force holding me back was so big that I almost lost hold on the whip.

I turned around to see who it was, and I was scared out of my wits immediately after!

The Nukekubi's head was floating behind me, her mouth full of blood. She was biting my Sirius Whip, and although the Yang energy from the whip hurt her continuously, she didn’t let it go. It looked like she wanted to die and take the whip with her.

I didn’t see the red rope around her neck. Earlier, Zen Master Baimei had told me that the rope was crucial for when the Nukekubi re-attached to her body. Since it was now gone, I guessed this monstrous woman had decided to discard her body…

If she didn’t want to live anymore, it meant that the Nukekubi wanted to bring me down with her. She bit my whip and pulled it back, which prevented me from approaching Li Mazi.

I’m a person with a full body! Why am I still afraid of this head?! I resolutely coiled the Sirius Whip around my arm and pulled against the Nukekubi.

The Nukekubi was very strong, and she was able to pull and drag me away even though I was still lying on the ground.

I turned around to check on Zen Master Baimei; he was struggling against Li Mazi. Li Mazi’s hand was just inches away from Zen Master Baimei’s throat, but he couldn’t move any further. I knew that Zen Master Baimei was using his prayer beads to restrain him.

Zen Master Baimei looked exhausted. His face twisted in pain, and sweat rolled down his forehead.

I decided to ignore the Nukekubi and released the Sirius Whip. Since the Nukekubi was pulling at the whip hard, she was sent flying backward. I turned around and ran toward Li Mazi, kicking him with all my strength.

However, Li Mazi just wobbled a bit before steadying himself.

This gave Zen Master Baimei some time to relax. Nevertheless, as he wasn’t suppressing his wound anymore, he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Zen Master Baimei was swift and took out the Night Dragon Bait from his clothes, soaking it in his blood.

The Night Dragon Bait was the home to the evil spirit, and if it was soaked in blood, the spirit would not be able to return.

Moreover, the blood hurt the spirit to a certain extent, which made Li Mazi roll on the ground in pain. However, he got up soon after and attacked Zen Master Baimei again.

When this happened, I didn’t have any magic weapons on me. I could only use my own physique to resist the evil spirit.

However, Zen Master Baimei used one hand to push me away. “Little friend, go deal with the Nukekubi. Leave him to me.”

I worriedly looked at Zen Master Baimei and said, “But you’re hurt…”

“That’s not a problem.” Zen Master Baimei smiled and said, “I used three drops of essence blood. She can’t defeat me.”

Then, he mustered all his strength and stood in front of me. He was ready to fight Li Mazi to the death.

Since their fight had reached a critical moment, I had no more opportunities to intervene. I could only stand aside and watch.

In the meantime, the Nukekubi had flown back and opened her bloody mouth to bite my throat.

I lowered my body to dodge her attack. Then, I picked up a big rock from the ground; it was the only weapon I could find at the time.

The Nukekubi aimed at me one more time. I didn’t dodge but seized the chance to shove the rock into her mouth and slapped her once. I immediately felt that a lot of my anger had been released.

However, my attack didn’t create much damage to the Nukekubi. Instead, it enraged her even more. She roared angrily and crushed the rock with her teeth, charging forward again.

Moreover, she was very fast this time. I couldn’t dodge her attack or react timely. She sent me to the ground. Then, she kept hammering on my chest with her head.

It felt as if a huge rock was pressing on my chest; my ribs were on the verge of breaking. I couldn’t breathe, so I raised my arms to stop her, but I still worried that she might bite them off.

I didn’t have the strength to counterattack and was terrified at the thought of losing my life.

My eyes blurred, and my consciousness started to fade. I wanted to see how Zen Master Baimei was doing over there, but I saw only red blood hue clouding my vision. I guessed that Zen Master Baimei was in the same situation as I was. Otherwise, he would have come and saved me already.

Just when I was losing hope, a shadow intruded my field of vision. The Nukekubi was frightened and turned around in an attempt to flee.

The newcomer was a vulgar-looking old man. He held a bucket in his hands and used it to trap the Nukekubi. He then sat on the bucket and put one leg over the other, looking at me with a mocking smile.

I tried my best to get up from the ground. I felt like all of my bones were broken.

I turned to thank the vulgar-looking old man. “Senior Shu, thank you.”

Senior Shu glared at me. “Enough with your nonsense. If you don’t want to watch Zen Master Baimei die, come over and sit on the bucket!”

Although the Nukekubi was strangely strong, she couldn’t escape the bucket no matter how hard she banged against the walls.

I saw something that looked like white powder sprinkled on the bucket. The air now smelled of quicklime. If I wasn’t wrong, the inner wall of the bucket had been reinforced with quicklime.

I looked at the bucket in surprise.

Senior Shu said, “Why are you still lingering there? Don’t you see that Zen Master Baimei can’t hold it anymore?”

I turned to look at Zen Master Baimei. He was now at a disadvantage. Li Mazi was forcing him to back off with his punches.

Zen Master Baimei continuously vomited blood, barely resisting the attacks. By looking at his appearance, I knew that he couldn’t stand the attacks for much longer.

I wanted to rush forward to help him, but Senior Shu’s hand gripped onto me. “Stop! Do you plan to go there to die? Sit on the bucket and don’t move. I’m going to help him.”

Then, Senior Shu took out a bead from his mouth and shoved it into mine while I wasn’t paying attention.

I was extremely disgusted as the bead had the old man’s saliva on it. This wretched man had no manners!

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