Chapter 987 Hanging and Beating Someone in the Air

That crystal-clear voice had come from a woman. Everyone hastily looked over to see a group of people walking over.

The person at the front was a woman in green robes. She had a beautiful face and figure, and she lightly walked across the ground, giving off a feeling of having merged with heaven and earth. It was a natural and refreshing feeling, as if she was an elf who had walked out of the forest.

“A wood attribute expert?” Long Chen was startled. This woman’s aura was very similar to Chu Yao’s. It contained boundless life energy.

Behind her was a group of men and women. They all wore white robes and gave off a transcendental feeling.

Long Chen and the others knew this was a Dao-charm formed from cultivating the Xuantian Dao Sect’s specific cultivation techniques. This aura was similar to the Elders’.

It went without saying that this kind of aura made people feel exceptionally relaxed. It was something pleasing to the eye and heart.

These people were all Foundation Forging experts, and the first thing they did was bow toward the four Elders. What Long Chen and the others didn’t understand was that the four Elders returned a slight bow.

The green-robed woman looked at Long Chen and the large man who were about to fight. “Go back to your camps. The trial is about to start.”

Her voice was soft and gentle without any arrogance. It was like a big sister advising a junior brother. Long Chen nodded and returned.

Long Chen might not have said anything, but the large man was unwilling. Long Chen had caused him to lose face, and he shouted, “Brat, taste one of my fists!”

The ground beneath his feet suddenly became covered with runes. Everyone was shocked, as the aura of his attack was shocking. He hadn’t needed to gather any energy at all before launching such a powerful attack.

Long Chen frowned. Was this idiot’s head also dirt? Did he think that he was going back to his side because he was afraid of him?

He was just about to attack when the ground split open and countless vines shot out at the large man. He let out a startled cry and hastily fell back.

But it was too late. Those vines instantly bound him and raised him in the air. No matter how he struggled, those vines didn’t budge.

“I’ve heard that youngsters have violent tempers. Looks like it’s true. How about I help you restrain yourself a bit?” The green-robed woman smiled slightly, a teasing light in her eyes.

“Trifling vines, don’t think you can bind me, Yan Mochen! Great Earthen Armor!” roared the large man, runes lighting up on his body.

Everyone’s gazes became odd. No matter how long they waited, the earthen armor never appeared.

“Did you forget your armor at home?” asked Guo Ran.

“Idiot, his head really is full of dirt. With his feet off the ground, this senior apprentice-sister has severed his connection to the ground. What can he possibly summon?” Li Qi shook his head.

He and Song Mingyuan were also earth attribute experts, so they were profoundly aware of their fatal weak points. They couldn’t leave the ground.

While crossing the sea, the two of them had been on edge the entire time. Without the support of the earth, they had been nervous. The two of them hadn’t participated in the battle over the sea.

This woman was clearly taking advantage of his weakness by keeping him hanging in the air. He was easily bound. As for summoning some Great Earthen Armor, that was clearly impossible.

“Wood Spirit Binding.” A faint smile appeared on the woman’s lips. The vines around Yan Mochen’s body instantly tightened.

The chilling sound of bones breaking rang out.

“AHH!” Yan Mochen let out a miserable cry. The vines had actually crushed his bones and were continuing to compress. It felt like they were trying to crush him to death.

Everyone cringed. This green-robed woman looked so kind and friendly, but in the blink of an eye, she became a devil. She was so ruthless that it inspired disbelief. That faint smile on her lips made it seem like she was very happy.

The four Elders were used to this and didn’t react at all. They just indifferently watched.

As for the men and women behind the green-robed woman, they had mocking smiles. Some of them even covered their mouths and stealthily laughed.

“Heavens, this big sister is so strong! This person has become much more slender,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen rolled his eyes. “He isn’t losing weight, he’s losing form. It’s the same as a person’s bun being squeezed into noodles.”

In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, Yan Mochen was squeezed to the point that he was fifty percent taller than before. He was truly much more slender.

But this ‘body sculpting’ progress made people quiver. His pained cries and the sound of bones breaking continued to ring out.

They looked toward Long Chen. If only Yan Mochen possessed Long Chen’s eyesight, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a miserable plight.

“Senior apprentice-sister, spare me! Junior disciple was wrong!” Yan Mochen finally apologized. He now understood that while he could call himself hegemon of the Western Desert, he wasn’t even dogshit in front of the experts from the previous generation.

Not all the senior disciples were as weak as the ones who had greeted them. Now he had learned his lesson.

“If you had said that earlier, wouldn’t it have been much better?” The green-robed woman smiled warmly, once more becoming like a big sister.

But this time, no one was tricked by her smile. They were all on guard now. Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, no matter what, they couldn’t try to be posers, especially not in front of the elite senior disciples. Otherwise, the results would be incomparably miserable.

The vines slowly released Yan Mochen. But once he was released, everyone was shocked to see he wasn’t the slightest bit injured. Furthermore, his body hadn’t changed at all. It was like his previous appearance had been an illusion.

“What terrifying healing capabilities!” exclaimed Meng Qi.

Long Chen nodded. Yan Mochen was a rank five Celestial. Just now his bones had been completely crushed and his body had changed form. Such heavy injuries would take at least a few hours to fully recover with Heavenly Dao energy. But when that green-robed woman released him, he was silently and instantly healed.

“Boss, how about you seduce her to our side? Then we-”

Tang Wan-er sent a kick toward Guo Ran. But even before he was kicked, Long Chen had tightly covered Guo Ran’s mouth.

“Little Guo-zi, are you trying to get me killed? Don’t make such jokes, or someone will die for it,” whispered Long Chen through clenched teeth.

Guo Ran acted regardless of the law or the heavens. But even if he didn’t care about the law or even the heavens, what about this boss of his? He couldn’t just con him like this.

The green-robed woman could capture Yan Mochen with a wave of her hand. Long Chen didn’t dare to fight her right now as that was just asking to be beaten.

After this painful lesson, Yan Mochen behaved much better. He bowed toward the green-robed woman and returned to his camp. But before leaving, he raised a fist at Long Chen. His meaning was clear: “Just wait, my fist will smash you sooner or later.”

Long Chen ignored him. But Guo Ran also raised his fist, his central finger raised high, a disdainful expression on his face.

“Alright, everyone calm down,” said the green-robed woman. She intentionally looked toward Long Chen’s side, causing him and Guo Ran to become a bit guilty. They quickly  put on a listening posture.

“First, let me introduce myself. I am Mu Qingxuan. You can call me senior apprentice-sister Qingxuan, or you can just directly call me big sister Xuan. It doesn’t really matter, because I’m very easy to talk to. Ten years ago, I stood where you stand and listened to the senior disciples’ teachings. Now, ten years later, I’m reminded of that time as I look at all of you. To tell the truth, I’m very happy and very excited,” said Mu Qingxuan emotionally.

Everyone was speechless. She was happy right now, so she had only crushed Yan Mochen so badly… If she were unhappy, just what kind of state would she have crushed him into?

Mu Qingxuan continued, “Don’t blame me for being violent. There’s no way around it, because if I didn’t kill a chicken to warn the monkeys, you wouldn’t calmly listen to my words.”

Yan Mochen’s expression changed. He felt hatred, but he didn’t dare to hate Mu Qingxuan. So he hated Long Chen.

He was sure that Long Chen had seen through some clues, which was the only reason why he had retreated without a word. As a result, he had been the one to foolishly jump into the trap.

Mu Qingxuan’s words were very clear. Without beating someone, no one else would listen to her seriously. Even if Yan Mochen and Long Chen had avoided this trap, others would have been used as examples. But Yan Mochen was the unlucky one.

“I understand you all too well. I still recall how I felt when I first arrived at the Xuantian Dao Sect. Proud, arrogant, unwilling to submit, as if I was unrivaled beneath the heavens. Back then, people in my group were also beaten. Hehe, back then I was smart and didn’t get beaten.” Mu Qingxuan smiled as she fell back into her memories.

Everyone was speechless. They stealthily looked toward Yan Mochen and saw that his face was as ugly as a pig’s.

“The previous matter was to tell you all a principle: children who don’t behave will suffer, while children who do listen will get sweets as rewards. So, listen carefully to my words, because I don’t like to repeat myself,” said Mu Qingxuan a bit gravely, causing everyone’s hearts to shake. They hastily began to listen with rapt attention.

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