Chapter 982 Terrifying Existence

The sea demons only reacted once the flying boat escaped. They hastily chased after them.

“You really are courting death, you damn bastard! You’re bullying people too much!” cursed the Six Horn Sea Serpent. It seemed in its fury, it had forgotten it wasn’t human.

At first, it really had been intimidated by Long Chen’s aura. But no matter how strong Long Chen’s bloodline power was, his cultivation base was only at Sea Expansion. Even with the bloodline pressure, it could easily kill Long Chen.

By the time it realized this, Long Chen had fled. The most hateful thing was that right before that, Long Chen had conveniently picked up the two ninth rank corpses that the flying boat had smashed to death.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent’s intelligence was much higher than ordinary sea demons. It knew it had been duped, and with a roar, it led the ninth rank sea demons to chase.

Some of these sea demons flew through the air, their scales releasing some kind of spatial tearing power. Another portion returned to the sea, where their speed was the greatest.

“Boss, you actually even brought those two corpses!” Guo Ran looked at Long Chen with worship. His boss truly was greedy. Even at this time, he didn’t forget to get more profit.

“Elder Sha, can we increase the speed?” Long Chen ignored Guo Ran and asked Elder Sha.

“The flying boat’s too big, and its acceleration is too slow. It’ll take at least fifteen minutes to reach its top speed.” Elder Sha shook his head.

This was one of the disadvantages of large flying boats. It wasn’t nimble enough, and it required some time to reach its max speed.

“Heavens, they’ve caught up already!” cried Wang Mang. In the distance, there was a mass of huge figures chasing them, and at the front was the terrifying Six Horn Sea Serpent.

Its body swam through the air. Its scales sparkled, and its speed was alarming.

“It’s over for us…” said one of the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples.

They had wanted to go to that legendary world known as the Central Plains. But before seeing that legendary world, they would die within this sea.

“Elder Sha, continue accelerating as fast as possible. I’ll stall them,” said Long Chen.

“You can’t. Your bloodline pressure is effective, but your cultivation base is too low. It’s not enough to force them off, and they won’t fall for it twice. Guo Ran, you come control the boat. I’ll go hold them back. Whether or not you can escape will be up to your luck,” said Elder Sha.

“Elder Sha!”

Everyone let out startled cries. Elder Sha was clearly saying that he would fight the sea demons to stall for them. That way, they would have some hope for surviving, but Elder Sha would definitely die once surrounded by those sea demons.

It was unexpected that this indifferent and cold Elder Sha would actually sacrifice himself for them. Everyone felt a sour feeling.

“These are the rules. Don’t feel bad. Time is pressing, so I-” said Elder Sha.

Long Chen shook his head. “It’s no use. The Six Horn Sea Serpent’s intelligence is comparable to a human’s. Even if you sacrifice yourself, it’ll order a portion of the sea demons to continue chasing us. Guo Ran isn’t familiar with how to use the flying boat, so in the end, not one person will escape like that.”

“That’s the only option,” said Elder Sha.

“I still have a few tricks. Maybe I can stall for a bit. Elder Sha, transport me out,” said Long Chen.

Elder Sha couldn’t think of anything else. If Long Chen said he still had some tricks, then the best thing to do was to let him try them. But this time, Long Chen appeared at the back of the ship.

At the aft, Long Chen shouted arrogantly at the Six Horn Sea Serpent, “Tch, you foolish fish, you don’t even recognize your ancestor’s bloodline. Do you want to offend your superior?”

Rumor said that the Six Horn Sea Serpent possessed a dragon’s bloodline. Although it was extremely faint, it truly existed.

Amongst all the sea demons, only it was able to just barely contend against Long Chen’s bloodline pressure. But it was unable to suppress the reverence that came from its soul.

“Don’t try to trick me. You sly, despicable humans, you aren’t a true dragon at all! I’ll eat you for sullying the true dragon’s name!” shouted the Six Horn Sea Serpent.

Long Chen cursed inside. The Six Horn Sea Serpent had sensed his true dragon essence blood and wanted to eat him to take it. Then perhaps there really would be a chance for it to transform into a dragon.

If the Six Horn Sea Serpent wasn’t so intelligent, then they would have already managed to escape. But now it was troublesome.

The flying boat was accelerating with each passing moment. What they needed most at this time was for Long Chen to stall.

“No, you’re wrong. Haven’t you heard of the true dragon heavenly son? That’s right, I am the true dragon heavenly son. Although… although I’m not wearing dragon robes, can you not sense my temperament, my mannerisms? Do you not sense my aura that is like a dragon looking down on the rest of the world? As the saying goes, you can’t judge people by their looks. The water of the sea… is very cold, very cold…” As Long Chen spouted nonsense, he ended up not knowing what to say at the end.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent was startled at first by Long Chen’s nonsense. But as Long Chen continued to sputter, it ended up not understanding his nonsense. Then it noticed the flying boat was getting faster and faster, and it realized his goal. It opened its mouth, shooting a huge globe of light toward Long Chen.

That was one of its innate divine abilities. If struck, Long Chen wouldn’t even have a corpse.

Suddenly, Long Chen disappeared as he was drawn back inside by Elder Sha. At the same time, Elder Sha pushed the flying boat’s defenses as high as possible.

BANG! The flying boat shook intensely and shot into the distance.

Because of the immense power, the flying boat struck the water and rebounded several times, causing the people inside to vomit blood. Even the Dragonblood warriors weren’t able to bear it and were injured. As for the others, many of them fainted.

“Are you alright?” cried Tang Wan-er. Meng Qi was pale, and blood was dripping out of the corner of her mouth. Although Tang Wan-er was doing her best to protect her, Meng Qi was still injured.

“I’m fine,” comforted Meng Qi.

“Fuck, so it’s a case of giving face but not getting face? Elder Sha, send me out!” Long Chen once more appeared at the back of the boat. Pointing at the Six Horn Sea Serpent, he cursed, “Bastard, I’ll make you pay for that one! Double Dragon Destruction!”

Roaring resounded through the air as flames and lightning condensed. Two dragons three thousand miles long appeared, immediately coiling around each other and forming a dragon twister that struck the Six Horn Sea Serpent.

BOOM! The Six Horn Sea Serpent was sent flying. Lei Long and Huo Long were no longer the old Lei Long and Huo Long.

Lei Long had absorbed an incredible amount of thunderforce from the tribulation, while Huo Long had devoured another Earth Flame. They were both much stronger than before.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent first felt its body go numb as thunderforce invaded inside and then flames wrapped around it. Even as a ninth rank sea demon, its body wasn’t able to bear such terrifying flames. A burned smell filled the air, along with the smell of cooked fish.

“Brother Long, I want to eat it!” Wilde immediately smelled it and became unbearably hungry.

Everyone almost collapsed. What time was it? How could he still want food!?

The Six Horn Sea Serpent was knocked back, and although it was a bit injured, its injury wasn’t anywhere close to a fatal one. Long Chen had Lei Long and Huo Long continue circling at the back of the flying boat to protect them.

The two of them were extremely large, and even the sea demons had to be afraid of their combination attack. With the two of them at the back of the flying boat, the sea demons were forced back further.

“Boss is mighty!” Guo Ran and the others cheered. Even Elder Sha sighed with relief as he hadn’t expected Long Chen to have so many trump cards. The crisis was temporarily held back.

Whether it was lightning or flames, each of them could intimidate the water attribute sea demons. The thunderforce was especially effective against them, as it came from the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning.

“Bastard!” The Six Horn Sea Serpent roared furiously. Seeing the flying boat’s speed continuously increasing, it finally went berserk. Its body suddenly swelled, and opening its mouth, a huge globe of light shot out.

BOOM! The two dragons shattered in the face of this terrifying attack, causing Long Chen’s expression to change.

However, he also saw that the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s scales clearly dimmed slightly after it. This attack must’ve cost a lot.

“A good chance.”

The Six Horn Sea Serpent had only just unleashed this powerful attack, and its aura was still at the bottom. At this moment, the back of the flying boat opened and a huge flying sword shot through its head. It was caught off-guard and killed instantly.

Its body was pulled into the flying boat, and Long Chen also returned inside because the flying boat’s speed was now reaching its peak. The other sea demons were no longer able to get any closer.

Furthermore, the flying boat was still accelerating. In other words, they were safe.

“Boss is badass! Elder Sha is- cough, hail Elder Sha!” Guo Ran cheered. Everyone was excited to have escaped certain death.

Even Elder Sha had a rare smile on his face. The feeling of escaping calamity was truly a good one.

“Fuck! We ended up disturbing a terrifying existence!”

Long Chen was also excited at first. He was just about to tidy up the spoils when his and Elder Sha’s expression completely changed. 

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