Chapter 977 Stunning Attack

Countless sea demons surged over from all directions, and over half of them were seventh rank sea demons.

“Brothers, the food has come. Hurry and kill them!” shouted Wang Mang.

Seeing this many seventh rank sea demons delighted Wang Mang. He thought of his conversation with Long Chen, and seeing his unchanging expression, he knew that these sea demons had something to do with him.

Seventh rank sea demons were equivalent to normal Sea Expansion cultivators. The Dragonblood warriors could kill them easily, and even the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples were able to kill them without much trouble.

With Long Chen’s orders, the senior disciples were only in charge of extracting the Neidans, which was extremely simple for them. This way, not even one Neidan would be wasted.

Although only a portion of the Dragonblood warriors were participating, their terrifying killing power rapidly dyed the sea red.

With all the seventh rank sea demons being killed, Long Chen asked Wilde if he wanted them. After all, these sea demons were extremely ugly and strange. No human would want to eat them.

But Wilde didn’t care about that. He said that as long as it was edible, he wanted it. Long Chen had everyone gather the seventh rank sea demons’ corpses when they weren’t busy extracting Neidans.

Wilde wasn’t picky about food, so this was an excellent chance to gather rations. As time passed, more and more seventh rank sea demons appeared.

“We’re rich!” Wang Mang and the others were ecstatic. They had participated in the hunt last time, but they hadn’t encountered this many seventh rank sea demons back then.

In just a few hours, they had gathered more Neidans than what they had had over three days back then. This profit made them almost go crazy.

As more sea demons appeared, it became harder for everyone. More and more Dragonblood warriors joined in.

Elder Sha frowned slightly as he looked at this unending tide of sea demons. He was curious. He had never seen this many seventh rank sea demons being drawn over during a hunt.

Suddenly, a roar rang out. A terrifying pressure caused everyone’s hearts to shake. “Eighth rank sea demon!”

Wang Mang and the others were startled, and they hastily formed a formation. A huge figure appeared within the sea and flew into the air. It was a fish with two wings. 

This three-mile-long fish covered the sun with its wings. Its mouth opened and water arrows rained down on them.

Those dark green water arrows whistled over with a space-tearing noise, and they released a nauseating scent. They were clearly poisonous and shouldn’t be touched.

“Collective shield!”

With Wang Mang—the one with the most experience—in the center of the formation, all the senior disciples formed hand seals. Light barriers manifested, covering everyone.

Those light barriers were rapidly blown apart one by one, but in the end, half of them endured. The water arrows were unable to menace them.

When the water arrows fell to the sea, quite a few sea demons were struck and their bodies began to emit smoke. The spots struck by the water arrows corroded.

“What a terrifying attack!” exclaimed someone. If these water arrows had landed on them, they would have probably been corroded into a skeleton.

Although Wang Mang hadn’t fought sea demons on the sea before, he had participated in many battles and had plentiful battle experience. Otherwise, even if he had bribed people, he wouldn’t have been able to be able to become the leading disciple of this mission. “Everyone, this is a powerful eighth rank sea demon. We have to work together to handle it. Listen to my directions: first, we-”

Just as he was shouting, a sword-image soared into the sky, shaking heaven and earth. It was stunningly beautiful, and like a flash of light, it disappeared in an instant.

That huge winged sea demon was cut in half. Blood filled the air and it fell to the sea.

Yue Zifeng sheathed his sword. That attack had been from him.

“Beautiful!” Long Chen was the first to praise him. Yue Zifeng was getting stronger and stronger. It seemed Ling Yunzi had given him some pointers, and now that his Heavenly Dao energy had been erased, he was even more terrifying.

That sword seemed to fill the entire world. It was like there was some invisible power behind it that made it unstoppable, capable of slicing apart heaven and earth.

Yue Zifeng had always been a genius of the Sword Dao, but through Ling Yunzi’s guidance, his comprehension of it had grown even greater. That attack had been full of the specific terror of sword cultivators.

Even Elder Sha’s expression changed. He hadn’t noticed Yue Zifeng before this. Yue Zifeng wasn’t very eye-catching, but once he attacked, he instantly killed an eighth rank sea demon, and so easily at that. That made Elder Sha re-evaluate Long Chen. Someone with Yue Zifeng’s power wouldn’t be drowned out even within all the geniuses of the Xuantian Dao Sect. But such a figure was actually willing to follow Long Chen?

“Quick!! Grab the corpse!”

Wang Mang and the others were too stunned to react at first. The sea demon’s corpse smashed into the sea, causing huge waves. They hastily used magical arts to gather the two halves of its corpse. Looking at the flat and smooth cut, they sucked in a cold gasp.

Yue Zifeng’s attack was refined to the point that it was unbelievable. The wound was completely straight as if drawn with a ruler, and it was right in the middle. The two halves were the same, and even its bones, which were comparable to Treasure items, had been cut cleanly. Such a terrifying attack shocked them.

“Don’t just stare. Another one’s coming,” said Long Chen.

Just at this moment, the sea surged. A huge figure rapidly grew under the water.

“Die!” Gu Yang shouted and his spear unleashed a mile-long spear-image that stabbed into the water. A huge body flew into the air.

It was also an eighth rank sea demon. Its head had been pierced by Gu Yang and it was dead. Only once they saw the corpse flying toward the boat did everyone react and dodge.

The flying boat was bigger on the inside than the outside. So no matter how big the sea demon was, it would fit.

“Ridiculous!” Wang Mang and the others were stunned. Eighth rank sea demons were overlords of the sea in places like this. Even Foundation Forging experts would have to go all-out to kill them, and there was a chance of being heavily injured in the process or even dying.

But Yue Zifeng and Gu Yang each killed them with one blow, and a seemingly simple blow at that.

Eighth rank sea demons were not things that seventh rank sea demons could compare to. Even their corpses were valuable. However, their Neidans were still much, much more valuable.

To gain two eighth rank Neidans made the senior disciples almost start dancing.

Wilde was also close to dancing with joy. Long Chen had said that all the sea demons’ corpses would be his. He felt blessed. It seemed he wouldn’t have to worry about getting hungry in the future, and he had an urge to start eating right now.

“Another eighth rank sea demon!” shouted someone. But this sea demon wasn’t coming at them from the front, but charging out from right below the flying boat.

The flying boat was knocked into the air, and countless people were thrown off and forced to hastily summon wings.

With the flying boat knocked into the air, Elder Sha decided to keep it floating. That would make it more convenient when the battle started.

“Someone, go out as bait,” said Long Chen. Fighting on the flying boat truly wasn’t convenient.

“Let me.” Guo Ran was the first to fly out and stopped about a mile from the surface of the water. He had only just paused when a huge mouth devoured him, causing Wang Mang and the others to let out startled cries.

“This show-off.” Long Chen was speechless. Even now, he was pursuing his goals.

The startled cries were cut short as the eighth rank sea demon’s head exploded and a golden armored freak appeared.

“I swept through the four seas, crossed a thousand mountains, caused huge billows in heaven and earth, slaughtered demons, eliminated devils, plucked the stars and moon. If you want a chivalrous hero, you can come find me, Guo Ran! If you want to eat me, then we’ll have to see if you have the teeth for that!” said Guo Ran flashily.

Long Chen facepalmed. Would this fellow die if he didn’t show off for a day? There weren’t even that many outsiders here, so what was the point? It made others feel embarrassed for him.

“Everyone prepare yourself. More and more sea demons are coming. So far, all we’ve had is the appetizer, and the full course is coming now!” Long Chen could sense countless powerful auras rushing over. “Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Wilde, you’ll fight at the frontlines and draw the sea demons’ attention. Meng Qi, Wan-er, Zifeng, you’ll launch long-distance attacks as support. Wang Mang, you’re in charge of gathering the corpses and Neidans. When you’re busy, make sure to focus on the big targets. Don’t drop the melons because you’re trying to pick up sesame seeds. As for the others, spread out. Squad leaders, you’re in charge of any fish that slip through the net. Those not given a task, help Wang Mang gather the Neidans. Remember, we don’t care about corpses below the eighth rank anymore.”

Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and Wilde stood at the front. Guo Ran should have been placed at the back for support, but he liked to show off, so Long Chen let him.

The Dragonblood warriors quickly spread out, finding the best spots for themselves. They didn’t need any direction for that, as after so many life and death battles, they had long since come to a tacit understanding.

As for Wang Mang and the others, they were also highly experienced. They quickly found their own positions in accordance with the Dragonblood warriors. But the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples were clearly not so organized. They didn’t even know where to put themselves.


Suddenly, explosions came from the sea. Huge figures charged out, each one of them as big as a mountain and releasing powerful pressures.

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