Chapter 981 Dragon Blood Intimidates Demons


Everyone was still confused when the four sea demons’ corpses were tossed inside the flying boat. Elder Sha had killed the other three sea demons before returning, and they had just been too tense to notice that he had killed them.

Elder Sha didn’t have his previous ease once he had returned. An unprecedented solemn expression was on his face, and he hastily sent the boat flying away.

Everyone was startled. Weren’t the four ninth rank sea demons all killed? Why was he so nervous?

“What’s going on?” Tang Wan-er stealthily whispered to Long Chen.

“I might have gone a bit too far. We’re surrounded.” Long Chen felt a bit bad. He hadn’t expected matters to develop to this extent.

Space suddenly began to tremble, and huge waves soared into the sky. Terrifying pressures crashed down upon them as huge figures flew out of the sea.

“Heavens, there are actually this many!”

They found that the flying boat was surrounded. Everything within thousands of miles was blocked off. Those huge figures were all ninth rank sea demons, and there were actually around eighty of them!

Eighty ninth rank sea demons covered the entire sky. This was a blockade they couldn’t get out of.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves. We can only charge our way through!” shouted Elder Sha. He pressed down on several spots of the control panel.

The flying boat suddenly rumbled and spiritual qi erupted. The runes on the flying boat lit up, even the ones on the interior.

Although the disciples didn’t understand how to operate such a huge flying boat, seeing all its runes lit up, it was clear that the flying boat was about to use its full power.

They didn’t dare to be careless. They summoned their Heavenly Dao runes to protect themselves to avoid being killed by the intense impact.

The light from the flying boat’s runes suddenly blazed like the sun. Long Chen sensed the spirit stones stored below deck rapidly shatter. Half of their energy vanished in an instant.

The flying boat shot off like a cannonball, smashing into the ninth rank sea demons in front of it. Two of them were smashed to death, while the others were blown out of the way. But Elder Sha’s expression became uglier.

This one impact caused quite a few people inside the flying boat to vomit blood and collapse on the ground. The impact had almost taken their lives.

Suddenly, a furious roar rang out. The sea demons split apart, revealing a huge figure floating in the sky.

“Six Horn Sea Serpent?!” Elder Sha couldn’t help but let out a startled cry.

That huge sea drake had three pairs of horns. Its horns were golden and possessed ancient runes on them.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent was different from ordinary sea demons. It possessed its own name. Only a few powerful sea demons possessed the qualifications to be named by the human race’s cultivators.

“Foolish humans, since you wanted to cause trouble in our domain, you can die.”

Shockingly, this Six Horn Sea Serpent was capable of human speech. But its voice was like iron scraping against iron. If they didn’t listen carefully, there was no way to understand it.

“Now it’s troublesome.” Elder Sha’s expression was exceedingly ugly.

“What is it? Can you not handle it?” Long Chen walked over to Elder Sha’s side.

“That Six Horn Sea Serpent isn’t an ordinary sea demon. It is exceptionally powerful and possesses its own innate divine abilities. If it was a one against one, perhaps I could defeat it, but right now, we’re surrounded. Furthermore, there are not enough spirit stones in the flying boat anymore. If we use them all up, it should be no problem to kill this Six Horn Sea Serpent, but then the flying boat won’t have the energy to fly anymore. We’re stuck,” sighed Elder Sha.

Wang Mang and the others were pale. Elder Sha’s meaning was clear: the flying boat only had enough energy to launch one more attack, but if they used it, the flying boat wouldn’t be able to move any longer. And using it would only be able to kill the Six Horn Sea Serpent, not the other ninth rank sea demons.

In other words, even Elder Sha was helpless now. They would all die here. They despaired. The heavens really knew how to play people, to let them become rich right before dying.

“How about you let me try something?” asked Long Chen after a moment’s thought.

“You?” Elder Sha was startled.

“Yes. I’m not fully confident, but it’s worth a shot. Senior, please transport me outside the flying boat,” said Long Chen.

“Are you sure about this?” asked Elder Sha.

“Yes.” Long Chen saw that the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s scales were starting to glow. It was storing up energy for a powerful attack.

In front of everyone’s horrified gazes, Long Chen appeared outside the flying boat. Standing at the front, Long Chen icily stared at the Six Horn Sea Serpent.

“Heavens, what is boss doing?” Gu Yang’s jaw dropped. He didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

Even Elder Sha didn’t dare to face this many sea demons. But Long Chen charged out on his own. That was too shocking.

“An ant’s come out? Are you trying to use your pathetic life to appease our anger?” said the Six Horn Sea Serpent coldly. With its huge body floating in the air, Long Chen truly was as tiny as an ant.

“Idiot, you’re not kneeling in front of your ancestor!?” shouted Long Chen.

His Blood Qi circulated, and green scales appeared over his skin. A powerful aura erupted. An unspeakable grandeur came from him, and despite being smaller and lower, he seemed to look down on the rest of the world.

The Six Horn Sea Serpent had just been about to launch its attack when Long Chen’s new aura struck him. It came to a sudden stop and began to shiver involuntarily.

The other sea demons had it even worse, trembling intensely and retreating.

“Damn, do you see this? This is how domineering boss is! Even sea demons have to part in front of him! This is the highest realm of posing!” exclaimed Guo Ran passionately.

Even Elder Sha was shocked. More and more, he found he was unable to understand Long Chen. That Blood Qi should be a Spirit Blood pressure, but he couldn’t understand why the sea demons would be so terrified.

What he didn’t know was that this wasn’t Spirit Blood pressure, but the bloodline pressure Long Chen could release after refining the green dragon essence blood.

His dragon blood had come from a true dragon, a king amongst all beasts. Its bloodline pressure was especially effective against Magical Beasts and sea demons. Even these ninth rank sea demons were terrified and didn’t dare to approach him.

“Scram!” shouted Long Chen, his roar ringing like thunder in the air. An unquestionable will caused the ninth rank sea demons to actually retreat even more.

Even the Six Horn Sea Serpent slowly moved to the side, leaving a path open. The Blood Qi coming from Long Chen’s body terrified it. Although it was a bit unwilling, it was unable to resist that pressure.

Seeing a shout from Long Chen actually form a path amongst the ninth rank sea demons, Elder Sha was delighted. He sent the flying boat forward.

“Boss says to go slower. Don’t show any timidity,” said Guo Ran, looking at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s hands were clasped behind his back, but they were in constant motion, forming signals that only Guo Ran, who was most familiar with Long Chen, understood.

When the two of them had nothing else to do, they would come up with some secret signals. Guo Ran was the commander of the Dragonblood Legion, so the two of them needed a secret communication method. Even spiritual messages might be cut off on a battlefield.

So the two had come up with a secret communication method. That way, they could silently communicate on the battlefield without anyone else knowing. 

The flying boat slowly moved forward. With Long Chen standing at the front and his Blood Qi soaring out of him, the ninth rank sea demons just watched, not daring to stop them. Even the Six Horn Sea Serpent didn’t dare despite having an urge to do so several times.

That grand aura Long Chen was releasing was so powerful that it seemed to look down on all others, including the Six Horn Sea Serpent. The more Long Chen expressed his disdain for it, the more it didn’t dare to attack. It didn’t know what to do, and the other sea demons were waiting for its orders.

It didn’t know that Long Chen was already starting to sweat. Although he had the pressure of the dragon blood, he was only at Sea Expansion. This Six Horn Sea Serpent could probably kill him in one blow. This posing was too dangerous. 

Fortunately, the pressure from the dragon blood truly did intimidate them. Although Long Chen wasn’t looking at the sea demons in order to appear arrogant, his divine sense was constantly roving around.

“Damn, it’s not working. They’re going to attack.”

Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He sensed the Six Horn Sea Serpent’s scales slowly opening. He hastily gave Guo Ran new hand signals.


The flying boat suddenly erupted with light, shooting forward like a cannonball and pushing its speed to its peak. The Six Horn Sea Serpent was almost ready to unleash its attack, but the flying boat had vanished.

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