Chapter 979 Ninth Rank Sea Demon

The saber-image slashed down, killing the heavily armored sea demon.

“Boss!” The Dragonblood warriors cheered. As soon as Long Chen joined in, he killed a late eighth rank sea demon.

That sea demon’s defense had been too powerful, with no weak points at all. Once it had charged into the Dragonblood warriors’ midst, it had ruined their formations. Even Gu Yang had been blown back by one of its pincers.

“How can he use the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s secret technique?” Elder Sha instantly saw through the origin of Long Chen’s move.

“That’s about enough. Meng Qi, wind things up!” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi nodded and extended her hands. Forming hand seals, she summoned her soul energy.

“Soul Extermination Life Devouring Art!”

A terrifying spiritual fluctuation spread, instantly covering the entire battlefield. The world seemed to come to a stop.

This Soul Extermination Life Devouring Art was something she had used once before in the Immemorial Path. But at that time, she had been using it on fellow humans, and she hadn’t used it to its full power.

This time, she was using it on the berserk and cold-blooded sea demons. She had no misgivings, and she directly used up over half her Spiritual Strength to increase its power and range. 

The invisible ripple caused even the people behind Meng Qi to shiver. Wang Mang and the others felt like their souls were within a terrifying spiritual hand. As long as she wished it, their souls would be destroyed.

Now Wang Mang realized how terrifying Meng Qi was. This soul energy was beyond all his expectations. Even with the Underworld Soul Magical Armor, he wouldn’t be able to block this attack. Thinking of that, cold sweat covered his back.

Those fierce sea demons stiffened. They lost their ability to think for a short moment.

Meng Qi’s soul art was terrifying, but due to spreading it over such a huge area, its power was scattered. It didn’t have the power to kill such powerful eighth rank sea demons.

“Wind Moon Devours the Heavens!”

Tang Wan-er’s runes circulated, and millions of palm-sized wind blades shot out. This sea of wind blades rapidly spread, releasing ear-piercing sounds that pained people’s eardrums. It felt like millions of needles were stabbing them, and other than the Dragonblood warriors, everyone’s expressions changed.

They had never seen such terrifying wind blades. This sea of wind blades instantly reached the army of sea demons.

Like sharp blades cutting through tofu, the powerful eighth rank sea demons were instantly killed.

Hundreds of eighth rank sea demons were killed by Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s combination attack. Countless corpses piled up into a mountain, slowly dropping toward the sea.

Heaven and earth were deathly silent. Only after a breath’s time did Wang Mang and the others hastily order everyone to gather the corpses. Those were money.

Before they sank into the sea, they grabbed as many as they could. This attack was too terrifying. All the sea demons had been killed, and they were able to descend closer to the sea to gather the corpses without worrying about being attacked.

“Hurry. We should leave quickly,” said Elder Sha.

Everyone hastily cleaned up the battlefield, but it was just too big. Some of the senior disciples were too greedy to even toss aside the seventh and sixth rank sea demons.

Elder Sha frowned, but he also felt leaving behind this many sea demon corpses would be a waste. So he simply waited.

“Long Chen, what are you smiling about? Why is your smile so evil?” Tang Wan-er looked at Long Chen.

“Was I smiling?” Long Chen shook his head.

“You might be able to trick others, but you can’t trick me. Speak, what evil plot are you brewing?” Tang Wan-er glared at Long Chen, raising a fist.

“You’re overthinking it. I don’t have so many evil thoughts. Well, the battlefield’s about cleaned up, so we should return. Don’t you see Elder Sha’s face is starting to darken? Don’t get scolded.” Long Chen pulled Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er back to the flying boat.

Tang Wan-er understood Long Chen too well. Seeing that smile on his face, she knew he was up to something. But if he refused to say, there was nothing she could do.

There were too many people, so she was too embarrassed to beat him. She sneaked an arm around his waist and viciously pinched him, but she was unable to. This evil fellow had been prepared and had flexed his muscles. Tang Wan-er ground her teeth furiously, but she couldn’t do anything.

“Has everyone gathered?” asked Elder Sha.

“Reporting to Elder, we’ve all come,” answered Wang Mang hastily. Even now, they all felt like they were in a dream. Their gains were too shocking.

If everyone split things evenly, Wang Mang estimated that even if he worked for two centuries as an outer disciple, he wouldn’t be able to gather so much.

Elder Sha nodded and controlled the flying boat. A barrier of light appeared over it, and it sped away.

At this moment, Long Chen extended his arms and wrapped them around Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er’s waists. They both blushed, not expecting Long Chen to be so brazen.

“Scoundrel, release me! There are so many people here!” whispered Tang Wan-er.

“Careful!” Suddenly, Elder Sha’s expression changed.


The flying boat shook violently and flipped through the air. The people inside smashed against the barrier. Some vomited blood and some even fainted.

“What’s… going on?” Wang Mang and the others were dizzy from the impact.

Only Long Chen had long since been prepared. His feet had been like nails in the ground. Even Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er weren’t affected.

“Long Chen, you…” said Meng Qi.

“I don’t know anything. What just happened?” asked a ‘dumbfounded’ Long Chen.

“Everyone, be careful! It’s a ninth rank sea demon!” shouted Elder Sha.


The flying boat once more flipped. A mile-long tentacle had sent it flying. But this time everyone was prepared and was circulating their spiritual yuan in defense, as well as tightly holding onto the flying boat. But they still felt like their organs were flipping within them.

“Damn, it’s even more amazing than I had thought,“ Long Chen sighed emotionally inside as he looked at that huge tentacle.

“You scoundrel, as expected, you knew all along!” said Tang Wan-er. Being held by Long Chen, most of the force was blunted by him, so she and Meng Qi didn’t feel much. They both realized this was definitely something caused by Long Chen. He had probably known all along that they would draw over a ninth rank sea demon.

“Shh…” Long Chen made a keep quiet gesture, stealthily pointing to Elder Sha.

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were speechless. Long Chen was too evil, intentionally causing trouble for Elder Sha. And Elder Sha was truly unlucky to run into an evil person like Long Chen.

Everyone looked at that tentacle with shock. It suddenly curled and wrapped around the flying boat, making it so it couldn’t move. Everyone felt themselves sink.

“Crap, it’s dragging us into the sea!”

Wang Mang and the others were terrified. They hadn’t even seen the form of the ninth rank sea demon. Just its huge tentacle was able to cause so much trouble.

“Brute, are you looking down on me?!” Elder Sha was finally infuriated. Countless runes lit up on the flying boat, and flying swords shot out at the huge tentacle.

That tentacle was sliced apart by countless sharp runic blades. The flying boat escaped its clutches and flew away.

Suddenly, the surface of the water rapidly rose. A colossal figure showed up in front of the boat, blocking even the sun.

“Heavens, what kind of monster is this? How is it so huge?” Everyone was horrified. This sea demon was so huge that even the flying boat looked like a toy in comparison.

Long Chen managed to see it clearly. It was like an octopus, but it didn’t have eight tentacles. Instead, it had hundreds of them. Black, sticky liquid covered its body. It spread its tentacles, blocking the path of the flying boat.

“This is a ninth rank sea demon? What a terrifying aura,” said Guo Ran with shock. Although they were on the flying boat and had a protective formation, the aura of the ninth rank sea demon still caused them to shiver. In front of this ninth rank sea demon, they seemed as miniscule as ants.

“Something this big can be eaten for a long time.” Wilde was drooling as he looked at the huge sea demon. He had never seen such huge rations.

Wang Mang and the others almost coughed up blood. Was the only thing on his mind food? They were the ones about to be eaten.

“Long Chen, don’t you think this is a bit too much?” said Meng Qi worriedly.

“It’s fine. With Elder Sha present, this ninth rank sea demon should just be the appetizer.” Long Chen shook his head. He had been relaxed from the start precisely because of his confidence in Elder Sha.

Elder Sha was just about to control the flying boat to retreat when the ninth rank sea demon formed a huge net around them with its tentacles.

Although it was huge, its speed was shockingly fast. Its tentacles instantly bound the flying boat and pulled them toward it.

“Heavens, what a terrifying mouth!” cried Tang Wan-er.

The sea demon had opened its mountain-sized mouth. It was filled with teeth that shone with a sharp, cold light.

“We’re going to be eaten!” Wang Mang felt despair.

“Brute, you’re asking for it!” Elder Sha snorted. It was unknown what he did, but the flying boat suddenly trembled. A huge cannon appeared on the prow.

“Die!” shouted Elder Sha. The flying boat shook intensely, and a huge ray of light shot toward the ninth rank sea demon’s mouth.

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