Chapter 999 Ferry Boat

A grand rank five Celestial had been captured in just one move. This toppled all their understanding of heavenly geniuses.

In truth, this result was not because Long Chen was too powerful, but simply that Han Yunshan was too stupid. Long Chen practically hadn’t had to do anything.

Han Yunshan’s ice blade truly had been powerful, practically capable of freezing even space. It was on the same level as the Double Dragon Destruction, which was enough to show how powerful it was.

But this idiot had no battle experience at all. After releasing this one move, he had just waited in anticipation to see Long Chen on his last breaths. As a result, Long Chen knocked him unconscious with a single punch.

For a cultivator to be this stupid, Long Chen’s eyes were truly opened to the world. It was his first time admiring someone so much.

“Everyone, prepare to cross the lake. We have a boat now.”

Long Chen dragged the unconscious Han Yunshan over to the lake. With one foot on his Dantian, Ice Qi rapidly condensed over the lake.

Under the control of Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, a three-hundred-meter ice boat rapidly formed over the lake. It floated calmly on the surface of the water, and Han Yunshan was the core at the bottom of the boat.

“Come, there’s no time to explain. Get on.” Long Chen was the first to jump onto the ice boat. This boat was condensed of ice, so it didn’t sink into the water. It was very safe.

Everyone’s jaw dropped. Han Yunshan was actually being used as a tool to ferry everyone across. Long Chen really had some crazy ideas.

But seeing Long Chen jump onto the boat, they clenched their teeth and jumped on as well. A few people took out some tools to use as oars, and the ice boat began to smoothly advance.


Suddenly, a woman’s frightened scream rang out, causing everyone to jump. They thought that water had invaded the ship, and their souls almost fled in terror. But when they looked around, they didn’t see anything odd.

They glared at that woman. She blushed and pointed to the bottom of the boat. “He… he…”

Everyone looked and saw that Han Yunshan had woken. He was now looking at them through the translucent boat.

They then looked at the woman who was wearing a skirt and came to a sudden comprehension.

“Don’t worry, his meridians have been sealed by me. He won’t be able to break that seal without ten to fifteen days. As for your problem… hehe, well, he’s helping us so much, so you’re not losing out by letting him have a peek,” joked Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you’re evil!” The woman was completely red. She jumped to the end of the boat. Just thinking of that pair of eyes staring at her, she felt goosebumps.

“Cough, there are quite a few sisters with skirts. It’s best to stay covered.” A woman took out a beast fur blanket that covered the entire surface of the boat, completely blocking Han Yunshan’s line of sight. They were much more at ease after that.

They were worried Han Yunshan would remember them. Although the main offender was Long Chen, they were now benefiting from Han Yunshan’s misery. If he soared in the future, it would be troublesome for them.

If Long Chen had known he would be so blessed as to look up at them, Long Chen would have turned him downwards. The ice boat safely glided into the opposing shore eventually, and thanking Long Chen, they all jumped off and left.

Once everyone else was gone, Long Chen tasked the Dragonblood warrior with being a ferryman. If any other Dragonblood warriors had to cross, he could bring them over.

Of course, he could also conveniently take in a ferry fee from others as well. The price wasn’t high, just a thousand middle grade spirit stones. Long Chen’s guess was that two thirds of the people had already crossed by now. The others who hadn’t crossed had limited power, causing them to waste more time. So this ferry project would definitely rake in quite a bit of profit.

A thousand middle grade spirit stones for one person wasn’t that much. Anyone was capable of coughing up that price, and it also wasn’t enough to make people greedy. It was safe and quick money.

If a third of the people really hadn’t made it yet, then that meant there were over two hundred thousand disciples. Then assuming a quarter of them were stuck in the illusions or dealing with the wooden puppets, that meant maybe one hundred and fifty thousand disciples would arrive.

If each one of them ended up paying, then that would bring in one hundred and fifty million middle grade spirit stones. That sum was a shocking amount.

“Damn, I didn’t even know it would be this much before calculating. This is definitely a good project.” Once he calculated the possible profit, Long Chen jumped in shock.

Most of his money had been left behind in the Xuantian Dao Sect. Its reconstruction had cost a fortune, and there were many aspects that needed continued financial support. Long Chen had intentionally left behind all that wealth so that Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen could build up the strongest possible sect. That way, he wouldn’t have to worry about them.

“No good, if there’s this much profit to be made, we have to be careful. Here, I’ll put some makeup on you, and you pretend to be one of the sect’s Elders. Just stay here with a bamboo hat and a fake identity plate. There’s no need to go too far, and remember to act noble. Only once they kneel down and beg will you feel forced into accepting their money, understood?” asked Long Chen.

“You really are our boss. You come up with the craziest ideas to make money,” said the Dragonblood warrior.

“There’s no choice but to do that. It’s against the rules to rob people during the trial, or I’d have taken everything from this idiot. However, this little fellow isn’t that bad. He can help us make some money, so we have to properly take advantage of it. In the future, we’ll need money for so many things. Our family’s big, and there are so many people to support. You have to always be on the lookout for ways to make some money,” said Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, boss.” The Dragonblood warrior patted his chest confidently.

Long Chen found an extremely strange set of robes for him to wear, and with some special makeup, he changed the Dragonblood warrior’s appearance. In an instant, he became a stern-looking Elder. He truly did appear intimidating, and after adding some details, it wasn’t easy to see through his disguise.

He warned him that the seal would only last for ten days. This ferry business could only continue for nine days, and after that, he should toss Han Yunshan aside to avoid him breaking out of the seal and attacking whoever was conducting the ship. If he felt too unwilling to give up this business, he could sell the boat for a steal so others could become the ferryman.

That Dragonblood warrior almost prostrated himself in admiration when he heard that.

“Alright, I’ll be leaving now.” After telling him all this, Long Chen took his leave to avoid others seeing through some clues. The Dragonblood warrior lazily took a nap on the ice boat, patiently waiting for his customers to arrive.

He didn’t know that Han Yunshan had heard everything from the bottom of the boat and had fainted from fury.

Long Chen continued onwards. After hundreds of miles, he suddenly heard a roaring sound. There were people fighting in the distance.

He rushed over to take a look and saw five disciples fighting an eighth rank Magical Beast. It was a Scarlet Blaze Lizard. From its aura, it should be at the mid eighth rank.

“This Scarlet Blaze Lizard is on an even lower level than the Earth Dragon. The amount of dragon blood inside it is essentially negligible. In the Eastern Wasteland, the Scarlet Blaze Lizard would at most be able to grow to the sixth rank. This one doesn’t have anything special about it, and its bloodline is also very impure, but it has reached the eighth rank. It seems the dense spiritual qi in the Central Plains allows Magical Beasts to grow to even greater heights,” muttered Long Chen to himself.

It seemed the density of spiritual qi in different regions affected Magical Beasts a great deal. But then its effect on humans should be even greater.

Just at this moment, a woman amongst the group of five was sent flying by a swat from the Scarlet Blaze Lizard. Her blood splattered as one of her arms blew apart.

“Careful!” The other four all cried out, because the Scarlet Blaze Lizard’s huge tail was now smashing toward her.

They were all aware of how powerful that tail was. If she was struck in her current state, she would instantly be blown apart and killed.

“What? You can actually lose your life in this trial? There should be someone who will save her, right?” Long Chen was startled. There was no way the woman could block this attack on her own.

Based on the previous parts of the trial, this should just be a very foundational test, and there shouldn’t be any danger to anyone’s life. Thus, Long Chen didn’t immediately interfere and just watched instead. But when that tail was just about to strike her body, he had no choice but to go out personally.


Debris exploded into the air. The other four all thought she had died, and they were stunned that there was danger of dying in this trial.

But when the dust settled, they saw someone standing in front of that woman, still in his punching posture.

“Many thanks-” That woman had thought she was dead for sure, so realizing she wasn’t, she was ecstatic. She was just about to say her thanks when a blood-colored light shot out and directly cut off the Scarlet Blaze Lizard’s head.

This terrifying Scarlet Blaze Lizard was killed in one move, making the five of them dumbfounded. It took them a while before one of them reacted and hastily bowed. “Many thanks for saving our lives, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.”

Although Long Chen had not reached the ranks of the rank five Celestials, everyone from the four regions knew this miraculous figure.

“It was nothing. But if you knew you were going to die, why didn’t you crush your jade plate? Then someone would come to save you. Why throw away your life?” Long Chen curiously asked that woman.

A trace of sadness appeared in her eyes. She shook her head, saying, “I have a blood debt I have to repay, but I was powerless to kill my opponents. If I can’t grow in the Central Plains, I won’t be able to get revenge, and then my life won’t have any meaning. Many thanks for saving me, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen.”

“Hmm, so a woman with her own story. But then again, everyone has their own stories,” Long Chen thought to himself. He nodded and said, “The five of you lack battle experience and aren’t ruthless enough. You should bring in a few people to strengthen your force before continuing onwards. People have to have goals, but as long as you are alive, there is hope. Even if that hope is very remote, that hope will disappear once you die.

“Throwing your life away is running away from responsibility. Death is easy, but living is hard. However, just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible.”

That woman’s eyes lit up and she said, “Thank you for the reminder. I understand.”

Long Chen nodded. Taking away the Scarlet Blaze Lizard’s corpse, he continued onwards. This experience gave Long Chen a warning: the Xuantian Dao Sect’s trial wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

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