Chapter 978 Blood Dyes the Blue Sea

“They’re here!”

Wang Mang and the others were a bit nervous. Although they were Foundation Forging experts, they hadn’t experienced a battle of this scope. There were over ten eighth rank sea demons charging at them.

However, Long Chen stood indifferently with his hands clasped behind his back. Each one of the Dragonblood warriors had similarly relaxed postures. They didn’t show any nervousness, because they had all experienced even more nerve-wracking battles than this. This little scuffle was nothing.

The surface of the water exploded as huge figures charged at them. The first ones they charged at were Gu Yang and the others, as they were the closest.

However, because eighth rank sea demons were so huge, despite the three of them having spread out, a few of them charged higher, going directly at Meng Qi and the others.

“Kill!” Guo Ran shouted, and with a wave of his hand, three house-sized spheres flew into the open mouths around him.

Their mouths were huge, so no matter how he tossed them, he wouldn’t miss. These were his powerful bombs. As his cultivation base grew, his forging efficiency also increased, so it was no longer so painful to toss out his treasures.

These cold-blooded sea demons had very low intelligence. Without even understanding what was going on, the bombs exploded in their mouths, causing their heads to explode.

Guo Ran killed three eighth rank sea demons in an instant. Although it was a bit lucky, this efficiency was shocking.

Gu Yang had also erupted with his full power. Powerful Blood Qi soared from him, and his spear danced. He killed one in the first instant as well.

As for Wilde, he had summoned the Barbarian Blood Bronze Body. With a single smash of his hammer, he blew a sea demon to smithereens. His power caused the sea demon to explode along with its Neidan.

“Wilde, pay more attention. If you hit them like this, you won’t get anything.” Long Chen was speechless. When would this fellow grow some brains? If he fought this way, its Neidan and corpse would be gone. What was the point of this?

“Oh, what should I do?” grumbled Wilde.

“Go gently. Just hit its head. I’d rather you beat it half-dead than make it explode,” said Long Chen. Wilde’s intelligence almost seemed to shrink as he grew stronger. He couldn’t even figure out something like this.

“Alright, I’ll listen to brother Long!” said Wilde. It just so happened that an eighth rank sea demon was coming for him, and he once more smashed his club down.

Blood mist filled the air. Once again, there was nothing left. Wilde was dumbfounded.

Long Chen almost coughed up blood. The difficulty in having Wilde control his power was heaven-defying. Long Chen directly gave up and let him do whatever he wanted.

Wilde’s brute power was appalling. Even Elder Sha was shocked. As the battle unfolded, his shock only grew.

Wilde, Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, and all the others were displaying shocking combat power. That was especially true of Wilde. His club clearly landed on the sea demons’ heads, but it caused their entire bodies to explode. Even their incredibly tough Neidans exploded with them. This was a strange power that Elder Sha had never witnessed before.

Wang Mang and the others were first incomparably shocked that Wilde had such power. But then they became incomparably distressed. With each smash of his club, another eighth rank Neidan disappeared…

They decided to do their best not to look over at Wilde, as watching was too painful. Runes circulated around them, transforming into huge hands that constantly gathered the slain eighth rank sea demons.

They didn’t need to participate in the actual battle. Using their refined control over powerful magical arts, they were extremely adept at gathering the slain sea demons. With thirty-six of them working together, they barely missed any at all.

Originally, they had been a group of thirty-seven, but one of them had been tossed out into the Eastern Wasteland by Elder Sha for saying something was unfair.

At the front, Gu Yang, Guo Ran, and Wilde were drawing most of the sea demons. Other sea demons managed to get by them, but the majority of them were seventh rank, and killing them was extremely easy.

The occasional eighth rank sea demons that got by would be instantly killed by a few squad leaders working together. Everything went extremely smoothly. Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er didn’t even need to do anything. Long Chen had them look after the group, but right now, no one needed their help.

The panicked Eastern Wasteland disciples also began to calm down upon seeing the Dragonblood Legion handle this many sea demons. They found their own positions, occasionally launching an attack. If they didn’t have a chance to attack, they used magical arts to help gather corpses.

As time went by, the sea demons did not drop in number. Instead, more and more of them appeared, and they only grew stronger.

In the beginning, their cultivation bases were only at the early eighth rank. But now mid eighth rank sea demons were appearing. When they appeared, Wilde became ecstatic.

That was because he found that when he smashed a mid eighth rank sea demon, at least some of their body would survive. Their Neidans were also intact.

Wang Mang and the others had been delighted at first to see this many sea demons; they were truly getting rich! But as more eighth rank sea demons appeared, they gradually became afraid. They had killed over a hundred eighth rank sea demons, and it was starting to be too much.

As more and more eighth rank sea demons showed up, they didn’t even have time to gather the seventh rank sea demons’ Neidans, letting them fall into the sea.

The sea was dyed red by the blood of the sea demons. Some corpses sank to the bottom, while some floated on the surface of the water, looking like floating islands, as well as huge burial mounds.

Currently, thousands of miles of the sea was dyed red, and countless sea demons were crazily charging forward. Furthermore, their numbers and power only grew. Wang Mang felt a chill.

But when he stealthily glanced at Long Chen, he saw that his expression was still calm, as if this intense battle before him was nothing more than a game that he didn’t care about.

Wang Mang took a deep breath and thanked his luck that he had acted pragmatically. He hadn’t fought against Long Chen to the point of you die or I die. Thinking of that, he patted himself on the back for being wise.

Long Chen hadn’t shown off any shocking attacks. But Gu Yang, Guo Ran, Yue Zifeng, Wilde, and the others were each more shocking than the last. From all this, Wang Mang could tell that Long Chen had to be more terrifying than he imagined.

“Wang Mang, don’t get distracted. You’ve already lost an eighth rank Neidan,” called Long Chen.

“Oh, sorry!”

Wang Mang’s runic hand had been destroyed by a sea demon, and as a result, an eighth rank sea demon’s corpse fell into the sea, lost.

“Don’t be so worried. This is just the opening scene. Once you’re accustomed, you’ll be fine. Everyone further back, there’s no need for you to attack. You should all focus on gathering the corpses. Dragonblood warriors, there’s no need to hold back any longer! We’ve pretty much drawn them all over, so the moment’s almost here!” said Long Chen.

“The opening scene?” Wang Mang and the others involuntarily shivered. This kind of terrifying battle was just the start? Then what was the main act?

“Kill! Kill to your heart’s content!”

The Dragonblood warriors roared, going all-out to slaughter the sea demons. The current sea demons were growing stronger, and even late eighth rank ones began to appear. The Dragonblood warriors were starting to find things difficult.

They all activated their Spirit Blood, each of them crazily attacking, and Treasure items flew through the air, along with scarlet blood.

With their Spirit Blood and Treasure items, the eighth rank sea demons were rapidly cut down by them. Their corpses tumbled down.

Wang Mang and the others were red-eyed. They no longer had time to care about seventh rank sea demons anymore. They had to focus completely on gathering the eighth rank corpses.

There were too many, so even Wang Mang and the other Foundation Forging disciples found gathering them taxing. Even with the help of the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples, quite a few corpses fell to the bottom of the sea.

Once the corpses fell into the sea, there was no way to bring them out. The Heavenly Dao runes that they had condensed into hands could enter the water, but it would exhaust too much of their spiritual yuan.

Seeing those corpses falling into the ocean, Wang Mang and the others were filled with pain, but they were helpless. They could only do everything they could to gather the slain eighth rank sea demons.

As the Dragonblood warriors erupted with power, the number of sea demons didn’t drop. But all the sea demons were eighth rank ones now. They were like a tide, crazily charging forward.

The Dragonblood warriors also seemed to have gone crazy. Each one of them was like a killing god, mercilessly slaughtering the sea demons.

Toward the end, Wang Mang and the others were terrified by just looking at them. The Dragonblood warriors seemed like bloodthirsty fiends, completely different people from the ones who had chatted with them. They were merciless and cold, their killing intent causing their souls to tremble.

This was the Dragonblood warriors’ strongest state. That killing intent was something piled up from countless experts’ bones.

The number of sea demons continued to increase. In the end, their corpses were piled up like mountains on the sea.

This shocking scene shook even Elder Sha. He was deeply shocked by what he was seeing.

“Careful!” Suddenly, a huge crab-like sea demon charged in front of a Dragonblood warrior. It was a late eighth rank sea demon, and because it was covered in tough armor, it had managed to break through their defenses. Its claw smashed toward the Dragonblood warrior, causing the others to let out startled cries.

The Dragonblood warrior had only just forced back another sea demon, and there was no one around who could help him.

“Split the Heavens!”

A blood-red light slashed down, killing the sea demon.

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