Chapter 996 Playing a Stimulating Game

“You clearly have no power, but you still try to be a poser. Are you trying to irritate me?” Long Chen grabbed Han Yunshan’s hair, dragging him like a dead dog.

Long Chen cursed as he walked. Originally, he had thought to experience a rank five Celestial’s power, which was the only reason he had allowed himself to be encased in the ice. Then he had wanted to see an ice expert’s attacks.

But this idiot really thought he could defeat him with just this one move and began being a poser again. Long Chen was unable to endure any longer. If he endured any more, he would go crazy.

Long Chen had vast experience, and he had seen all kinds of people. But Han Yunshan’s existence caused him to sigh in amazement at how vast the world was. There really were all kinds of marvels.

He had lost interest in exchanging blows with this idiot, and he was worried about killing him accidentally in his fury. That wouldn’t be worth it.

As Long Chen dragged him along, quite a few people saw them. At first, they looked at him contemptuously, but when they saw that the person he was dragging along was Han Yunshan, their jaws almost touched the ground. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

“Oh, there’s actually an Ironhorn Scaled Bull.”

As Long Chen advanced, he saw a Magical Beast drinking water from a creek. It was a third rank Magical Beast. It wasn’t matured yet, and as soon as it saw Long Chen, it turned tail and fled. But Long Chen knocked it unconscious with a single blow.

“Hehe, little fellow, don’t be in such a rush. Your big bro will send you a gift,” laughed Long Chen.

Long Chen stripped Han Yunshan of everything he had and used his hair to tie him to the Ironhorn Scaled Bull’s tail. He then bound his hands so he couldn’t form hand seals.

Then thinking about it, he took out a long string of firecrackers he had in the primal chaos space. These were mementos from the Phoenix Cry Empire.

When he had left Phoenix Cry, he had been worried about missing home, so he had bought many local products before leaving. One of those was these firecrackers.

Back then, he had been extremely rich and had bought the highest quality ones. And by highest quality, he meant the kind that made the most noise. After wrapping the firecrackers around Han Yunshan’s waist and legs several times, there were still several feet left.

“Brother, wake up. Let’s play a stimulating game.” Long Chen patted Han Yunshan’s face. His Spiritual Strength forcibly roused him.

“You! Long Chen, you’re asking for it! I’ll kill your whole family!” roared Han Yunshan as soon as he realized what state he was in.

“Fuck, your illness still hasn’t been cured. Time for your medicine.” Long Chen looked around and saw a nice and warm pile of stuff. It was a fresh gift from the Ironhorn Scaled Bull.

“You like to spout crap, so I’ve prepared some delicacies for you,” said Long Chen, pulled open Han Yunshan’s mouth and stuffing the delicacy in. 

Han Yunshan struggled all-out, but his spiritual yuan was sealed by Long Chen. He was unable to use his power, and with Long Chen’s efforts, his entire mouth became full of bull crap.

Long Chen still wasn’t satisfied, and taking out a bat, he shoved it into Han Yunshan’s mouth, and then pushed, pushed, and pushed some more until Han Yunshan’s belly was swelling. Only when he was finally unable to shove down any more did he stop.

Going to the creek and washing his hands, he looked at the infuriated Han Yunshan. The veins on his forehead were bulging, but now he was unable to threaten or curse Long Chen.

“Since you like spouting shit, I’m helping you stay full. That way, when you start bullshitting others, it’ll be stronger than ever. There’s no need to thank me, I can only help you so much.”

After saying that, Long Chen gave the Ironhorn Scaled Bull a kick, rousing it from its slumber. Before it could understand what was happening, explosive sounds started ringing behind its butt, frightening it out of its mind.

It immediately charged off, ignoring the fact that it was dragging Han Yunshan behind it.

The originally peaceful forest immediately became lively as the firecrackers went off, and the terrified Ironhorn Scaled Bull fled for its life.

“What is that?”

“Is that a human tied to its tail?”

“Aiya, he’s not wearing any clothes! Pervert!”

“Heavens, am I blind, or that is the Northern Source’s heavenly genius, Han Yunshan?”

The string of firecrackers was very long. It continued going off for half an incense stick’s worth of time. During that time, the frightened bull fled far into the distance, allowing countless people to see it. Those people didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

The female disciples didn’t dare to look since this person was naked, so it was the men who clearly saw it was Han Yunshan. 

A generation’s heavenly genius, a rank five Celestial, an unrivaled existence, had been stripped naked and tied to a bull’s tail. This scene was shocking.

Seeing the bull flee into the distance, Long Chen reluctantly waved his hand. “Brother, I’ll miss you. But that’s okay, I trust we have fate and will quickly meet again.”

After saying that, Long Chen tidied up and continued forward.

At that very moment, the Elder Hall was completely silent. Mu Qingxuan was focused on the formation plate, not daring to look at the screen.

“Elder Li Changfeng, this is the mature, intelligent youth you described? I’m sorry, but I have to express my doubts,” laughed an Elder.

Li Changfeng didn’t get angry. He bitterly smiled, saying, “I also never thought Long Chen was this senseless.”

With the formations, they could all clearly see what was happening outside. Originally, Li Changfeng had described Long Chen as a man who had experienced countless hardships and fully matured as a result. But Long Chen’s current conduct made him speechless.

“Hehe, he’s already in his twenties, but he still is like a child. Having some childishness isn’t bad,” laughed an Elder.

“Alright, go back to focusing on your own people. This time was a bit disappointing. If we had known the disciples this time would be so strong, we would have sent stronger disciples to greet them. Now the disciples are too arrogant and hard to handle. We have to be firm with them, so our responsibility is heavier than ever. Otherwise, the Law Enforcement Hall is going to criticize us,” sighed the Hall Master.

“Yes, Hall Master,” said everyone.

The Elder Hall was in charge of raising the Xuantian Dao Sect’s geniuses. The missions, the release of resources, the guidance, it was all on them, which made their burden very heavy.

As for the Law Enforcement Hall, it was also its own department in charge of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Both the disciples and Elders were within the scope of their supervision, giving them a great deal of authority.

In the past few years, more and more disciples had joined the Law Enforcement Hall, causing them to grow stronger than ever. They had begun to interfere with the Elder Hall’s matters.

However, those things weren’t expressly stipulated that they had to be handled by the Elder Hall. The Elder Hall was in a position to handle them, and the Law Enforcement Hall was the same.

For example, the matter in the Eastern Wasteland should have originally been handled by the Elder Hall. But the Law Enforcement Hall had forcibly sent Lu Minghan with the guise of overseeing and investigating the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples.

Because of Long Chen’s matter, Li Changfeng had suppressed Lu Minghan, making the Law Enforcement Hall lose face. But Lu Minghan had truly gone too far and left himself vulnerable, making it so they had no choice but to accept things as they were.

The higher-ups didn’t wish for the Elder Hall and the Law Enforcement Hall’s conflict to grow any greater, so this time, the Elders who had gone to greet the disciples were all picked by the Sect Protecting Pavilion.

The Sect Protecting Pavilion was also a powerful department, similar to a nation’s army. They had the greatest power in the Xuantian Dao Sect and were in charge of protecting the sect and fighting its battles. Elder Sha and the others were all from the Sect Protecting Pavilion.

Their position was special as others didn’t dare to have any objections to what they did. This was the only way to maintain the balance.

While the Elder Hall’s people were busy keeping watch over the disciples, Long Chen continued forward. He saw quite a few people on the way, and saw many who had easily escaped the illusion formation and continued forward. Furthermore, they had all kinds of methods for escaping the illusion formation, which made him think of a crude expression: just like how birds had their own way to crap, everyone has their own Daos.

But his journey forward wasn’t very peaceful. It should be described as extremely lively, because he saw quite a few battles. But those battles were like scuffles between children. Some people would begin to bawl after losing, saying their opponent had cheated. Long Chen almost passed out from watching.

But then thinking about it, his guess was that the Righteous path where they were was probably extremely strong and able to suppress the Corrupt path. Perhaps they had no enemies, causing the quality of their experts to drop.

Unfortunately, he didn’t encounter a single Dragonblood warrior on the way, or even a disciple from the Eastern Wasteland. The pitiful numbers of the Eastern Wasteland had been completely drowned out by the other three regions’ people.

Continuing forward another day, a sea of mist appeared before him. This wasn’t an illusion, but true mist, a special kind that suppressed his soul, making it so he couldn’t investigate what was happening inside with his divine sense.

The mist was endless, and it was impossible to see the end. But his jade plate continued to indicate the direction and point directly through the mist.

When Long Chen first stepped into the mist, he was unable to see anything. He was only able to faintly sense what direction he was going. Fortunately, the jade plate continued to indicate the direction for him, so he wouldn’t get lost.

As he carefully advanced, his elbow suddenly struck something, and extending a hand, he felt a soft round lump. A woman’s startled cry rang out.

“Rogue, do you know who I am?! You want to take advantage of me? Do you believe when I say I’ll sever your ability to carry on your ancestral line?!” raged a woman.

Long Chen hadn’t even understood what he had touched when a round of cursing rained down on him. Hearing her arrogance, he roared back, “Do you believe me when I say I’ll start carrying on my ancestral line right now?!”

That woman let out a startled cry. It was unknown if she had been frightened away or if someone else had touched her as well. Her voice rang out hundreds of meters away.

“No, something’s wrong. There’s a strange formation in this fog. I have to move carefully. Being touched by a woman wouldn’t be bad, but being touched by a man would be bad. Gotta be careful.”

Long Chen began to circulate his flame energy, forming a flame barrier around him. The high temperature would allow others to sense him and avoid any accidental perverted encounters.

After advancing a bit further, Long Chen’s warning sense went off. A large hand whistled toward his back. The immense power behind it caused Long Chen’s heart to shake.

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