Chapter 983 Azure Dragon Reverse Scale (Teaser)

Long Chen’s back suddenly became covered in sweat as a terrifying sensation of death washed over him. This was his second time feeling it.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi was startled. She had also experienced this kind of terrifying threat.

He and Meng Qi had disturbed a terrifying existence in the Spirit World. They had both almost died at that time. Now, they both sensed a threat on the same level.

Elder Sha’s expression was ashen. He had already given up on escaping.

“Elder Sha… what kind of existence is this?” Guo Ran and the others were pale with terror.

“The aura of a tenth rank sea demon. We’re powerless to resist,” sighed Elder Sha.

That was an existence on a higher level than Kings. Elder Sha had never imagined that they would be so unlucky as to end up disturbing one of the tenth rank sea demons lurking in the depths of the sea.

The sunny sky turned pitch-black. It was like the end of the world.

“A tenth rank sea demon’s power can suppress heaven and earth....

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