Chapter 989 Not Even a Celestial

“What?” Guo Ran couldn’t believe his ears.

“I asked you to open your mouth,” the woman repeated.

To test if he had misheard, Guo Ran only opened his mouth a bit. He didn’t understand what this was for.

“A bit bigger.”


“Not that big. I can see the inside of your stomach like this. I just need to check your teeth and throat.”


After the examination of his mouth, Guo Ran continued forward. Even as he went onto the second examination, he didn’t understand what the first examination was for.

But he quickly realized what it was when the female examiner asked the disciple after him, “Hmm, an ancient race disciple? From which race?”

“The Blood Scale race.”

This disciple was a woman wearing blood-red robes. A scarlet scale with the size of a fingernail could be seen on her forehead. Her face was beautiful, and her body was exceptionally moving.

Even people from the ancient races could join the Xuantian Dao Sect? Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. He was already completely hostile with the ancient races, and he didn’t know how that would affect the future.

The woman registering her wasn’t surprised. She registered her as such and moved on.

Long Chen saw over thirty people handling the registration. In other words, each person had to go through over thirty examinations, and each one involved different things.

The first one was the most simple. First it was the name, then the race, bone-age, Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, power, soul energy, etc. Each examination was strict with tools specially designed for it. There was no way to cheat. Other than these quantifiable variables, there were other things as well. For example, they would ask the new disciples about their personal strengths, ideologies, their requirements for partners, etc.

When asked about his personal strengths, Guo Ran replied that he was a Forging Master. That made the senior disciple a bit moved. But when asked about his ideology, that senior disciple directly coughed up blood. Guo Ran’s response was that his ideology was to be a poser.

But Guo Ran’s Spirit Root was dark gold grade, which made the senior disciple nod inside. However, when he then tested his physical strength, he became speechless. His constitution was incredibly weak and unsuited to battle.

However, he was only in charge of recording this information. How the Dao Sect handled it was their own matter. Nevertheless, none of them had seen a marvel like Guo Ran.

In truth, Guo Ran’s talent was something created by Long Chen piling a mountain of resources onto him. Guo Ran didn’t walk the normal path, so these people naturally couldn’t understand him.

Through this, Long Chen saw that they split Spirit Roots into five grades: bronze, silver, gold, dark gold, and violet gold.

Spirit Blood was graded according to its density and split into Huang, Xuan, Earth, and Heaven tiers. These four tiers were most commonly used in this world.

The majority of people’s Spirit Blood was at the lowest Huang tier. Even Guo Ran was the same. But the Huang tier was also split into three levels, and he had the high Huang tier Spirit Blood.

However, his Spirit Blood had no attribute, and to put it frankly, it had almost no use. So it made these senior disciples feel like it was a waste of talent.

Other than Spirit Blood and Spirit Root, there was another test for the elemental attribute. This was also split into four tiers like the Spirit Blood.

Previously, one of the Dragonblood warriors had been called up. He was an earth attribute expert, but his earth energy was only mid Huang tier.

But in the other regions, there were many disciples with high Huang tier elemental energy, and some even had mid Xuan tier ones as well. That made Long Chen see the difference.

The Dragonblood Legion was composed of experts he had spent his blood, sweat, and tears to build. Countless resources had been piled onto them for them to reach their current level.

But here, the Dragonblood warriors could only count as above average. As for the other disciples from the Eastern Wasteland, they were the bottom-padding cannon fodder. Long Chen could see their helplessness and dejection.

“Violet gold Spirit Root, high Earth tier Spirit Blood, and mid Earth tier water energy. Heavens, a rank five Celestial, Zhao Ziyan!”

Right now everyone was paying attention to the registration. Only through paying attention to the result was it possible to tell who the peak experts of the four regions were.

This woman from the Southern Sea immediately became the center of attention. Her Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, elemental energy, and Celestial rank were all top level amongst those who had been tested.

“What terrifying talent.” Tang Wan-er was shocked. This was her first time seeing a rank five Celestial. Looking at her beautiful appearance, she warned, “Long Chen, you’re not allowed to seduce her. Otherwise, I’ll never forgive you.”

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. He had an urge to cry. “Sister, you must be overestimating me. Even if I wanted to seduce her, who knows if she’d look favorably upon me?”

“Hm, true. She’s a rank five Celestial with countless pursuers. As for you, you aren’t even first rank.” Tang Wan-er nodded. It seemed just being handsome was useless in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Are you cursing me for having no class?” Long Chen’s expression darkened.

“Haha, no, no, you’re overthinking things,” laughed Tang Wan-er.

If they weren’t in a public place, Long Chen would have definitely given her a fierce bite.

People were constantly being named and going up to register. However, it was unknown how they were picked. Without following a set order, everyone had to lend an ear.

“Boss, I’m back!” Guo Ran came over excitedly, a new jade plate on his waist.

“Long Chen, do you submit?!” Tang Wan-er cried suddenly.

Long Chen was first startled, but then he realized Tang Wan-er was looking for an excuse to put Guo Ran away. The little fellow had committed a grievous crime by encouraging him to seduce women right in front of her.

Just as Long Chen was wondering whether he should continue conning Guo Ran or not, Guo Ran raised his hands innocently and cried, “Sister Wan-er, I was wrong. Please spare junior disciple! Junior will never dare to do the same thing again!”

Seeing this, Tang Wan-er felt bad for him and reserved herself a bit as well.

“What’s this thing used for? This energy, it’s just like…” Long Chen looked at the jade plate Guo Ran was holding.

“It’s like a photographic jade. I guess it should be a monitoring tool. While wearing it, your every move and action will be viewed by others,” said Meng Qi.

“Ah? Are they treating us like criminals?” asked Guo Ran.

Meng Qi shook her head. “It should be for everyone’s safety so that disciples don’t try to pull any tricks and kill each other.” Meng Qi glanced at Long Chen with worry.

“Don’t worry, a well-behaved person like me doesn’t like fighting and killing. I will use kindness to win others over,” said Long Chen with a bashful smile.

Let alone Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er, even Guo Ran rarely gave Long Chen such a disdainful look. “Boss, first, let’s not talk about whether or not I’d believe you, but do you believe yourself?”

Long Chen hadn’t expected him to undermine him like this. He raged, “People are all capable of change. Didn’t I refrain from killing anyone for many months?”

The Dragonblood warriors nodded. Long Chen truly hadn’t killed anyone. After all, there hadn’t been anyone to kill on the way here.

“Fine, I admit my words were a bit exaggerated. So that my good wife Meng Qi doesn’t get worried, starting today, I will become someone who subdues others through kindness,” swore Long Chen.

“Well, do your best then. Taking it easier is good,” comforted Meng Qi. She didn’t want to change Long Chen, but she did hope for a more peaceful life.

This point was a bit different between men and women. Men wanted stimulation, but while women also liked stimulation, they would also feel worry and fear.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take it a bit easier.” Long Chen nodded. He knew Meng Qi only said this for his own good, as his current killing intent was indeed too strong.

He had killed too many people in the Immemorial Path and Eastern Wasteland. Once he fought others, his killing intent would erupt instinctively. Meng Qi hoped he would reserve himself and use his rationality to suppress his desire for slaughter. She didn’t want his desire for killing to overpower his rationality.

Last time, with her advice, Long Chen had decided not to exterminate the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path. However, she was worried Long Chen would return to that cruel path bit by bit as he was forced by external pressure. So she took great pains to warn him.

Seeing that Long Chen could still open-mindedly accept her opinion in front of everyone, she was gratified. Long Chen was still the old Long Chen. His original heart hadn’t changed, which was the most gratifying thing for her.

“The Eastern Wasteland’s Yue Zifeng.” 

When Yue Zifeng walked up, quite a few people let out startled cries. “He’s actually not a Celestial!”

When they tested his Heavenly Dao energy, the testing device didn’t light up at all. This was something even more shocking than the rank five Celestial. If he wasn’t even a Celestial, how could he possess such power?

Previously, he had almost killed a rank four Celestial in one blow. Later, Xie Wei’s jaw had been broken by Long Chen, causing him to lose face.

However, Xie Wei had already been tested. He was a rank four Celestial with a dark gold Spirit Blood and mid Xuan tier metal energy. He was clearly a powerful expert.

But such a strong person had almost been killed in one blow by Yue Zifeng. Many people thought Yue Zifeng had been hiding his power and was actually a terrifying rank five Celestial. But now that the truth revealed itself, everyone was shocked. They were unable to accept this result.

“Congratulations junior apprentice-brother. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s gates are already open for you.” Suddenly. Mu Qingxuan’s voice rang out, causing quite a few people’s eyes to turn red.

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