Chapter 990 Heaven Tier Soul Energy


People immediately began to raise issues with what Mu Qingxuan said. It sounded like she was saying Yue Zifeng could enter the Xuantian Dao Sect without going through the trials. Many people were dissatisfied with that.

Mu Qingxuan smiled slightly and said, “Because there is a rule within the Xuantian Dao Sect: disciples with special skills can get special treatment.”

“Why does he meet that standard but not us? How is he special? I don’t see anything special about him, and if you don’t tell us, it’ll be equivalent to him cheating!” raged a disciple.

That disciple had just registered. He was a rank four Celestial with a dark gold Spirit Root. His other aspects were also excellent, and most importantly, he was only eighteen years old. He could truly be described as a genius with limitless prospects. Back then, he had shocked quite a few people.

However, even he didn’t meet the standard. With his talent and his illustrious status, his words were a bit overbearing.

The ground suddenly erupted and a huge vine bound him in a flash, rendering him without the slightest ability to resist.

“I don’t care what status you had in the branch sect. The Central Plains is not the same place, and you’ll have to follow our rules. If you have any objections toward the trial procedure, you can politely ask and we will explain it clearly for you. If you still object, you can go to the Elder’s Hall for arbitration.

“But before doing that, the first precondition is that you are a disciple of the Xuantian Dao Sect. And right now, you’re not. Your conduct has disturbed the proper flow of the trial. Your words are excessive, and you’ve insulted the Xuantian Dao Sect’s sacred rules. With my authority as the one in charge of the trial, I strip you of your qualifications to participate in the trial. You will be taken into temporary custody, and once the trial is over, you will be sent out of the Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Mu Qingxuan coldly.

“Wait, no! You can’t do this!” shouted that disciple. He hadn’t expected that just questioning her would result in such a heavy punishment.

“I can do this because your words insulted the Xuantian Dao Sect’s rules. That is a lack of trust in the sect, and since you have no trust, you can go and find something else to trust in the Central Plains,” said Mu Qingxuan.

After saying that, she ignored him and said to the other disciples, “Rules are rules. They can’t be changed, so don’t regret your decisions. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s inheritance stretches back hundreds of thousands of years. There are countless heavenly geniuses within it, and they all have to follow the rules. Don’t think that you are above the rules. If you really were strong enough, you’d have long since ascended and never come here. Since you aren’t strong enough, then be better-behaved. To give you all a good start, I’ve given you more face than what the last generation has given me. But if others want to take advantage of my kindness, I won’t be so kind to them.

“Continuing where I left off, Yue Zifeng meets the standards to be a special elite disciple. Let me just reiterate that this special elite disciple refers to someone who has reached a pinnacle in one aspect. That’s why we ask you about your interests and personal strengths during this registration. If you meet the standards, you can also become a special elite disciple. 

“The people here registering you are all disciples from the previous generation. They are your senior apprentice-brothers and senior apprentice-sisters. They take their work seriously, and before accepting this mission, they swore to carry out their duty with fairness. If they went against that oath, their cultivation base would never advance an inch ever again. So that person’s suspicion was an insult to the Dao Sect and us.

“Once you join the Dao Sect, you’ll understand how insignificant you currently are. So I’d advise you to cast aside your arrogance and maintain a humble, grateful heart. That will be much better for you. Let the registration continue.”

Mu Qingxuan’s long chiding caused everyone’s hearts to shake. With how amicable she had been, quite a few people had forgotten Yan Mochen’s lesson.

Now another person had fallen into that trap. His dejected appearance was another alarm bell to them. They had to act properly, or they would also suffer miserably.

If that disciple’s tone had been a bit better, he wouldn’t have landed in such a miserable strait. But this couldn’t be blamed on Mu Qingxuan. Some people just refused to give face without a harsh lesson.

“Senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, I’m very special too! Yes, I’m very, very special. Have a look for yourself!” cried Guo Ran.

Everyone was startled. Did he not want his life? Or was he trying to get kicked out? His predecessor was still right there.

“I’ve already looked over your registration. Your specialty is forging. But it is a broad category and forging is not a rare profession. So no matter how high your forging arts are, you won’t be able to become a special elite disciple. But if you pass the trial, you can join the Forging Hall and you’ll get the grooming you need there,” said Mu Qingxuan.

Hearing that Mu Qingxuan was so clear on Guo Ran’s qualifications, everyone was moved. It seemed she had been telling the truth. To be fair, each person’s qualifications went through strict, impartial tests. That was why they had no sympathy for the fellow who had cried out previously.

If the roles were reversed and they were in Mu Qingxuan’s position, they also wouldn’t be kind to a person like that.

Guo Ran was disappointed. He was the proudest of his forging arts, but the Xuantian Dao Sect refused to acknowledge them, treating it as a common skill.

Yue Zifeng returned to their group with a special jade plate on his waist. It had a carving of a sword on it, and it was unknown how it was supposed to be used.

“Don’t get jealous. It’s not like you can beat him and take it,” laughed Gu Yang upon seeing Guo Ran’s expression.

Long Chen also laughed, “Sword cultivators are exceptionally rare, so this kind of treatment is normal. Don’t worry, the Xuantian Dao Sect is different from the branch sect and has plenty of resources for your forging arts. With your talent and perseverance, you’ll definitely light up the forging world.”

“Boss, you really are the best! It’s been so long since you’ve praised me like this.” Guo Ran emotionally stared at Long Chen.

“Don’t look at me with such a gaze. I have an urge to slap you to death,” raged Long Chen.

Gu Yang and the others laughed. Guo Ran was the Dragonblood Legion’s clown, and when they had nothing to do, he would always cause some laughter. But the person being used by him to make the others laugh wouldn’t find it funny. 

All the disciples not from the four regions became much more reserved, no longer acting as arrogantly as before. They treated these senior disciples respectfully.

“Tang Wan-er: rank four Celestial, dark gold Spirit Root, mid Earth tier Spirit Blood, high Earth tier wind energy. What a pity,” Mu Qingxuan muttered to herself.

“Senior sister Qingxuan, what is a pity?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Your wind energy is incomparably pure. If only… Ah, there’s no need to say so much. Little sister, for you to have such accomplishments in a place as destitute as the Eastern Wasteland is amazing. You must have worked hard. Your big sister is cheering for you. You’ll definitely be one of our new generation’s top geniuses,” encouraged Mu Qingxuan.

“Thank you, senior sister,” said Tang Wan-er cutely.

When Tang Wan-er returned to their side, Long Chen couldn’t help but look at her oddly. She irritably demanded, “What are you looking at me like that for?”

“I’m just curious. Wan-er, why are you so kind to outsiders, but so fierce toward me?” asked Long Chen.

“Because you’re a typical brat who will start causing trouble if I don’t continue beating you. If I treat you too gently, you’ll start overturning the heavens,” said Tang Wan-er strictly.


The registration continued. There was a huge number of people to go through, but this allowed Long Chen and the others to get a preview of their power.

It was no wonder others looked down on them. Other than the Dragonblood Legion, the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples were all rank two Celestials, or even just rank one.

But in the other three regions, around eighty percent of them were rank three Celestials. Another fifteen percent were rank two Celestials, and the remaining ones were rank four and above.

Not even a single rank one Celestial appeared from them. That caused a wave of shame to wash over the Eastern Wasteland’s rank one Celestials. But they were powerless to do anything.

Even the Dragonblood Legion, which had been at the peak of power in the Eastern Wasteland, was submerged by the countless rank three Celestials. Even rank four Celestials like Gu Yang and Li Qi didn’t draw much attention.

That made Long Chen sigh. The days of being the overlord of the Eastern Wasteland were over, but this also made things more interesting.

Eventually, it was Meng Qi’s turn. When she appeared, everyone turned silent. They were all infected by her transcendental immortal charm. Wherever she went, it was like the world became a wonderland.

This was Meng Qi’s special aura. It was like everything around her became transcendental just by being around her.

“Meng Qi: dark gold Spirit Root, mid Earth tier Spirit Blood, low Heaven tier soul energy. What terrifying soul energy!” Seeing that, Mu Qingxuan was shocked. Just like Yue Zifeng, she gave her a special jade plate, but this one had the Soul character carved into it. “Congratulations junior sister, your soul energy has reached a level that sparks disbelief. It’s also incomparably condensed. That means your control over your soul energy has also reached a pinnacle. You can become a special elite disciple as well.”

“Thank you, senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan.” Meng Qi received that jade plate and respectfully bowed to Mu Qingxuan before returning to Long Chen’s side.

This caused quite a disturbance amongst the others. A third of the people had been registered, but only two special elite disciple positions had been given. And those two spots were all from the Eastern Wasteland.

“Next, the Western Desert’s Yan Mochen.”

Hearing this, Yan Mochen snorted coldly and walked up. When he passed by the Eastern Wasteland’s people, he extended his thumb and dipped it down, infuriating Guo Ran and the others.

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