Chapter 986 How Can You Tell

“Golden Scale Shield!” Xie Wei was a powerful expert and he didn’t panic. He spread his hands, a golden shield appearing before him.

That golden shield was formed of countless runes stacked against each other like scales. He was clearly a metal attribute expert. His defensive strength was far above average.

But this golden shield was as weak as paper in front of Yue Zifeng’s Sword Qi. It was instantly cut through.

Xie Wei was startled, instinctively moving his head aside. The Sword Qi struck his shoulder and continued down, cutting him in two. Blood splashed everywhere.


Only now did Xie Wei let out a miserable scream. It was unknown whether it was because of the pain or because of terror, but his voice was exceedingly mournful.

Yue Zifeng sheathed his sword, his expression cold. It was like this was nothing more than an insignificant event.

“He… he has reached an initial level of mastery in sword intent!” Other than Elder Sha, the other three Elders were shocked.

Even before entering the Immemorial Path, Yue Zifeng had condensed an embryonic form of his sword intent. Once he had left, through Ling Yunzi’s pointers, he had comprehended the true essence of the Sword Dao.

This so-called sword intent was the will of the Sword Dao. There were millions of people who used swords, but less than one percent were actually able to gain insight into the Sword Dao. Only a few were able to pledge their life to the sword and become a sword cultivator.

Sword cultivators sacrificed all magical arts and Battle Skills that didn’t focus on the Sword Dao. Their specialization into the sword reached the point of rather dying than wavering. Only such people were qualified to be called sword cultivators.

Furthermore, even amongst sword cultivators, over ninety-nine percent of people were unable to comprehend the true will of the Sword Dao. The others were still dithering outside the Sword Dao. Someone who could condense their own sword intent was truly a genius of the Sword Dao.

The most terrifying thing about Yue Zifeng’s attack was that Xie Wei was unable to heal it. Even as he used his Heavenly Dao energy to paste his body back together, his blood didn’t stop pouring out of his injury. There was some kind of bizarre energy ruining his healing, rendering his Heavenly Dao energy ineffective.

Even Long Chen was shocked by this. The power of Yue Zifeng’s Sword Dao was so domineering as to suppress even Heavenly Dao energy.

It was no wonder Ling Yunzi would turn Yue Zifeng from a Celestial into an ordinary cultivator. Within a sword cultivator’s destructive power lay an indescribable, miraculous energy.

“Brother, you should change your name in the future. Your tool for carrying on your ancestral line has been completely crippled. Calling yourself Yang Wei[1] would be more close-fitting,” called Guo Ran. He was truly evil to hit him while he was down.

Guo Ran’s words were an unshakable fact. That treasure used to carry out his ancestral line had been destroyed by Yue Zifeng. With the destructive power contained within his sword, that thing would probably never grow out again.

Thinking of how he would be an incomplete man at such a young age, Xie Wei almost passed out from fury.

But right now, he couldn’t care about that. He was unable to heal, and if this continued, he would eventually die from blood loss.

Normally, a cultivator could stop bleeding with just a thought. Just using some spiritual yuan to suppress it would be fine. But Yue Zifeng’s attack had contained a destructive power that made his spiritual yuan useless.

“Elder, save me!” cried Xie Wei.

“Sigh, young people shouldn’t be so impetuous.” That kindhearted Elder shook his head and waved his hand. A soft light enveloped Xie Wei.

Xie Wei’s injury instantly healed as Yue Zifeng’s destructive power was completely erased by that light. However, unless Xie Wei ran into a miracle, he would be an incomplete man for the rest of his life.

“Many thanks, Elder.” Xie Wei hastily bowed toward him. As soon as he finished bowing, he turned to Yue Zifeng, his face full of rancor. “You bumpkins, how dare you sneak attack me while my guard was down? Truly shameless! Calling you dogs is praising you. You’re just a group of pigs!”

No one had expected that a grand rank four Sea Expansion Celestial would actually burst into curses after losing. Even the four Elders’ expressions sank. How could one of the grand Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples spout obscenities like a crazy man on the street?

“Clean out your mouth. I don’t care how much shit you’ve eaten, but don’t randomly spout it at people. Otherwise, you won’t see tomorrow’s sunrise,” raged Guo Ran.

“Maliciously killing people is against the rules! You will immediately be expelled!” shouted Elder Sha.

“The punishment is just being expelled?” Long Chen’s eyes brightened. That made Elder Sha have a bad feeling. And as expected, Long Chen shouted, “Brothers, if anyone provokes you, don’t worry about holding back. In any case, Celestials won’t die so easily. And if they do die, we just have to leave and make our own living in the Central Plains. With power, wouldn’t we have enough to eat no matter where we go?”

It’s over. Elder Sha regretted opening his mouth. He had been trying to intimidate them, but instead, he had just made the rules clear to them. They would probably be even more unrestrained than ever. He saw many of the Dragonblood warriors clenching their weapons, cold light shining in their eyes. It was like they were leopards eyeing their prey.

“Brother Zifeng, you can go kill that fake man first. This time, cut him into eight pieces!” shouted Guo Ran, as if worried things weren’t chaotic enough.

Yue Zifeng slowly reached for the sword on his back, causing Xie Wei’s expression to completely change. He hastily retreated into the crowd.

“Eastern Wasteland people, don’t go too far.”

A cold shout rang out from the Western Desert’s side. A large man walked over.

He was extremely tall, with his long hair bound to the back of his head. He wore a waistcoat and straw sandals, and his skin was a deep bronze color. His aura wasn’t revealed, but his gaze was electric.

“I dare to bet that he is an earth attribute expert.” Guo Ran closely examined the large man.

“How can you tell?” Song Mingyuan and Li Qi couldn’t help but ask. Although they had their suspicions as well, they weren’t as sure as Guo Ran.

“Just look at how dirty his aura is. It’s obvious,” said Guo Ran.

“What the fuck?”

Song Mingyuan and Li Qi were speechless. Guo Ran was becoming more and more shameless. The two of them had been duped.

As earth attribute experts, the two of them were extremely sensitive to earth attribute fluctuations. But this large man had something that isolated him from their senses, so they couldn’t be sure.

“Don’t go too far? Don’t you think it’s satirical for such words to come out of your mouth? From the start, it was your people provoking us,” said Long Chen indifferently.

Although this ‘dirty’ large man seemed like a farmer who had just left the fields, Long Chen could sense he was a terrifying earth attribute expert.

The reason his aura wasn’t revealed was because it was practically merged with the earth. That was a powerful realm. Once he fought, the earth’s energy would erupt and aid him.

Furthermore, Long Chen sensed another dislikable aura: the will of the Heavenly Daos, and it was extremely intense. Long Chen was sure he was a rank five Celestial.

“Hmph, the weak don’t have the qualifications to cry. People sneer at you because the Eastern Wasteland’s branch sect is always trash. Who do you have to blame? Each time, your side has the lowest number of people, and they’re always the weakest. You’re trash, but you don’t want others to call you trash? That just makes you even greater trash.” Xie Wei’s confidence grew with that large man’s support, and he began to curse at Long Chen.

“Your mouth really is disgusting. No wonder Guo Ran said you eat shit.” Long Chen shook his head. He slowly extended a hand.


Everyone’s vision blurred, and they seemed to hear a clap of thunder. Long Chen suddenly appeared right beside Xie Wei and slapped him across the face.

The sound was resounding and clear. But within that clear sound was a pained groan, as well as the sound of bones breaking. Xie Wei shot back.

It seemed that Xie Wei didn’t have good relationships with people. No one moved to catch him as he shot past them. Instead, they all moved out of his way, and Xie Wei’s face planted into the ground.

Seeing that, quite a few people felt sympathy for him. Xie Wei’s jaw was broken. Although they hadn’t personally experienced his pain, their own jaws tingled.

Xie Wei fell unconscious from the pain, not even having time to recover. The four Elders shook their heads. Xie Wei was truly trash. After losing, he started cursing wildly without end.

For him to faint after just suffering a bit of pain, the only thing that could be said was that he had been spoiled rotten and had never experienced any true life and death battles. Otherwise, no matter how much pain you felt, you wouldn’t faint. If you were on the battlefield when that happened, you’d have died a hundred times.

“Brat, you’re courting death!” The large, dirty man roared and the ground began to shake. Earth energy surged toward him, and he seemed like a volcano about to erupt. All the disciples’ expressions changed and they retreated.

Long Chen stood with his hands clasped behind him, icily staring at the dirty man. “Those who tell me I’m courting death have pretty much all died. If you don’t believe me, you can try it.”

The other disciples were all startled. This newcomer from the Eastern Wasteland was this confident. Some of them had been sympathizing with Long Chen and the others over being bullied, but now seeing him display such a domineering attitude, they jumped in shock.

Facing this infuriated opponent, Long Chen was completely indifferent. His long hair and black robes danced in the wind, making him appear more handsome than ever. Most moving of all were his clear eyes. That seemingly thin body with its domineering eyes was a powerful visual that caused some women’s hearts to sway.

The large man’s aura continued to rise until the sound of a bell rang out. Heaven and earth turned silent, and a voice rang out within that silence.

“Everyone, the disciple selection is about to start.”

[1] Yang Wei=impotent.

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