Chapter 995 Fighting Han Yunshan

This person was the Northern Source’s top genius, Han Yunshan. Jumping down from the tree, he glared sinisterly at Long Chen.

“I’ve been looking for you for three days. The heavens have eyes and finally let me find you. Long Chen, I’ll make you live a life worse than death to erase the hatred in my heart.”

Looking at Han Yunshan, whose eyes looked like they were about to spit flames, a pitiful expression appeared on Long Chen’s face. Shaking his head, he said, “Looking at you, I’m reminded of those idiots I killed before. How is your face thick enough to pursue Ye Zhiqiu with conduct such as yours? Do you not realize what kind of trash you are?”

“What bullshit, whether it is talent or cultivation base, aren’t I a hundred times stronger than you? And when it comes to status, I’m a thousand times better. Why does she only like you and won’t give me a chance?” roared Han Yunshan.

“Let it go. Just looking at your eyes, I can see you’re just a petty child. I already got tired of this kind of jealous posing in my youth. Due to your low intelligence, I don’t care to quibble with you. Fuck off instead of being a dog blocking the way,” said Long Chen.

At first, Long Chen really had been angry at Han Yunshan’s provocations. But now he realized that although Han Yunshan’s talent was high, he was just a pampered greenhouse flower. 

He was accustomed to thinking of himself as amazing, thinking the world should be his, as if everyone only lived for him.

Most likely, his entire life had been smooth sailing. But he had met his greatest setback when pursuing Ye Zhiqiu. Instead of receiving her favor, he was kicked out of his sect. That was a heavy impact on him.

The truth was that a great part of the reason he had joined the Xuantian Dao Sect was because of Long Chen. He wanted to trample Long Chen to prove to himself that he was thousands of times better than him, and it was just Ye Zhiqiu who was blind.

“Fool, did you think I’d let you off so easily? The humiliation Ye Zhiqiu gave me will all be returned to you today. Furthermore, if we both end up in the Xuantian Dao Sect, don’t think about having any accomplishments. I will forever suppress you,” sneered Han Yunshan, ignoring Long Chen’s warning.

He was clearly furious. His roar was so loud that anyone within a thousand miles could hear him. There were even some disciples stuck in illusions who were awoken.

“Then what do you want to do? If you want to be my enemy, you’d better think it through,” advised Long Chen. He never liked spoiled brats.

He disliked such people, but he felt that dealing with them seriously was like bullying idiots. Winning such an unfair battle didn’t have any glory to it.

“You think you’re fit to be my enemy? I said that I’d crush you like a dog. Unless you die, you’ll be crushed the entire time,” sneered Han Yunshan.

“Fine, looks like you’re sure, so I won’t say any more. Come, let me see just how much skill you have. I’m looking forward to someone in the same realm crushing me,” said Long Chen. Within the same realm, a person who could crush him hadn’t been born.

“Fool, you have no Spirit Root, and your Spirit Blood is garbage. Do you think your dogshit luck that let you miraculously control flame energy and thunderforce would make you unrivaled? Hehe, my ice energy specializes in restricting your flame and lightning energy. Hahaha, even the heavens look down on you and want me to put you away. Trash, you-”


Long Chen finally couldn’t bear it any longer and delivered a slap to Han Yunshan’s face. The two of them were so close that Han Yunshan hadn’t even realized what was happening before being sent flying.

“You really have a lot of bullshit bottled up. Are we fighting or not?” demanded Long Chen impatiently.

“You… you dare to hit me?! I’ll-” raged Han Yunshan.


“Are you stupid? How is my luck so bad that I run into an idiot like you.”

Now Long Chen really was infuriated. How had the heavens created someone so stupid? This guy wanted to crush him, but apparently he wasn’t supposed to hit him?

Furthermore, looking at his furious expression, it was like Long Chen had committed some kind of hateful crime like executing all his relatives. 

Long Chen slapped him a couple more times, making the numbers of slaps four. Han Yunshan’s nose was bleeding, and his mouth was split open.

The thing that made Long Chen speechless was that his reaction speed was far too slow. When he was slapped, he didn’t even circulate his spiritual yuan to defend. If Long Chen wanted to kill him, he would only need to increase his power by the slightest bit. His combat experience was essentially zero.

“Bastard, die! True Ice Qi, Ice Seals Heaven and Earth!”

Han Yunshan didn’t react at first after being slapped. Only after a long moment did he recover from his shock and roar furiously.

Five-colored runes filled the world. The air trembled, and most terrifying of all, those runes were like ice flowers. When they appeared, the entire world seemed to become encased in ice. The flowers and trees were frozen, being turned into ice sculptures.

Long Chen could sense that he was also being encased in ice. The ice forming over him had countless runes circulating within it. He tried a few times but was unable to escape.

While their fight broke out, within Elder Hall, there were thousands of experts gathered. Each one of them was holding a formation disc and paying close attention to it.

The formation discs had countless spots of light. Those were the disciples in the trial. These experts were in charge of looking after them.

There were far too many disciples in the trial. Thousands of Elders were busy keeping watch, making sure no disciples broke the rules.

“People are fighting again!” said an Elder.

“Numbers?” asked the Hall Master.

“9527 and 12580.”

“Those seem to be two rather powerful disciples. I have some memory of them.” The Hall Master frowned slightly.

“9527 is Han Yunshan, and 12580 is Long Chen,” replied Mu Qingxuan. She was also in Elder Hall, keeping watch over everything.

“Oh, then we should watch closely. Switch over to their fight,” said the Hall Master excitedly.

A screen at the front of the palace changed, revealing two figures facing each other. Han Yunshan’s expression was twisted as he cursed at Long Chen.

Seeing that, the Elders shook their heads. One sighed, “This person’s temperament is impatient, and he lacks control. He has little experience. Such good talent is wasted.”

Looking at Han Yunshan’s immature conduct caused them to be disappointed. The higher your cultivation base, the greater the requirements for a person’s mental realm and comprehension. This manner of Han Yunshan was unexpected.

“I hear this person comes from an ancient family of extremely high status in the Northern Source. He seems to be the current Han family master’s grandson. The Han family really was stupid to dote on him like this. They turned a genius into this,” sighed someone.

“Who do you think will win, Long Chen or Han Yunshan?” asked an Elder. Although they were all Elders, they had a childish aspect too. They liked to make guesses like this.

“Are you guys taking bets again? Elder Sun, to dare take bets in front of the Hall Master, you’re becoming more and more daring,” laughed another Elder.

“It’s fine as long as you let me participate as well.” Even the Hall Master joined in.

“Really? Great! I’ll handle the bets!” exclaimed that Elder Sun.

“Alright, then I bet ten thousand points on Long Chen.” Mu Qingxuan was the first to bet.

“I’ll bet one million,” said the Hall Master.

Elder Sun immediately became dejected. “Looks like my gambling hall has to declare bankruptcy.”

Everyone laughed. The atmosphere in Elder Hall was very relaxed and harmonious. The Hall Master was also amiable.

“Ah, they’re fighting!” cried someone. But people’s expressions quickly became odd. Elder Sun celebrated, “Good thing I declared bankruptcy so quickly, or I wouldn’t turn a profit even if given a thousand years.”

“That Han Yunshan really is useless. After being slapped so many times, he doesn’t even know how to fight back?” Watching him being beaten like a child by Long Chen, the Elders were speechless.

“Have you noticed? Although it’s just a face-slap, Long Chen’s speed, angle, strength, and control are all perfect. And there’s absolutely no sign before he attacks. His movement is so natural and impeccable that it’s clear that it’s a move he’s tempered hundreds and thousands of times,” praised an Elder.

Li Changfeng said, “Long Chen is a true expert. Everything he has, he had to risk his life for. Outsiders can’t imagine the price he had to pay. His battle experience is on a completely different level than Han Yunshan’s.”

Everyone nodded. If it was a true life and death battle, Long Chen could take Han Yunshan’s life with a single blow. No matter how good his talent was, now that he had been raised into his current state, he was useless.

Han Yunshan truly was peak grade. If he didn’t have strong close-range combat abilities, why did he get so close to his opponent? And he even repeatedly said he would crush his opponent like a dog? Just how much medicine would he need to take to cure this illness?

“Han Yunshan has finally released his power. Now there should be a good show to watch.”

Han Yunshan had managed to encase Long Chen in ice. It seemed there really would be a good show.

Seeing that Long Chen was trapped and unable to escape his ice lock, Han Yunshan smiled arrogantly. But as soon as he smiled, the cut to his mouth reopened and he felt a burst of pain.

“You trash Long Chen, I’ll-”

Suddenly, a three-thousand-meter divine ring appeared, and the ice covering Long Chen’s body blew apart.


After breaking the ice, Long Chen once more slapped Han Yunshan in the face. At the same time, a foot kicked Han Yunshan in the crotch, causing him to let out a miserable scream.

“Fuck, I really can’t handle your posing.” Long Chen smashed a fist against Han Yunshan’s nose, and Han Yunshan fainted.

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