Chapter 985 Discrimination of the Other Regions

“What? It’s this exaggerated?”

There were huge mountains around them, all of their peaks piercing through the clouds. Three other huge flying boats were stopped on the empty land already. But those weren’t the important point.

The important point was that there were seas of people gathered in front of those flying boats.

Hundreds of thousands of disciples were in front of the three flying boats. Some were sitting on the grass, some in small groups, some in groups of hundreds.

Although they had long since been prepared, Long Chen and the others were deeply shaken. Hundreds of thousands of Sea Expansion experts were gathered here. That scene was shocking.

When Guo Ran stopped the flying boat, hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes looked their way. Those eyes were full of astonishment, because the flying boat Long Chen and the others were on was covered in huge cracks. It looked like it might break down at any moment.

“Elder Sha, this is…?”

An expert wearing Elder robes walked over, looking at their flying boat in shock.

“Don’t mention it. We were incredibly unlucky and almost lost our lives in the eastern sea.” Elder Sha was clearly familiar with him. He returned to his indifferent and cold self, bitterly smiling and shaking his head.

That Elder was tactful and didn’t continue asking. But once Long Chen and the others walked off the boat, he nervously asked, “Elder Sha, this is…”

That Elder was clearly startled by how few people there were from the Eastern Wasteland.

“It’s hard to explain. Don’t ask.” Elder Sha once more bitterly smiled.

The other two Elders also walked over and chatted a bit with Elder Sha. The four of them were clearly very familiar with each other. Speaking with those from the same generation as him, Elder Sha’s expression wasn’t as icy as before.

“How many disciples came in total?” asked Elder Sha.

“There are 876000 from the other three regions. Adding your Eastern Wasteland’s disciples, there’s a total of 876500,” said the first Elder. But even he smiled when saying this. All of them couldn’t help but smile. This time, there were pitifully few disciples from the Eastern Wasteland. Although the Eastern Wasteland was always last place, it wasn’t as exaggerated as this. 

The other regions’ disciples looked over. Some were curious, while some displayed their disdain. Some even made provoking gestures.

“As expected, it really is lively,” sneered Guo Ran.

“Let it go. Is there a point in quibbling with children? It would be better for you to… cough, you understand.” Long Chen winked at Guo Ran.

“Ah, that’s right. There’s definitely going to be a few beautiful girls with this many people. Boss, let’s go pick some up together- aiya!”

Long Chen had been glaring at him as hard as possible, but this fool seemed to have gotten lost in that beautiful dream of his. As a result, he didn’t see Long Chen’s subtle gestures, and he was kicked by Tang Wan-er.

“You deserve it. What do I teach you normally? How can your thoughts be so dirty? I was clearly saying that you should exchange pointers with experts and figure out your weaknesses through greater experience. You can’t waste the springtime of your youth, but why is your head always full of such nonsense?” Long Chen scolded him righteously. Guo Ran wouldn’t drag him down this time.

“Haha, are all the children these days so lively?” laughed one of the Elders. Contrary to Elder Sha, this person seemed extremely friendly.

“Lively? Yes, they are truly lively.” Elder Sha bitterly smiled.

After that huge battle, Elder Sha had thought about it. That ordinary bait they had launched out couldn’t even draw over that many seventh rank sea demons, let alone eighth rank sea demons.

Later, he had been able to privately ask Long Chen about this. But Long Chen refused to admit to anything. However, although Elder Sha was inflexible, he wasn’t a fool. He knew this matter was definitely caused by him.

Now that his peaceful life had returned, when he thought of how he had almost been killed because of Long Chen, he was speechless. But he did admire Long Chen, especially since in that dangerous crisis, he had gone out to face the tenth rank sea demon’s pressure. Despite knowing that it was certain death, he didn’t retreat a single step. That courage was something he admired.

So he didn’t try to get to the bottom of this matter. He was prepared to keep this secret forever.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, we have to leave and report on our mission. This is my address in the outer sect. If you have any instructions, please don’t hesitate.” Wang Mang handed Long Chen a jade plate which recorded his post. Thus, it would be easy to find him in the future.

“Alright.” Long Chen nodded.

Wang Mang and the others respectfully bowed to Long Chen before leaving. They were delighted, feeling like they had been blessed. Why? Because other than the Eastern Wasteland, the other regions all had more newcomers than ever. Each one of them had over two hundred thousand disciples.

They would have to spread their hunting profits amongst themselves, so it was uncertain whether any of them could get even a single Neidan. Compared to them, Wang Mang and the others felt like a god had specially taken care of them.

Seeing this, the other three Elders were stunned. They couldn’t understand why the senior disciples would address a newcomer as senior apprentice-brother.

Furthermore, they bowed so respectfully with passion and worship in their eyes. According to reason, the senior disciples were supposed to blunt the newcomers’ arrogance, and the newcomers should be afraid of them. How did it end up reversed?

“This generation of disciples is amazing. Quite a few monstrous geniuses have appeared, and the senior disciples weren’t able to fully intimidate them. Perhaps this generation of disciples will be the most difficult one to handle yet. The Xuantian Dao Sect is about to be livelier than ever,” said that friendly Elder.

“What are you talking about? On your side…” asked Elder Sha.

“The senior disciples were beaten, and the intimidation didn’t work very well. Who would have thought there’d be several rank five Celestials appearing? The senior disciples were beaten in just one exchange. That’s why you see them acting so arrogantly now. We’ll have to pay special attention to them.”

Long Chen and the others heard the Elder’s words and were startled. Rank five Celestials had actually appeared. It was just unknown if they were innate or acquired rank five Celestials. If they were innate, then their combat power would be shocking. Those who could awaken as rank five Celestials had to have even purer Spirit Blood.

“Long Chen, you should be careful. In all the previous generations, the disciples ended up with unending conflicts during the trials. All the youngsters have too much energy. Furthermore, with the discrimination of the other three regions, your Eastern Wasteland’s disciples… well, you understand,” said Elder Sha.

The Eastern Wasteland’s disciples were always the lowest in number and the weakest amongst the four regions. They were looked down upon by the other regions.

“Dogs from the Eastern Wasteland.”

Just at this moment, a group of people loudly shouted this phrase from the distance. The Eastern Wasteland’s disciples’ expressions sank after hearing this naked insult.

The Dragonblood warriors also became a bit angry, killing intent surfacing within their eyes. They icily stared at that group.

“Ignore them. If you encounter them in the trials, just beat them to death. Remember, our Dragonblood Legion is a whole, and no matter what trouble erupts, I’ll be there to handle it. If I can’t handle it, then the worst case is that we’ll all die together. Eighteen years later, we’ll rise once more as a new group of young men, and we’ll reform the Dragonblood Legion. We can die, but we won’t submit to anyone, understood?” said Long Chen.

“Understood!” shouted the Dragonblood Legion. They all understood this oath. They could die, but they couldn’t lower their heads to anyone.

The Elders’ expressions changed upon hearing this. Long Chen was like a wild horse that refused to be tamed.

“Hmph, a group of reckless fools. Did you think some stupid shouting could intimidate others? All it proves is that you’re nothing more than dogs.” A voice rang out from the group closest to them.

The closest group came from the Western Desert, while the person speaking was holding a fan and wore a scholar’s band. He truly did have a scholar’s air, but his gaze was a bit sinister. With a single glance, it was obvious he was a scheming person.

Although this person hadn’t released his aura, a faint pressure came from his body. He was a powerful rank four Celestial.

This person actually walked out of the crowd to face the Eastern Wasteland’s people. His insulting tone overflowed from his words. But the Elders merely shook their heads with bitter smiles.

“Can we fight here?” asked Long Chen.

“Disciples can exchange pointers whenever they want. But killing is forbidden. As long as they’re not dead, even crippling them is fine. It’s the same as what I said on the way here,” said Elder Sha.

“This rule’s not bad.” Long Chen nodded.

“Report your name.” Suddenly, Yue Zifeng walked out.

Jeering and ridicule came from the crowds when they saw him.

“Hahaha, the Eastern Wasteland is getting worse and worse. Even trash that isn’t even a Celestial has muddled his way to the Central Plains.”

“With just a glance, he’s clearly a plebian. He must have used money to bribe his way here.”

“This kind of idiot is just a waste of resources. But that’s also fine, once he fails the trials, he won’t waste the Xuantian Dao Sect’s resources. He can become a worker.”

These people all sensed Yue Zifeng’s fluctuations. He didn’t have any Heavenly Dao energy. 

Some people jeered at him, but some also felt sympathy for the Eastern Wasteland as the number of their people was pitifully low. It seemed only five hundred had come. They felt that this fan-holding man was being too much of a bully.

“I am Xie Wei. Xie as in thank the heavens and the earth, Wei as shock the heavens and the earth. What, are you pissing yourself from hearing my name?” sneered the fan-holding man.

Long Chen and Guo Ran both shook their heads. This kind of posing art without any skill or technique was practically an insult to their own posing arts.

“The reason I had you report your name is because my sword is never used against the nameless.”

His sword suddenly unsheathed, and a huge sword-image sliced through the air. That sneering Xie Wei’s smile instantly vanished.

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