Chapter 222: Fight Against the Riding Immortals

Old Chef had lost his mind and was running around the apartment, trying to bite whoever was in reach.

Nana's aunt was squatting on the ground and crying, but Old Chef didn’t let her off. He directly went for his wife’s neck.

I was startled and shot towards, preparing to kick him away from the woman.

However, Old Chef now possessed superhuman strength. He didn’t even budge after my kick. Instead, it was I who lost balance and tumbled to the ground; my whole body aching due to the impact.

Old Chef eventually bit his wife’s neck, who screamed in pain.

Fengshen Nana immediately rushed forward and tried to pull her uncle away. However, Old Chef was simply too strong. He easily overpowered his niece and pinned her down.

Li Mazi roared and grabbed a chair, trapping Old Chef’s neck between the legs of the chair and pulling him away.

Old Chef was enraged. He lifted the chair over his head and snatched it from Li Mazi’s hands despite the efforts of the latter.

Then, before Li Mazi could react, he smashed the chair onto Li Mazi’s back. Although it was a wooden chair, it broke into pieces due to the impact.

Li Mazi screamed and fell on the ground, twitching all over.

“You bastard!” I was furious and decided not to hold back. I grabbed the Sirius Whip, jumped forward, and lashed it on Old Chef.

Although the Sirius Whip was powerful, it didn’t have too much effect. I could only push Old Chef backward, but I couldn’t hurt him. He agilely maneuvered behind me and charged over, trying to grab my neck.

I took a deep breath and quickly turned around, forcing Old Chef to retreat one more time.

The Sirius Whip was strong, but its force was reduced each time it was used. After lashing the whip seven times, I made a mistake, and Old Chef caught the right opportunity to attack me.

He abruptly lunged toward me and pressed me on the ground. I couldn’t move even a little bit. He raised his hands and started to beat me up. I used all of my strength to resist him... but how could I match his superhuman strength?

Li Mazi and Fengshen Nana rushed over to help me, but I couldn’t avoid the beating.

In this very critical situation, I forced myself to calm down to think about a countermeasure…

What is the nemesis of the House Protecting Immortals? I tried to recall this piece of information.

That’s right. It’s the cat!

Rats, snakes, and even hedgehogs were all afraid of cats. Especially big, black cats, whose Yang energy was high. I was sure it could subdue the House Protecting Immortals.

I roared, “Li Mazi, bring a big, black cat here. Hurry!”

“Okay!” Li Mazi answered and rushed out of the room as I still wrestled against Old Chef.

“Meow.” The moment I couldn’t hold it anymore, I heard a cat meowing.

Weird... How could Li Mazi capture a black cat that quickly? I turned to the source of the noise, and it turned out to be Fengshen Nana.

She had pressed her lips together and mimicked a cat cry. Although we could tell that this cat cry was fake, Old Chef was still scared. He jerked back and fled to the corner, curling up.

When he realized that Fengshen Nana had just faked a cat cry, he was even more enraged. Without a moment of hesitation, he dashed forward and grabbed her throat, hurling her into the bathroom.

Old Chef still wanted to attack her, so I grabbed the Sirius Whip and coiled it around his legs. Since the long whip was coiled around his legs, Old Chef couldn’t walk properly and fell to the ground.

I immediately jumped on him and grabbed his throat.

At the same time, Li Mazi returned with a black cat in his arms.

The moment the black cat saw Old Chef, it was excited. With a hissing cry, the cat dashed forward and clawed at Old Chef’s face.

Old Chef was scared out of his wits and struggled to get out of this situation. However, the cat didn’t let him off and kept scratching his face.

Old Chef screamed and wiggled. Soon after, a cold wind blew out of his body; Old Chef stopped struggling and lay weakly on the ground.

A series of creaking noises resounded underneath the bed. Countless mice, snakes, and hedgehogs rushed out; they all tried to escape. The black cat was fast enough, though. It chased and grabbed several mice.

Then, we all heard a rumbling noise. A door had been kicked open upstairs.

I remembered that Zhao Dafa was living up there. While he was performing the ritual, the cat had expelled the House Protecting Immortals. The technique must have backfired, so he should have chosen to escape in a panic.

I called Fengshen Nana, “Let’s go. We need to stop Zhao Dafa.”

After a long wrestling session, I was already worn out and powerless. However, I gritted my teeth and gathered my strength to go upstairs. Zhao Dafa’s door was open, but it was dead silent inside. I was worried about a possible trap and grabbed a flower pot nearby before entering the apartment.

The room was so quiet that even the sound of someone gasping for air was loud to our ears. I frowned and carefully looked around.

The room was pit-black because the lights were off. In the darkness, I heard Zhao Dafa’s voice. “Come in! The younger generation will even surpass the old one. The light switch is on the left of the door.”

I reached to the left and switched the lights on. The room was illuminated shortly after. I saw Zhao Dafa lying motionless on the couch, clutching onto a broken drum. He was still breathing, but blood was oozing out from his nostrils and mouth. His breaths were short, and his face was as yellow as a candle.

I said, “Zhao Dafa, was it all your doing?”

Zhao Dafa couldn't help but laugh. “Is there even a need to ask?”

“Why did you do that?” I asked coldly. “Why did you want to harm him?”

“I have nothing to say. Anyway, you’re a capable man, so I’m willing to die in your hands.”

“I’m sure there was a reason.” I walked forward and sat opposite of Zhao Dafa. “Tell me. Perhaps I can understand.”

“Haha.” Zhao Dafa sneered. “I don’t think I’m going to survive regardless.”

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