Chapter 993 Astonishment and Shock

“What… what is going on?”

The senior disciple in charge of this examination stared blankly at the stone. After waiting for a long time, none of the expected five colors lit up.

“Is the equipment broken? No, that’s impossible.” That disciple once more activated it. The light once more examined Long Chen, proving there was no problem. But no color appeared.

Now, not only he was dumbfounded, but everyone else also.

“There’s no need to keep trying. I don’t have a Spirit Root.” Long Chen bitterly smiled.

This tool investigated a person’s Root Qi, but without his Spirit Root, the only thing at the position of his Dantian was the primal chaos bead, and that light didn’t seem to be able to sense it.

The fact that the primal chaos bead wasn’t exposed made Long Chen much more at ease. That was his greatest secret, and he couldn’t expose it no matter what.

“That’s impossible. Do you think I’m an idiot? Without Root Qi, how did you condense a Dantian?” asked the stupefied senior disciple.

“Luo Yan, that question is not in accordance with the rules. We can’t ask such things,” chided Mu Qingxuan. She also didn’t quite believe what she was seeing, but the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules didn’t allow them to pry into disciples’ personal secrets.

“But… then… what am I supposed to write down?” asked the senior disciple. He couldn’t possibly write ‘no Dantian’. If the Elders learned of that, they would probably slap him. To cultivate without a Dantian, was that a joke?

“Hm… just write down that there’s no way to confirm anything,” said Mu Qingxuan. She had also never heard of someone capable of cultivating without a Dantian.

If she didn’t say anything, Luo Yan wouldn’t dare to write anything. He was afraid of the responsibility. So he only began to write once Mu Qingxuan nodded.

As a result, the word ‘uncertain’ was written where the quality of Long Chen’s Spirit Root was supposed to go.

“Tch, he doesn’t even have a Spirit Root. He’s probably another bumpkin who bribed his way in. He’s not even worth dogshit,” sneered some people. Without a Dantian, Long Chen had probably cultivated some kind of unorthodox power. But that was a heretical path, and in the end, he wouldn’t have any accomplishments.

“Drip a bit of blood on the plate.” The next test was for the density of his Spirit Blood. This was an important statistic as it would say how much potential he had.

Long Chen helplessly dripped a drop of blood onto the plate, which was very large and had countless ancient marks on it.

When Long Chen’s blood landed on it, the plate shook intensely, and a faint dragon roar came from it.

Boom! The ancient plate exploded, shocking everyone.

“Your… your essence blood isn’t human!” raged the disciple.

“Ah? What happened?” asked Long Chen.

“Fuck, I’m going to go crazy! If you didn’t have human essence blood, why didn’t you say so earlier?!” raged that disciple.

“You didn’t say anything!” Long Chen raged back.

That disciple immediately had an urge to cry. Looking at the shattered testing plate, tears almost leaked out of his eyes.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault. I also have responsibility for this, so I’ll help you pay for this testing plate. Don’t feel bad,” sighed Mu Qingxuan.

“Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, did junior disciple do something wrong?” asked Long Chen.

Mu Qingxuan shook her head. “You didn’t do anything wrong. We were just careless. Or perhaps it would be better to say we were unlucky. Normally, we should have first asked about your essence blood, and that would avoid this kind of awkward situation. This testing plate is only for testing human Spirit Blood, and it rejects other races’ blood. There is a chance of it exploding, but normally, the testing plate will show signs of rejection first, and we would stop the test so it doesn’t explode. But this time, it just instantly exploded. Furthermore, according to the sect’s rules, if something happens to the equipment as a result of our negligence, the examiner in charge of it must pay the price.”

“Ah, sorry,” said Long Chen. It was no wonder that disciple looked like his wife had just died. He would probably be broke for a long while.

Long Chen had clearly seen ancient race disciples use this testing plate without causing problems, so he had felt he would be fine too.

But in reality, the ancient race experts also contained the human race’s blood. Their blood was special, but the testing plate didn’t reject them.

“The replacement has arrived. Be careful.” Suddenly, an Elder appeared in the air and took out a new testing plate.

“Many thanks, Elder. We’ll definitely be careful and not allow such a thing to happen twice.” Mu Qingxuan quickly bowed. Just now, she had alerted the higher-ups to send a new testing plate.

“You should be Long Chen, correct? Come over and drip a drop of blood on this testing plate. This one is special and is something I brought out for you,” said the Elder.

Long Chen went forward and dripped his blood on it. The testing plate blossomed with blinding light.

“What dense essence blood energy! But why is the tier so low?” The Elder was astonished.

“What tier is it?” asked Long Chen.

“Low Huang tier.”

“What?” Long Chen’s eyes almost popped out. His essence blood was a true dragon’s essence blood. How could its tier be so low?

“Yes, it truly is odd. Such powerful essence blood energy is actually only low Huang tier. Although there’s always some error in any equipment, the error couldn’t possibly be this large. Your Spirit Blood is truly low Huang tier,” said the Elder.

“Hahaha, as expected, trash. Who knows what dumpster he pulled a drop of essence blood out of? He probably didn’t even find out if it was expired or not before refining it. Fool,” sneered someone.

Most cultivators’ essence blood was inherited from their ancestors. There were also some who changed their essence blood intentionally, but very few people would refine Magical Beast, demonic beast, or Xuan Beast essence blood.

A human’s essence blood could be changed, but once someone refined another race’s essence blood, there was no way to change it again. It would become their new, permanent Spirit Blood.

So unless it was absolutely peak grade, no one would refine a beast’s essence blood. Furthermore, doing so was extremely dangerous. For Long Chen to have such low tier essence blood, the majority thought he was doomed for the rest of his life.


Long Chen suddenly realized what the problem was. The testing plate tested the density of a person’s Spirit Blood, not the energy. They were of different concepts.

The dragon blood flowing through his veins had come from a dragon scale that had existed for countless years. It had lost a great deal of energy, until the only thing remaining was a trace. Just a trace.

That trace had been enough to cause him to almost explode, however, it wasn’t a great amount, so the testing tool rated it as the lowest level. Compared to the amount of essence blood a true dragon possessed, this little trace was truly not very dense.

Looking at the idiots sneering at him, Long Chen thought to himself that they would be much better-behaved once he slapped them a few times.

This test actually made Long Chen even more confident. With such a thin density of dragon blood, he already possessed such power. Once he obtained the azure dragon reverse scale…

Long Chen was excited about it, but also worried. The azure dragon scale would contain even purer essence blood, and without enough power, he wouldn’t be able to refine it. If he rashly tried, he would instantly explode.

“Long Chen, don’t worry. A couple of statistics aren’t enough to determine a person’s potential. Continue to the next test,” said Mu Qingxuan, thinking that his confidence had been given a blow because of his lost expression.

Long Chen smiled slightly and nodded. This senior apprentice-sister was quite kind, a stark difference compared to the idiots outside.

He continued onwards. The next test was a gate. He had seen others go through it, but there was no one in charge of this equipment, and he didn’t know what it was used for.

He had only just gone through when an unprecedented disturbance came from the gate. Its countless runes lit up, and Mu Qingxuan’s expression became ecstatic.

But that ecstatic expression quickly became that of astonishment, because after the gate’s runes lit up, they turned dark again. Only four runes appeared.

Seeing those four runes, most people were lost. Those characters weren’t immortal characters, nor were they the current era’s characters.

“What’s going on?”

Of everyone present, only Mu Qingxuan had the authority to know what those runes meant: Spirit Bone has been removed.

Most people didn’t have a Spirit Bone. Those who had Spirit Bones were even rarer than those geniuses with variant Spirit Roots, as it was related to the secret of becoming a god or immortal.

However, the gate’s runes said that Long Chen had once possessed a Spirit Bone, but now it was gone. Mu Qingxuan was bewildered. Thinking of the oddities with his Spirit Root and Spirit Blood, she thought of many things she hadn’t dared to think before.

However, she didn’t say anything. Long Chen was unaware that the secret of his excavated Spirit Bone was already exposed. He moved on to the next test.

“Flame energy: low Heaven tier.”

When Long Chen walked onto a stage, the flame dragon on his arm involuntarily released a fluctuation. Long Chen was shocked by this testing instrument. He was unable to conceal anything even if he wanted to.

“Thunderforce: high Heaven tier.”

“Spiritual Strength: low Heaven tier.”

Looking at those three statistics, everyone was silent. Even Mu Qingxuan was unable to say anything for a long time.

“Three of his attributes have reached the Heaven tier? Impossible!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

When Long Chen and the remaining others finished the complete registration, Mu Qingxuan left with all the registrations.

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