Chapter 991 Crush You Like a Dog

“Brother Long, let me smash him.”

Yan Mochen had continuously provoked them, making even the well-behaved Wilde irritated.

“Don’t be so violent. Fighting and killing all day isn’t good. I’ve promised Meng Qi to restrain my temper and be a good disciple.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Brother Long?” Wilde scratched his head, not understanding.

“Sometimes, you don’t need to kill people to vent your anger. In the future, my motto in the Xuantian Dao Sect will be: if I can play you to death, I definitely won’t beat you to death. Fighting is so barbaric. It has no technique, nor is it fun to watch. It’s boring. Now that we’re in the Central Plains, we’re people with status. We can’t be like villagers fighting all day. We should play more high-class games,” laughed Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er noticed Long Chen’s wicked smile and that familiar naughty light in his eyes. He looked just like his previous self from when he had just joined the 108th monastery.

“Boss, how should we play?” asked Guo Ran.

“There’s no set routine to this game. Just act according to the situation. Use all the resources and rules you can use to beat the crap out of everyone who dares to bother you. And best of all, there’s no punishment since it’s within the rules. To sum it up, just wait. Once the registration is over, they’ll definitely go over the rules, so everyone listen closely. Rules are very interesting things. As long as there are rules, there are loopholes, and I’m handing the task of finding those loopholes to you. Guo Ran, your head is good, so don’t disappoint me.” Long Chen patted him on the shoulder, his words sincere and heartfelt.

“I definitely won’t fail you, boss!” said Guo ran confidently. This was one of his favorite things to do.

Meng Qi was speechless. But if this could hold him back from killing people, she felt like it was more than worth it. Long Chen was never someone whose mind was easy to change. Therefore, seeing him concede on this point comforted her a great deal.

Yan Mochen smiled at the Dragonblood warriors’ infuriated expressions. Dragging his straw sandals against the ground, he went up to register.

“Just a ground beetle.” Guo Ran shook his head. With his sleeveless waistcoat, wide underpants, and straw sandals, there was no other way to describe him.

“Yan Mochen: violet gold Spirit Root, high Earth tier Spirit Blood, high Earth tier earth energy, rank five Celestial.”

Yan Mochen’s stats didn’t cause too much of a disturbance, as his obstinate act from before had proven his power. He was clearly the Western Desert’s top expert.

But Yan Mochen was a bit disappointed to only obtain an ordinary jade plate.

Now there were two rank five Celestials: Zhao Ziyan from the Southern Sea and the ground beetle Yan Mochen.

“Wei Changhai, violet gold Spirit Root, high Earth tier Spirit Blood, mid Earth tier water energy, rank five Celestial.”

Finally, a third rank five Celestial appeared. He was very handsome, but he also gave off a kind of feminine feeling.

This rank five Celestial also came from the Southern Sea. For one region to produce two rank five Celestials was shocking.

Wei Changhai also didn’t get a special elite disciple jade plate. That made the man who had complained about not receiving one have an urge to slap himself. But it was too late for anything.

Wei Changhai returned to the Southern Sea’s group. He said something to Zhao Ziyan, but she merely gave him a curt, polite reply before ignoring him. Wei Changhai smiled slightly, not caring about this soft rejection.

“Hypocrite. Just looking at his smile, it’s easy to tell he’s thinking about some evil scheme. Someone like him wants to pursue a woman? That beautiful sister was right to ignore him, or it would truly be like a flower being stuck into a pile of manure,” said Tang Wan-er coldly as she stared at his fake smile.

“Wan-er, don’t get involved in other people’s matters,” said Meng Qi speechlessly.

“I just dislike him. I’m sure that man isn’t a good person,” said Tang Wan-er.

“How can you tell?” sighed Meng Qi.

“Compare him to Long Chen and you’ll understand,” said Tang Wan-er, looking at Long Chen.

Long Chen couldn’t help but feel gratified as Tang Wan-er rarely praised him. He unconsciously stood a bit straighter.

“That person’s gaze is hiding his perverted desires inside so that others get fooled by his outside appearance, but he can’t fool anyone. Then look at Long Chen. He never bothers hiding his despicable thoughts,” continued Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen’s face immediately turned dark. He had actually vainly thought Tang Wan-er’s character had changed. Now he felt himself to be too naive.

But for Tang Wan-er to see through Wei Changhai’s hypocritical nature with just a glance was quite rare. Long Chen could only tell other people’s feelings because he had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

“The Eastern Wasteland’s Wilde!”

The other branch sects had many people with similar or even identical names, so they had to listen closely. But the Eastern Wasteland had it easy, as the chances of similar names were quite low.

“Wilde, wake up. It’s your turn.” Gu Yang pushed Wilde a few times, trying to wake him.

Wilde drowsily walked over to register. When he opened his mouth for the examination, that disciple’s expression changed.

“You… Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, please come and have a look.”

That disciple was completely bewildered upon examining Wilde’s mouth. Mu Qingxuan came over to confirm what he saw.

“His teeth had faint lines of blood, like divine runes, and are capable of being as hard as metal or as soft as cotton. This is the mark of the legendary Barbarian race. But… didn’t the Barbarian race go extinct a long time ago?” Mu Qingxuan was also bewildered.

Hearing this, Long Chen was shocked. The Central Plains were truly impressive. Even these disciples knew so much about the Barbarian race.

Wilde’s teeth truly were terrifying. Any Magical Beasts’ hide was easily torn through, and even their bones would be crushed.

Ever since Elder Sha had given him that spatial oven, he would eat five or six sea demons at a time. Because of the spatial power, the sea demons were compressed into snacks. But just because their size was smaller didn’t mean the strength of their flesh diminished.

Such powerful sea demons were easily swallowed by Wilde, and he didn’t even spit out their teeth. Back then, people had laughed, saying his teeth were comparable to King items.

“Leave this spot empty for now. Go to the next.” Mu Qingxuan shook her head, not daring to say anything for sure.

That disciple wrote ‘unable to confirm’ on the spot for race. Then below that, in smaller words, he wrote: suspected to be one of the legendary Barbarian race.

“His Spirit Root is… variant…” When testing his Spirit Root, that disciple let out a startled cry.

Everyone was startled. They didn’t even understand what a variant Spirit Root was supposed to mean. The testing stone should have had one of its five colors light up, but now its five colors were all lighting up at random frequencies.

Mu Qingxuan and the four Elders examined the testing stone at the same time. They were all delighted, and after a moment’s thought, one of them exclaimed, “An innate variant Spirit Root actually appeared in this generation. This… this is amazing! Quick, alert the higher-ups. No, there’s no need, I’ll bring him over myself!”

The four Elders directly pulled a dumbfounded Wilde away, disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Mu Qingxuan also took a long time to recover from her shock. To Long Chen and the others, she said, “Congratulations. This brother of yours will probably be soaring like a shooting star. His future accomplishments will be something even we have to look up to.”

Long Chen was reminded of another matter involving a variant Spirit Root. That scene had two rough hands tenderly holding a baby.

“Hahaha, The Dragon roars at the Heavens, looking down arrogantly on the mortal world of dust. My son Long Chen possesses a variant Spirit Root, a divine Spirit Bone, and supreme Spirit Blood. He’ll definitely become a peak figure above the nine heavens, one who will arrogantly look down on all else!”

Long Chen was sure that the baby was him and the laughing man was his biological father. Then there had been a soft, pampering voice of which should be his mother’s.

Now that he heard the words variant Spirit Root again, he immediately thought of many possibilities. He hastily asked Mu Qingxuan, “Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, can I ask what a variant Spirit Root is? Does it have some kind of special origin?”

“Variant Spirit Roots? I don’t know much about them, but most Spirit Roots can be classified as bronze, silver, gold, dark gold, and violet gold. Above these five grades are variant Spirit Roots. These variant Spirit Roots are supposedly split into many different kinds, but those who possess such Spirit Roots are very, very rare,” sighed Mu Qingxuan.

“How rare is very rare?” asked someone. That was a genius from the Western Desert, and he was clearly jealous.

“Let me put it this way. They are rare to the point that one might not even appear within decades or even a century on the Martial Heaven Continent,” said Mu Qingxuan.

That deeply shook everyone. The Martial Heaven Continent had innumerable cultivators, but someone with a variant Spirit Root might not appear even once a century? That was too exaggerated.

“Of course, this only refers to innate variant Spirit Roots. There are also some who, after having their Spirit Root reach the violet gold grade, can once more evolve it into a variant Spirit Root. But there’s no way for such a Spirit Root to compare to an innate one. That’s why the four Elders rushed off so hastily. Such a huge matter will shake the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. Hehe, I’m sure they’ll be bestowing him quite a few rewards.” Wilde’s appearance had caused Mu Qingxuan to have quite a bit of delight, and she returned to her friendly attitude.

“Haha, that’s great. With Wilde looking after us, we can be as domineering as we want,” laughed Guo Ran.

“Junior brother, your happiness is premature. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s rankings are very clear. If you aren’t talented enough, you might never see him again in your lifetime,” said Mu Qingxuan.

“What?” Guo Ran was stunned.

“Hehe, you’ll quickly realize the Xuantian Dao Sect isn’t something you’re capable of imagining.” After saying that, Mu Qingxuan moved on, continuing with the registration.

“The Northern Source’s Han Yunshan.”

A white-robed man walked out. When he passed the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples, he suddenly stopped and icily glared at Long Chen.

“You should be Long Chen, correct? I will crush you like a dog!”

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