Chapter 988 All-Encompassing

“Before the trial begins, you’ll need to register. That’s right, you didn’t mishear,” said Mu Qingxuan.

Everyone thought they had misheard since they had already registered before coming here. Why did they have to register again?

“Your previous registration was just your name. But the registration you’re about to do is all-encompassing. Your talent and qualifications will all be recorded in the Xuantian Dao Sect’s library, which will be very beneficial to you. The Xuantian Dao Sect will give you special care depending on your talent, and even if you fail the trials, if a certain aspect of your talent is worthwhile to the Xuantian Dao Sect, you can still join the sect. Our Dao Sect raises its disciples in line with the disciples’ abilities. The goal is to bring out the disciples’ potential and raise them into various specialties. That’s different from your branch sects.”

Mu Qingxuan intentionally looked over at Long Chen and the others as she continued, “Because your various branch sects weren’t strong enough, there was no way for them to raise special disciples. But in the Central Plains, that kind of thing is of no problem.”

“It seems our Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect was the poorest of them all.” Long Chen bitterly smiled. Just from the other three regions’ disciples’ scornful gazes, it was possible to see that it was the Eastern Wasteland that was as poor as a dog. Was this the basis for their disdain toward Long Chen and the others?

Everyone looked toward the Eastern Wasteland’s group of five hundred. The other groups had hundreds of thousands of people, so their small group appeared especially conspicuous. Quite a few people had sympathetic expressions, but there were many more expressions of disdain. It was like staring at the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples could rapidly increase their own superiority and pride.

Long Chen ignored them. In his eyes, these people were nothing more than children who had been spoiled rotten. They didn’t know the hardships of life, nor did they know what respect and gratitude were.

Mu Qingxuan continued, “The Xuantian Dao Sect has many specialties, from forging, refining, magical arts, formations, talismans, etc. In total, there are three hundred and sixty specialties for you to choose from. Whether you are a body cultivator, magical art cultivator, soul cultivator, sword cultivator, spirit cultivator, no matter what you cultivate, the Xuantian Dao Sect has countless tomes for you to study.

“The Xuantian Dao Sect has divine items protecting it known as the Reincarnation Mirror and Xuantian Tower. The Reincarnation Mirror will allow you to study the priceless Xuantian Catalog, which will allow you to use the Dao to peer into the heavens and cultivate to the point of being a god or an immortal.

“Here, as long as you have the talent, you definitely won’t be overlooked. Horses dislike narrow paths, and the Great Peng hates the heavens for being too low. But whether you are a horse or a Peng, in the Xuantian Dao Sect, you will have limitless room for growth.”

Mu Qingxuan’s words rolled off her tongue smoothly. They were passionate and moving, causing hundreds of thousands of disciples to feel as if their blood was boiling.

“I almost believe her.” Long Chen laughed.

“What, did she say something wrong?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“No, what she said is true. But that Reincarnation Mirror, Xuantian Tower, Xuantian Catalog, it won’t have anything to do with us. Just watch. She’ll quickly explain,” said Long Chen.

As if cooperating with Long Chen, Mu Qingxuan said, “However, these resources are the foundation of the Xuantian Dao Sect. Not everyone can enjoy them. Before setting your sights on obtaining these dream-like resources, you should first get some smaller goals. For example… don’t fail the upcoming trials.”

A chortle escaped Tang Wan-er, and she hastily covered her mouth. This scoundrel Long Chen really had seen through Mu Qingxuan’s words.

That final turn in her words was like a harsh slap in the face to bring everyone back to reality. Seeing everyone’s startled gazes and adding on Long Chen’s accurate prediction, Tang Wan-er couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“To put it simply, within the Xuantian Dao Sect, there is an ocean’s worth of resources. It most likely far surpasses your imagination. So talking too much about it is useless. The only reason why I bring it up is for your own motivation. I hope you’ll work hard so you don’t live a life of regret. This world has its own rules, and they are bloody and cruel. Resources are things the strong have to work hard to get, while the weak can only watch others eat, or perhaps end up getting eaten by the strong. The Xuantian Dao Sect is no exception, so if you want to get special care here, don’t hold back. That’s all I’ll say, so let’s start the registration.”

The disciples behind Mu Qingxuan got to work. Everyone was surprised to see them set up a formation.

The land shook, and runes appeared in the air. A huge platform appeared with dozens of pieces of equipment. It was unknown what those pieces of equipment did.

“Everyone, pay attention. When your name is called, hurry onto the platform. If no one comes after being called three times, it will be seen as giving up on the trial. You’ll have to bear the consequences,” shouted a man holding a thick book.

“The Southern Sea’s branch sect’s Shi Yituo!”

A man immediately ran out of the Southern Sea’s group. Looking at that man, people almost laughed when they thought of his name.

“His name really matches him.” Long Chen was almost speechless.[1]

That person wasn’t very tall, but he was wider than he was tall. He was like a ball of meat as he waddled his way forward.

“Long Chen, you’re being disgusting!” scolded Tang Wan-er.

“What are you talking about? I think the person who associates him with certain things would be the truly disgusting one,” laughed Long Chen.


“Wan-er, you can’t beat him. He’s evil, so you’ll always lose,” said Meng Qi somewhat helplessly. Tang Wan-er would lose essentially every time she sparred words with Long Chen. Then physically, she was unable to injure him.

“Hmph, Long Chen, don’t think I can’t handle you. If you bully me again, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll beat Guo Ran!” Tang Wan-er was in the midst of wondering how to threaten Long Chen when she suddenly saw Guo Ran laughing evilly.

“Tch, do you think I’m scared? So what if I bully you?” Long Chen immediately took an attitude of being unafraid of heaven or earth.

“Aiya!” Guo Ran let out a miserable cry as he was kicked by Tang Wan-er.

“Hmph, you dare to beat my brother?!” raged Long Chen.

“Ah! Sister-in-law… no… big sister Wan-er… please stop…!” Guo Ran cried while covering his head.

“Tang Wan-er, if you really have the ability, then just go ahead and beat him to death. Do you think I’ll surrender just like this?” said Long Chen.

“I don’t believe I can’t subdue you!” Tang Wan-er increased her power.

“Damnit, stop! Don’t think I don’t see that the two of you are doing this on purpose! Aiya, they shouted my name!”

Guo Ran hastily escaped from Tang Wan-er’s clutches. The announcer had just called out his name.

“You two are both evil,” sighed Meng Qi. Guo Ran had been treated unjustly.

“Sister Meng Qi, the two of them are always colluding, especially that Guo Ran. He keeps telling Long Chen to seduce more women!” cried Tang Wan-er, aggrieved.

“Correct, beating him is simply the right thing. He’s becoming more and more unbridled. He wanted me to go seduce others right in front of you? He’s clearly trying to disturb our peace,” cried Long Chen righteously.

“Hey, why do your words sound so off? So if we weren’t here, you could discuss how to seduce women?” demanded Tang Wan-er.

“Cough, that’s nothing more than a misunderstanding. Oh, look, Guo Ran’s starting to register!” said Long Chen.

Tang Wan-er wasn’t so easily distracted, and she was just about to pursue his slip of the tongue when Meng Qi grabbed her hand and shook her head.

Only then did Tang Wan-er notice many people were staring at them oddly. There were even some men staring at Long Chen with envy that they didn’t bother to mask.

She realized she had already brought Long Chen more enemies without knowing it. Sticking out her tongue, she kept silent.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were peerless beauties who were outstanding even amongst the hundreds of thousands of disciples. In the cultivation world, beautiful women were a sign of a man’s status, especially the kind of woman that was both beautiful and powerful. They would be pursued by countless experts.

The Eastern Wasteland’s group was already so conspicuous due to their numbers. Thus, their little scuffle had drawn countless people’s attention. Seeing Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er standing so close to Long Chen, displaying that their relationship wasn’t ordinary, countless people became envious.

“There’s no need to pay attention to them, nor do you need to have misgivings. Wan-er, you are Tang Wan-er. You can do whatever you want to do. Even if the heavens collapse, I will be there to hold them up for you. Their envy just means that you’re beautiful. I like it when others are envious of me but also can’t do anything to me,” laughed Long Chen.

Although a great portion of his words were just a joke, they also contained love and pampering that moved Tang Wan-er’s heart. Inside, Long Chen truly did love her, and he wouldn’t let her suffer the slightest grievance. He would rather deal with trouble than have her act restrained.

“Thank you, Long Chen,” said Tang Wan-er warmly.

“No need to thank me. If you act this warmly to me, I’ll be too embarrassed to seduce other women,” laughed Long Chen.

“You… you scoundrel!” Tang Wan-er’s fury immediately resurfaced, her previous warmth vanishing.

“Good, just stay in this state. Once Guo Ran returns, we can continue,” praised Long Chen, giving her a thumbs-up.


Just as they were talking, Guo Ran appeared in front of the platform. But there were still three people in front of him, so he had to wait a bit.

The registration was in batches of ten, and Guo Ran was the last of his batch. Finally, the first nine were finished and it was his turn.

After registering his name, he went onto the platform. Each piece of equipment had a person in charge of it.

“Open your mouth,” said a woman.

Guo Ran couldn’t believe his ears.

[1] Sounds like pile of poop. Think of the emoji.

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