Chapter 992 Divine Ice Palace

“Did you eat too much dog food for such dogshit to come out of your mouth? When did I ever provoke you?”

Long Chen icily stared back at him, furious. Had all these idiots forgotten to take their medicine? Why did they always have to target him?

He didn’t even know who this Han Yunshan was, but he immediately provoked him. Did he look so unlikable?

“Unbearably rude trash. Just wait, when the trial is over, I’ll make you kneel and beg for forgiveness,” said Han Yunshan before ignoring him and going to report his name.

“Do these people have some mental illness? I really want to kill these idiots. How did they become so stupid?” cursed Guo Ran.

The initial discrimination was understandable, as the Eastern Wasteland’s side was truly much weaker and couldn’t compare to the others. 

But this idiot from the Northern Source immediately targeted Long Chen, enraging all of them. As long as Long Chen gave the word, they would cut this fellow to pieces.

“His tone seemed to be resentful. He should have had some kind of past dealings with Long Chen, or he wouldn’t have targeted him like this,” said Meng Qi, looked at Han Yunshan’s back.

“I’ve never seen him before. How could we have had any past dealings?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Isn’t the Northern Source where sister Zhiqiu is? Could it be…” Tang Wan-er suddenly came to a comprehension.

“No way…” Long Chen also became suspicious. Could it really have something to do with Ye Zhiqiu?

“Han Yunshan: violet gold Spirit Root, high Earth tier Spirit Blood, high Earth tier ice energy, rank five Celestial.”

Another rank five Celestial, and he was actually so powerful. Quite a few people pitifully looked at Long Chen. The trial hadn’t even begun, and two top geniuses had set their sights on him.

Previously, he and Yan Mochen had almost started fighting. Now Han Yunshan was even more hostile toward him, directly saying he would personally crush Long Chen. He was truly unlucky.

However, only a small portion of people actually felt pity for him, and most of those were women. The majority of the others looked at him with delight for his misfortune. They showed contempt for the Eastern Wasteland, and after seeing special elite disciples arise amongst them, they looked forward to seeing the rest be suppressed.

However, the curious thing was that Han Yunshan possessed such high quality ice energy, but didn’t receive a special elite disciple jade plate.

“Why is this?” Han Yunshan was a bit dissatisfied. The ice attribute was rare, so he was unconvinced.

“The ice attribute might be rare in other places, but the Northern Source is the land of ice cultivators, and so it’s not rare there. Similarly, there are plenty of people here with similar constitutions, so you can’t count as special,” said Mu Qingxuan indifferently.

Her words were polite, but her meaning was clear: don’t think of yourself as so special. In the Central Plains, you are nothing.

Han Yunshan didn’t dare to argue with her. He returned to his side, but as he passed by the Eastern Wasteland’s people, he received some fiery cheering.


The Dragonblood warriors didn’t say a thing. They were just looking and laughing at Han Yunshan.

Han Yunshan was already irritated, and adding on that mocking laughter, his powerful ice energy immediately filled the air.

“Don’t force me to take action,” warned Mu Qingxuan.


The Dragonblood warriors continued to laugh. They didn’t use words. Just by laughing, they were successful in infuriating Han Yunshan completely, while he didn’t dare to attack.

“Idiot, now he’s finally paying a price for his arrogance. It’s so refreshing,” said Guo Ran, enjoying the sight of Han Yunshan grinding his teeth.

“It’s senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, right?” The registration continued, and an hour later, a maiden from the Northern Source who had just registered came over to Long Chen’s side.

“Is something the matter?” asked Long Chen.

“I have a relationship with senior apprentice-sister Zhiqiu and was once saved by her in the Immemorial Path. I don’t want to be ungrateful, so I came to tell you a few things about her,” said the maiden.

Everyone was delighted to hear this. They precisely wanted to learn how Ye Zhiqiu was recently, because Long Chen had sensed her in the Immemorial Path, but hadn’t actually seen her.

“Is she still alright?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“She is very well. She has a very rare innate ice body, and her Spirit Root is also variant. Her talent is unprecedented, and she is claimed to be the top genius of the Northern Source in the past ten thousand years. In the Northern Source’s Chilling Ice Palace, she had countless pursuers and worshippers, but she once said that the person she loved was in the Eastern Wasteland. As long as that person doesn’t die, her love will not perish either. At first, people thought she was just making an excuse to refuse the suitors, but later, she said your name, and even made your image public to make some people give up.

“However, some continued to pester her, and one of them was senior apprentice-brother Han Yunshan. He was originally sister Zhiqiu’s senior apprentice-brother, but he once insulted you with his words, and as a result, senior apprentice-sister Zhiqiu almost took his life. The palace master had to stop her, and despite that, it wasn’t possible to mediate things. Senior apprentice-sister Zhiqiu said that if he stayed, she would go. As a result, senior apprentice-brother Han Yunshan was expelled from the Chilling Ice Palace. That’s also why he had to join the Xuantian Dao Sect with us, instead of going to the Central Plains’ Divine Ice Palace.”

“Wow, sister Zhiqiu is so powerful! I really want to see her again. Sometimes, I’ll dream about how she and this scoundrel snatched the Profound Spirit Fruit in the 108th monastery,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen was also moved. He asked, “How far is the Divine Ice Palace from here? If we have the chance, we’ll definitely go and see her.”

Long Chen fell into his memories of her. That final smile that bloomed on her face before falling was still etched in his heart. Although he knew Ye Zhiqiu was still alive, without seeing her, his heart was unable to be at ease.

“Keep dreaming. An ant like you doesn’t have the qualifications to go to the Divine Ice Palace,” called out the distant Han Yunshan. He had clearly been paying attention this entire time. Still, using soul energy to eavesdrop was a taboo.

“Han Yunshan!” raged Guo Ran.

“What are you going to do? Bite me?” sneered Han Yunshan.

“Fuck your mother!” cursed Guo Ran.

Everyone turned silent. Even the senior disciples in charge of the registration frowned.

“The trash from the Eastern Wasteland becomes coarser with each passing year,” sneered a disciple from the Northern Source.

“Guo Ran, ignore them. Once we enter the trial, we’ll teach them why flowers are red.” Long Chen patted Guo Ran on the shoulder.

“Fine, if boss is handling it, then I’m fine with it.” Guo Ran nodded.

Guo Ran understood Long Chen’s methods the most. If Long Chen promised to teach them a lesson, he was at ease.

“Sister, do you know where the Divine Ice Palace is?” asked Meng Qi.

The maiden shook her head. “I don’t know, because in the Northern Source, the branch Xuantian Dao Sect is only one of the several great powers. Other than the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Chilling Ice Palace, there are several others from the Central Plains that established branch sects in the Northern Source, and they rarely mention anything about the Central Plains.”

Hearing that, Long Chen and the others sighed. Now they realized why the Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect had dominated their region. It was because other powers didn’t care about a place as destitute as the Eastern Wasteland.

They were also shocked by how great the difference was between them and the other four outer regions. The disciples coming from there had gone to several different sects, but there were still hundreds of thousands of disciples who came to the Xuantian Dao Sect. That kind of power was truly shocking.

Compared to the other three regions, the Eastern Wasteland was truly like a rural village.

“If senior apprentice-brother Long Chen doesn’t have anything left to say, I’ll take my leave.” The maiden bowed slightly.

“Ah, may I ask your name?” asked Long Chen.

“I am Bai Ling.”

Bai Ling? That was a common name, and was the same as the Bai Ling he had encountered in the Huayun Sect. He had heard she had continued to rise with Zheng Wenlong, and she was now his wife. She was no longer constantly rushing around taking risks.

“Alright, if you have any problems in the future, you can come and find me. If anyone dares to intentionally make things hard on you, I’ll beat their heads until their heads start farting,” promised Long Chen. He intentionally said this for Han Yunshan.

His meaning was that he could come at him, but he shouldn’t be petty and bully her. In any case, Han Yunshan was someone with his own prestige, so he wouldn’t have many opportunities to target someone like Bai Ling.

Bai Ling gratefully looked at Long Chen before returning to the Northern Source’s side. But there were clearly quite a few people who retreated as she passed.

The registration continued. Long Chen was surprised to see two more rank five Celestials appear. However, these two were weaker than the others.

Long Chen thought about it and guessed that it was the result of others pouring resources into them. They probably should have been stuck as rank four Celestials, but had been forcibly raised to rank five Celestials.

They clearly weren’t as strong as Zhao Ziyan, Yan Mochen, Wei Changhai, and Han Yunshan. But they were definitely much stronger than a rank four Celestial.

“There aren’t many people left. Boss, could they had forgotten you?” wondered Guo Ran as he saw only a few dozen people left.

“The Eastern Wasteland’s Long Chen.”

“Boss, let them see what a true heavenly genius is! Show them how foolish it is to be arrogant in front of you!” cheered Guo Ran. The other Dragonblood warriors also cheered in anticipation.

Long Chen grumbled inside. He knew he was probably about to embarrass himself.

After registering his identity and race, he arrived in front of a huge stone. The stone released a gentle light that enveloped him, and a fluctuation spread toward his Dantian.

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