Chapter 980 Now It’s Troublesome

The light engulfed the entire sky, causing it to shake as if the air was about to explode. This attack was one of the flying boat’s trump cards. Since the Xuantian Dao Sect dared to bring tens of thousands of disciples through the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, how could it not have a few tricks?

Long Chen had only dared to use the medicinal pill because he had seen through this point. He hadn’t expected his luck to be this good. His medicinal pill had actually managed to draw over a ninth rank sea demon.

The light unleashed by the flying boat’s cannon tore through the sea demon’s head. It was instantly killed.

After killing the sea demon, Elder Sha immediately controlled the flying boat to gather the sea demon’s corpse.

“Haha, amazing. A ninth rank Neidan has fallen into our hands,” laughed Long Chen.

The ninth rank sea demon’s corpse was too huge. Despite being a corpse, it gave off a sense of pressure that made it hard for them to breathe.

Wang Mang and the others impatiently charged their way into the corpse through the injury. They quickly came out.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, here. A ninth rank Neidan is a priceless treasure.” Wang Mang ignored the blood and gore on it and handed over a fist-sized sphere to Long Chen.

The sphere had runes within it, making it seem like it was alive. It continued to release a powerful pressure.

This was where the ninth rank sea demon’s essence was gathered. It contained boundless energy.

Long Chen received it. Meng Qi exclaimed, “What powerful water energy fluctuations! And they’re so pure! It just so happens that we have a few water attribute warriors in the Dragonblood Legion.”

After refining the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, there were seven people that awakened rare water attribute runes. Their combat power had leaped a great deal.

“I will be keeping this ninth rank Neidan as I have a few brothers who need it. But I won’t let you lose out. As compensation, all the Neidans of the Dragonblood Legion will be yours,” said Long Chen.

“We can’t accept that! Don’t look down on us. Without you, it would have been impressive for each of us to get a dozen sixth rank Neidans. You must take the ninth rank Neidan. The amount of profit we’ve gotten now is enough for us to cultivate for a century without worry. Truly, we know when to be satisfied,” said Wang Mang.

It was under Long Chen’s lead that they had gathered close to a thousand eighth rank Neidans. As for seventh rank Neidan, they numbered over thirteen thousand, and there were too many sixth rank Neidans to even count. But it was definitely over a hundred thousand.

Once they split that equally, the resources they would obtain were enough for them to cultivate for a hundred years without running out of resources. They truly did have enough.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, leave us some face. Without you, we wouldn’t have gotten anything like this. We’ve already benefited greatly, so we can’t be more greedy,” said another disciple.

Without the Dragonblood Legion, they’d have long since fled in the face of the terrifying army of sea demons. It was all thanks to the Dragonblood Legion.

Seeing their sincere expressions, Long Chen didn’t push them. Cupping his fists, he said, “Then I’ll thank everyone.”

Long Chen tossed the ninth rank Neidan to one of the water attribute Dragonblood warriors. They could absorb the water essence inside to increase the level of their water energy once more.

However, the amount of energy inside it was too berserk, and they would need a long amount of time to withdraw that energy.

“This big fish is mine! I can eat it for a long time.” Wilde directly put away the huge ninth rank sea demon’s corpse. He was even more excited than those fellows who had obtained the Neidans.

BOOM! Suddenly, the sky darkened. A fierce storm containing Water Qi filled the sky.

“Damn, this time I might have gone a bit too far.” Long Chen hastily looked out and saw four huge figures blocking the sun. They were four ninth rank sea demons, charging over and surrounding the flying boat.

Wang Mang and the others turned pale. The auras of those four sea demons caused them to quiver.

“Xuantian Wave!” What comforted them was that Elder Sha was still calm. Without the slightest panic, countless runes lit up on the flying boat. A ripple spread through the air.

The ripple struck those huge sea demons, sending them flying back over a thousand miles. Everyone cheered.

“This thing’s good. Boss, when we get enough money, I want one.” Guo Ran’s eyes shone as he looked at Elder Sha controlling the flying boat. He was filled with envy.

“Why bother? This kind of huge flying boat isn’t something we can buy with our current wealth.” Long Chen knew that this kind of flying boat containing both great offensive and defensive properties had to have a price that could frighten people to death.

Furthermore, even if they could buy one, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to use it. Long Chen had stealthily investigated it and found that on the bottom levels of the flying boat, there was a sealed space.

Although he wasn’t able to go inside, he could sense endless spiritual qi in it. The inside had to be packed full of spirit stones, and high grade ones at that.

Whether used for offense or defense, this flying boat had to exhaust an ocean’s worth of high grade spirit stones. Long Chen wouldn’t waste his money on such a thing, so he’d rather Guo Ran give up on that thought.

Elder Sha had only just sent those four sea demons flying when he drove the flying boat away. But this time, the flying boat’s speed wasn’t very high. It needed more time to accelerate, and as a result, the four sea demons quickly caught up. A huge walrus-like sea demon struck the flying boat with its huge tail.

BOOM! Despite activating its defenses, the flying boat was sent flying into the distance. Everyone’s bodies shook, and they almost coughed up blood.

“Damn brutes! Someone, come take my place to control the flying boat. I’ll go kill them!” After saying that, Elder Sha surprisingly left the flying boat, going out on his own to fight those four sea demons.

Everyone was stunned. Wang Mang stuttered, “But… none of us… know how to drive it…?”

BOOM! Everyone let out startled cries as the flying boat was once more struck, and some disciples coughed up blood. Although the boat’s defenses were active, some of the power behind the sea demons’ attack still managed to get through. The weaker disciples were unable to bear it.

They were horrified. The difference between eighth rank and ninth rank sea demons was immense. Even Gu Yang and the others felt like they wouldn’t be able to receive such a terrifying attack. 

“Let me!” Guo Ran jumped onto the control platform. Studying the countless runes and lines in front of him, he tried to figure out how to control it.

“Does he… understand how to?” asked Wang Mang.

“Don’t worry, I guarantee he definitely doesn’t know,” said Gu Yang.

At first, Wang Mang’s worries were laid down. But once the sentence was finished, he almost coughed up blood. “Big brother, don’t joke at this time.”

“Life and death are up to fate. What’s the point of being afraid? You’ll just feel worse, and in your panic, be unable to make the right decisions. Then your last chance at life will be thrown away,” said Gu Yang indifferently.

Wang Mang was stunned. Only now did he see that while the Dragonblood warriors were startled, their expressions didn’t contain the slightest fear or panic.

“Haha, this should be… the Divine Dragon Tail Spin!” exclaimed Guo Ran suddenly, full of excitement. He slammed his hand on a button.

At this time, the attack from a ninth rank sea demon was coming right at them. Once Guo Ran pushed the button, a huge tail appeared at the end of the flying boat. That tail was like a dragon’s tail and was formed of countless runes. And after pressing the button, the flying boat began to rapidly revolve. The huge tail swung like a whip, striking the sea demon.

“Nice!” Guo Ran was delighted. This kind of feeling was amazing.

But after sending the sea demon flying, he was unable to stop the flying boat. It continued to rapidly spin, forming a whirlpool in the air.

“Hurry and stop it! We… we…” People began to puke. This kind of high-speed spinning was something even the senior disciples found unbearable.

“I… I don’t know how to stop it!” Guo Ran held onto the chair in the control platform. He had lost control of the boat.

It was unknown what happened eventually, but as Guo Ran wildly spun through the air, he ended up kicking a mechanism, and the flying boat slowly stopped spinning.

“Oh, so the button on top was the one to activate it, and the one below was to stop it,” said Guo Ran. He finally understood the control mechanism.

Long Chen held onto Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er. Although the two weren’t injured, their heads were dizzy from being flung around. Meng Qi was especially pale since she was a soul cultivator.

“Guo Ran, are you capable of this or not?!” scolded Long Chen upon seeing Meng Qi suffering.

“Don’t worry, this time I’ll definitely be able to control it!” Guo Ran carefully studied the various lines on the control panel. His understanding of some of those immortal characters wasn’t very good, but through the layout and patterns, he was able to guess some things.

“Careful, another one’s coming!” shouted someone. Another ninth rank sea demon was coming from behind.

“Just watch!” Guo Ran smashed his hand on the control panel. The stern of the boat opened, revealing a mirror. Countless lines lit up on it. There were thousands of spirit stones embedded on its back, and they were all high grade spirit stones.

At the center of the mirror, there was an especially radiant spirit stone. It was actually an exceedingly rare top grade spirit stone.

The mirror unleashed waves of light. A huge arrow appeared on it, shooting at the ninth rank sea demon.

The instant the arrow appeared, all the spirit stones on the back of the mirror turned dark, cracked, and shattered.

“As expected, it’s a money-burning toy.” Long Chen and Guo Ran both saw that clearly. This was something only a rich person could use.

The sea beast was unlucky. Its head was right at the boat’s stern and as a result, the arrow pierced its head, causing it to explode.

Before anyone could cheer for Guo Ran, a figure appeared within the flying boat and pushed Guo Ran aside, controlling the flying boat to flee.

“Big trouble! We’re running!”

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