Chapter 983 Azure Dragon Reverse Scale

Long Chen’s back suddenly became covered in sweat as a terrifying sensation of death washed over him. This was his second time feeling it.

“Long Chen…” Meng Qi was startled. She had also experienced this kind of terrifying threat.

He and Meng Qi had disturbed a terrifying existence in the Spirit World. They had both almost died at that time. Now, they both sensed a threat on the same level.

Elder Sha’s expression was ashen. He had already given up on escaping.

“Elder Sha… what kind of existence is this?” Guo Ran and the others were pale with terror.

“The aura of a tenth rank sea demon. We’re powerless to resist,” sighed Elder Sha.

That was an existence on a higher level than Kings. Elder Sha had never imagined that they would be so unlucky as to end up disturbing one of the tenth rank sea demons lurking in the depths of the sea.

The sunny sky turned pitch-black. It was like the end of the world.

“A tenth rank sea demon’s power can suppress heaven and earth. For us to be able to see such a manifestation before death, we can die without regrets,” sighed Elder Sha emotionally.

The void seemed to be tearing. A huge head appeared in the air, looking down on them.

Although they were unable to see its body, just its head was the size of a whole city. It felt as if the world had frozen. It appeared like the head of a god.

“It’s another Six Horn Sea Serpent… no wait, it has eight horns!” Gu Yang looked at the huge head with horror.

“It couldn’t be that Six Horn Sea Serpent’s dad, could it?” Guo Ran’s eyes almost popped out of his head. This monstrous head was appalling.

The huge head suddenly let out a roar. It was like the heavens were exploding, and the sound waves shattered the flying boat’s defenses. The ear-piercing sound was like needles stabbing into their ears.

At the same time, a spiritual pressure crashed down on everyone, making them feel like their souls were about to be crushed.

Long Chen hastily circulated his bloodline power. His Blood Qi erupted, facing against that terrifying spiritual pressure. But in front of that spiritual pressure, he vomited a mouthful of blood

He was too weak in front of a tenth rank sea demon. Even with his dragon blood, he couldn’t resist.

“Fuck, how could this happen? I can’t die yet. There are too many things for me to do.” Long Chen cursed inside. He stood at the front, facing the majority of the spiritual pressure. He knew that the others wouldn’t be able to resist the pressure and would be crushed alive.

But Long Chen’s cultivation base was still too low. He constantly vomited blood as he resisted.

“Long Chen…!” cried Tang Wan-er. She held the unconscious Meng Qi in her hand.

Elder Sha was only capable of clenching his teeth and enduring. In front of a tenth rank sea demon, his power wasn’t much different than everyone else’s.

Just as everyone thought they would die, a mouthful of Long Chen’s blood fell into the sea. It rapidly dissipated.


Suddenly, a ray of light shot out of the sea, lighting up the dark sky. A sacred, divine, irresistible might erupted.

This sacred light blew apart the black clouds, lighting up the world.

“This is… a familiar aura.” Long Chen was shocked.

Following that sacred light, a furious and resentful roar, which also contained fear, rang out. Then everyone felt their bodies lighten as that terrifying pressure disappeared.

Heaven and earth returned to normal. The black clouds were gone, the huge head was gone, everything was gone. It was like those moments had just been a dream.

But the flying boat’s barrier was also gone, and there were thin cracks in some places of the boat. That told everyone that it hadn’t been a dream.

Elder Sha was also dumbfounded. Just now, a sacred light had forced back the terrifying tenth rank sea demon. That light had now vanished as well. Elder Sha didn’t even know what was going on.

“That familiar aura is the aura of dragon blood. It must be!” Long Chen’s eyes shone. He even sensed a kind of bloodline summoning. It was definitely the dragon blood.

“Elder Sha, can you wait here for a moment? I’m going down to take a look.”

“Wait, what are you doing?!” Elder Sha was startled. But Long Chen had already jumped into the sea. Elder Sha’s expression sank. “Willful brat, he doesn’t follow the rules at all.”

“Elder Sha, the flying boat has been damaged in several areas. We should repair it a bit. If you need it, disciple can help. To accomplish what you ask me, I will work with all my might until I die…” Guo Ran called out, a fawning expression on his face.

Long Chen closed his eyes and sensed where that summoning was coming from. He swam toward the depths of the sea. He was sure there was something he needed down below.

The light that had shot out had been absolutely shocking. It was actually able to chase away a tenth rank sea demon. He had to figure out what was going on. 

As he went lower, he saw more sea demon corpses. From their appearance, it seemed they had been killed by that light as well.

Once he was a hundred miles deep, he felt the pressure start to be too much. He had no choice but to summon his divine ring.

Long Chen wasn’t worried about his safety. If even a tenth rank sea demon could be chased away, then this was probably the safest spot of the entire sea.

He had underestimated the depth of the sea. He continued to sink for three whole days without reaching the bottom. He also had to summon the Four Star Battle Armor to resist the pressure.

On the fourth day, he finally had to use the Green Dragon Battle Armor. Otherwise, he would have been crushed by the pressure.

When he summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor, he clearly sensed the summoning intensify. He swam in a certain direction.

He finally saw it. It was a huge scale floating motionlessly. There was actually a vacuum around it that was many miles wide.

“Another dragon scale?” Long Chen looked at it with shock. Sensing the incomparably pure bloodline power coming from it, his heart pounded. “A white dragon scale… Could it be… an azure dragon’s reverse scale?!”

Long Chen couldn’t believe his eyes. Legend said that when dragons were born, their scales were green, and so they were called green dragons.

Green dragons were their form when they were young. As they grew, they eventually molted to become azure dragons. Their scales would become a silver-white color. They were sometimes called white dragons or silver dragons, but their true name was azure dragons.

“The only thing remaining of a dragon’s molting is its reverse scale. If I can refine it, then according to the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, wouldn’t I be able to summon the Azure Dragon Battle Armor?”

Thinking of that dragon might the scale had released that had forced a tenth rank sea demon to flee, Long Chen almost cried out in excitement. Once he refined the azure dragon essence blood, wouldn’t he be able to dominate the Central Plains? At that time, he would be able to search for his origins without fear.

Long Chen slowly approached the dragon scale. It was a mile wide, but it was releasing a divine light that formed a vacuum ten miles miles wide around it.

The dragon scale didn’t resist as he approached. Instead, Long Chen sensed that it seemed to be drawing him closer.

That delighted him. Could it be that this azure dragon reverse scale came from the same dragon as his green dragon reverse scale?

Long Chen suddenly thought of that dragon expert from back then. It hadn’t said much about itself. But looking at this azure dragon scale, Long Chen thought of it. He thought of that endless starry sky he had seen.

Long Chen shook his head, pushing aside those distracting thoughts. What he wanted was to take the azure dragon scale right now. If he could control it, he would be unrivaled.

“Good, there’s no resistance at all.”

Long Chen slowly got closer. He was extremely patient. Well, the main thing was that he had no choice but to be patient. If it could scare away even a tenth rank sea demon, then killing him wouldn’t take the slightest bit of effort. Although he sensed an intimate will from it, he didn’t dare to be careless.


“Fuck, no way!” Long Chen suddenly found that when he reached the vacuum region, he was blocked. He wasn’t able to enter.

Long Chen smashed the vacuum with his fists, he slashed it with his saber, and he even used Split the Heavens. But that barrier didn’t budge.

“Who cons people like this?!” Long Chen refused to give up. He not only used his thunderforce, but he even used the Earth Flame.

He even tried dripping his essence blood into the barrier and saw the essence blood being absorbed into the scale. That made Long Chen even more sure that this azure dragon reverse scale came from the same dragon as the green dragon reverse scale.

However, after absorbing his essence blood, there wasn’t much of a reaction. Long Chen tried it several times, but it was still useless.

“No good. I don’t have the power to break this barrier. I can only leave it for later.”

Long Chen felt his spiritual yuan rapidly running out. Right now, he had his Four Star Battle Armor and Green Dragon Battle Armor on. The exhaustion was too much. If he didn’t hurry and leave while he still had enough spiritual yuan, he would be crushed alive.

Although he was filled with helplessness, Long Chen could only return to the surface of the sea. All he could do was remember this location and wait until he was strong enough to get it.

“Haha, boss, you’re finally back! The flying boat has been repaired, so we can leave.”

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to see that Elder Sha actually gave control of the flying boat to Guo Ran. Guo Ran steered them away toward the Central Plains.

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