Chapter 976 Don’t Say Anything (Teaser)

“What is it, senior apprentice-brother Long Chen?” Wang Mang, who was busy directing everyone, hastily ran over.

“If we continue like this, how much can we get after three days?” asked Long Chen.

“Ah, that’s a bit difficult to say. But in the previous generation, which was when I came, each person obtained plenty of points after exchanging the Neidans with the Dao Sect. For an outer sect disciple like me, that amount would take me five years of hard work to obtain normally,” said Wang Mang.

“It must have cost you a great deal to get such a job, correct?” Long Chen made a gesture with his hand, meaning money. Long Chen had seen this kind of routine many times.

“Yes, the only reason I could get this mission was because of the help from the Law Enforcement Hall. So senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, I truly am sorry,” said Wang Mang.

“I’ve already said not to bring up that matter again. As long as you don’t make yourself my enemy, I won’t make things hard on you. If you want to follow me, I also won’t treat you badly,” said Long Chen directly.

He could...

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