Chapter 209: The Pigpen

To my surprise, the set of garments stopped at a pig farm. A horrible stench exuded from the pigpen; I realized that the pungent smell we had smelled today was actually pig dung.

Does it want to get into the pigpen? 

As I had guessed, the ancient garments eventually flew into the pigpen. The moment the clothes entered the pigpen, the herd of pigs awoke and scattered in fright. Some of the pigs even tried to bite the ancient clothes.

The ancient dress struggled hard, and I could vaguely hear the cry of a woman.

I was dumbstruck. Although she was now a soul, she went through this inhuman torment every day. What kind of obsession did this ancient dress have? Why was it going this far?

Ru Xue and Yin Xinyue were petrified. They anxiously watched the pigpen and kept asking me what was happening.

I didn’t know, either. It seemed the owner of this dress was tortured inhumanly when she was still alive.

“Hey! What are you doing there?!” A sudden yell came through the darkness of the night, making me shiver.

I turned my head to see the owner of the pig farm walk toward us. He was wearing a ragged, torn jacket. His hair was disheveled, and his eyes were bloodshot, perhaps because he didn’t get much sleep.

He held a flashlight and didn’t look pleased to see us.

Li Mazi hurried to say, “We didn’t do anything. We just happened to pass by.”

“It’s this late at night and you were passing by my pigpen? I think you’re here to steal my pigs!” The farm owner snorted.

“Steal your pigs?” I shook my head and said, “Take a better look, do we look like pig thieves?”

The farm owner sneered and said, “You can see a person’s clothing but not their heart. Only God knows what you were thinking of doing.”

Then, he rushed to calm his pigs down.

I was worried that the farm owner would get a heart attack if he saw the ancient dress floating around, so I wanted to stop him. However, he was too persistent; both Li Mazi and I couldn’t hold him back. Instead, he became even more convinced that we were there to steal his pigs.

Eventually, he saw the ancient dress floating in the pigpen, which shocked him. “W-What the heck is going on? How did it come back?”

His last sentence surprised me. He actually recognized the dress. “Have you seen these clothes before?”

“No, I haven't.” The farm owner waved his hands in denial, wishing he could dismiss us immediately.

I knew he was hiding something. I stood in place and said coldly, “Maybe you can hide the truth from the living, but can you hide it from the undead? This is the work of an otherworldly item, and we’re here to deal with it. If you don’t tell us the actual situation, you won’t have a good end.”

However, the farm owner wasn’t intimidated. Instead, he became even more hostile.

He grabbed a stick and tried to hit us. I was worried that he could hurt Ru Xue and the others, so we decided to leave.

Ru Xue looked at me in fright. “What should we do now?”

I sighed and said, “We can only wait for him to contact us on his own, and I think he will. Let’s go.”

Then, I used eel blood to leave my phone number on the gate of the pigpen.

“What are you doing?” asked Li Mazi.

“Eel blood contains Yin energy, and since the otherworldly item is at his place, the Yin energy of the whole farm will be very high. Hopefully, he’ll be scared by the strange phenomena and will call us for help!” I said.

“It has already started,” said Li Mazi as he looked at the farm.

A set of ancient clothes had appeared in his pigpen, and the horde of pigs was scared by it.

Soon after, the farm owner called his family members out to calm down the pigs. However, with the otherworldly item in the pigpen, how could the pigs not panic? Things were starting to get noisy…

We didn’t leave and stayed near the farm, ready to take action.

While we were waiting to see how the situation would unfold, we spotted a shadow swaying in a corner outside the farm. The person paced back and forth but didn’t go in.

I muttered to Li Mazi, “Look at that guy.”

Li Mazi glanced over and frowned. “Who’s that? Why do I feel like he's somewhat odd?”

“You stay here. I’m going there to check.” I told Li Mazi.

Li Mazi hesitated for a bit then nodded.

I got up and ran toward the shadow that lingered in the corner.

As I came closer to him, the shadow’s image became clearer. When I finally saw him, cold sweat rolled down my forehead.

The man’s limbs were twisted at an unimaginable angle. His eyes were scooped out, and his tongue had been cut off. He looked incredibly scary…

It’s the express delivery guy! But wasn’t his body taken away by the cops? He should be in the morgue now. How did he get here?!

He suddenly turned his head towards me, gazing at me with his hollow, bleeding eyes. Blood still gushed from the corners of his mouth as his mouth opened and closed. It was as if he was talking to me. However, since his tongue had been cut off, he could only make some unclear sounds.

After taking a deep breath, I said, “Tell me, why are you doing this? Why did you follow us here?”

He didn’t answer and just limped toward the farm owner’s house. Then, he gently knocked on the wooden door.

The farm owner was annoyed, thinking that it was us again.

He was furious and scolded, “Why are you not leaving? I don’t need your help. If you’re still sticking around, I’m gonna call the police!”

“D… ad…” The delivery guy said weakly.

The entire house went dead silent. After a long time, we heard the farm owner’s reply. “Son…”

Then, he opened the door.

The delivery guy is the farm owner’s son? What the heck is happening? 

When the door was wide open, the farm owner saw the delivery guy clearly. He was so surprised that tumbled down. “Son, y-you’re back. You’re finally back!”

The other family members overheard the conversation and rushed out. After seeing the guest at the door, they ran toward him like crazy and wanted to hug him.

From their sobbing voice, I could guess that they hadn’t seen the express delivery guy for a long time. They didn’t even know that the person standing before them had died already.

I called out to Li Mazi. “Go stop them!”

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