Chapter 974 Rampaging Sea Demons

A roaring sea appeared below the flying boat, stretching into the horizon without end. The blue water frothed and raged, with huge waves bigger than mountains crashing down.

The Eastern Wasteland’s disciples had never seen such a thing. In front of this huge sea, they felt themselves to be incredibly miniscule.

“Is this Martial Heaven Sea-Ring very dangerous?” asked Guo Ran nervously.

“Very dangerous. In fact, the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring is one of the seven great danger zones. Although it’s ring-shaped, just going through its width would take a full week of full-speed flying. Sea demons run amok within the sea, and they are exceptionally dangerous. In order to avoid disturbing powerful sea demons, we can’t fly at full speed over it and can only stealthily slip our way through,” explained the senior disciple.

“Seven great danger zones?”

“The Central Plains is extremely large, and even we only know that the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring is one of the seven danger zones. Fortunately, it’s very large, and so the danger is scattered, making it less fearful. However, it truly is one of the seven danger zones, and every time you fly over it, you have to be careful. Using a smaller flying boat would actually be better, because it doesn’t draw as much attention. But our flying boat is too big, and it’s all too easy for powerful sea demons to notice us. If it was just ordinary sea demons, it’d be fine. Even if we ran into King-level sea demons, in other words, ninth rank sea demons, there would be nothing to fear. But if we meet sea demons above that, it’ll be troublesome,” said the senior disciple. Each year, countless flying boats disappeared over the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, and no one dared to guarantee being able to pass it with absolute safety.

“Sea demons? As in, Magical Beasts that live within the sea?” asked Guo Ran.

“You can put it like that. But they do have some differences from ordinary Magical Beasts. They have no crystal cores, but they have a Neidan inside that is even more valuable. However, sea demons are stronger and fiercer than Magical Beasts. It’s unknown just how many terrifying sea demons are hidden within the depths of the sea…”


Suddenly, the flying boat shook intensely, causing everyone to reel. The flying boat fiercely tilted.

“No need to worry, it’s just the storm zone. This is just some minor turbulence. This area is where the land’s air stream clashes with the sea’s air stream. In truth, this storm zone is the safest part of the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring,” said the disciple.

“How do you mean?”

“Because this area doesn’t have sea demons, as they don’t like this environment. That makes it the safest.”

The storm zone wasn’t very large. After just an hour’s flying, they passed it. A beautiful, sunny sky appeared in front of them, one without any clouds. The sea was calm with only slight waves. It was a beautiful and peaceful scene.

But as soon as they arrived here, the senior disciples tensed. The flying boat also slowed down, making less of a disturbance as it flew.

Without any warning, a ripple appeared on the sea. A head bigger than a mountain broke through the surface of the water, and a huge spout of water smashed into the flying boat.

The flying boat was struck and catapulted through the air. The people inside all became dizzy.

“What is that?” asked Guo Ran.

“Cyan Scaled Monsters. They’re extremely loathsome, as they enjoy attacking things that are flying over the water. If smaller flying boats are seen by them, then the attacks they unleash might destroy the whole boat.”

However, smaller boats were also harder to see, so there was less chance of being struck. Thus, they actually had quite an advantage. But the Xuantian Dao Sect couldn’t send one, because they hadn’t known how many people they would be bringing back.

For their mountain-sized flying boat to fly over the water, they truly were very eye-catching.

“Then why not have the flying boat fly higher? Then wouldn’t they be able to avoid the sea demons’ attacks?”

“A good idea, but it won’t work. The Martial Heaven Sea-Ring is extremely strange. Up in the air, there are strange laws. The higher the flying boats go, the greater the resistance. It’ll cause loud rumbling and be even less safe.”

Everyone couldn’t help being startled. This Martial Heaven Sea-Ring was too bizarre. They were nervous, as well as a bit excited.

The flying boat was constantly shaken as occasional water spouts struck it. It was constantly forced to tumble through the air, making everyone lightheaded. It was difficult to bear.

“Fuck, is there an end to this?” cursed Guo Ran. He felt nauseated.

“Endure it. Once we’re past this region, it’ll be smoother. It was the same for us when we came,” comforted a senior disciple.

In truth, they all found this unbearable. It was like they were stuck in a ball, and the sea demons’ attacks were like kicks to the ball. Each time they were struck, it made them feel worse.

Meng Qi had it the worst. Tang Wan-er was supporting her, but within the flying boat, she wasn’t able to help much at all.

As a soul cultivator, Meng Qi’s body was too weak. Her face was pale, causing Long Chen distress. Unable to bear it anymore, he stood up and said, “Elder Sha, release the defenses. I’ll make them scram.”

“You have a method?” Elder Sha was controlling the flying boat. In truth, he was also uncomfortable, but there was no way around this.

“Yes.” Long Chen nodded.

Elder Sha hesitated for a moment but then said, “This region isn’t very peaceful. You can’t kill them, or the blood will draw more powerful sea demons.” This was precisely the reason why he hadn’t just attacked them.

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

“Fine.” Elder Sha waved his hand, and the transparent barrier around the flying boat dissipated. Long Chen appeared at the front of the boat.

Everyone else was tightly holding onto the flying boat. Now that the defenses had scattered, if they were struck, then when they were blown into the air, there would be nothing to keep them on the flying boat.

Long Chen extended a hand, and a ball of lightning formed. Countless lightning runes circulated within it, releasing an ear-piercing rumble.

The senior disciples were shocked. Even Elder Sha’s expression changed. “Heavenly tribulation lightning? How can he control the nine heavens’ tribulation lightning?!”

Long Chen tossed the lightning ball into the sea. It disappeared, and following that, countless mountain-sized bodies floated to the surface of the sea.

“They’re all unconscious.”

Only now did everyone get a chance to get a good look at the Cyan Scaled Monsters. Their bodies were huge and protected by layers of scales. They looked like prawns, except that their bodies were absolutely huge, and there was a large cavity on their heads which they launched their attacks from.

They accumulated water in their bodies, and through compression, they released their water spouts with extremely great power. However, they were extremely weak to thunderforce. Long Chen had originally just been trying to drive them away. He hadn’t expected that they would all fall unconscious from this lightning ball.

“I’ll open a space and draw the Cyan Scaled Monsters into the flying boat. Kill them within the flying boat, and remember not to let them bleed. Their Neidans contain pure water essence and are very valuable. Once we return to the Xuantian Dao Sect, you’ll be able to exchange them for the resources you need.” Looking at the hundreds of Cyan Scaled Monsters on the surface of the water, Elder Sha couldn’t help but do a little rule breaking.

At this time, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, perhaps it was because he had been influenced by Long Chen, but he felt like wasting these Cyan Scaled Monsters was too regretful. He activated one of the flying boat’s functions, and rays of light shot down, like hands drawing them into the flying boat.

The space inside the flying boat was much greater than what it appeared on the outside. Long Chen and the others didn’t know what was going on, but they saw the senior disciples were delighted.

The senior disciples killed the sea demons with Spiritual Strength and told Long Chen that other than their rations, they could also exchange resources they had gathered for resources they needed within the Xuantian Dao Sect’s pavilions.

As outer sect disciples, the amount of resources they could gather was limited. So they needed to work hard to get them.

In truth, coming out to pick up the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples was a lucrative mission. Other than their task to blunt the newcomers’ arrogance, within a relatively safe zone in the Martial Heaven Sea-Ring, they could hunt a few sea demons and exchange them for resources they needed.

Before even reaching the hunting zone, they had already obtained this many Cyan Scaled Monsters. They were incredibly excited, because according to the rules, the resources obtained during the journey would be split amongst everyone.

This was a typical case of first giving a slap and then giving a candy. First, the senior disciples were to give the newcomers a beating, and then to avoid them getting depressed, the senior disciples would hunt down sea demons and split the profits with them.

This psychological tactic tempered the newcomers’ arrogance and gave them newfound hope for their futures. It was quite the routine.

But now it was different from before. It wasn’t the newcomers profiting from the senior disciples. Instead, they were all profiting from Long Chen.

They continued on their way. As long as more Cyan Scaled Monsters appeared, Long Chen would toss out a lightning ball and knock them unconscious. Thunderforce was their bane, and in front of it, their combat power was essentially zero.

The flying boat peacefully flew along. Everyone wished for more attacks now so they could get more profit.

“I don’t care about the Neidans, but don’t throw out the meat. Leave it for Wilde,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen saw that the senior disciples only took in the Neidans, but they tossed aside the meat like it was trash. However, those corpses were what Long Chen and Wilde wanted.

Another couple hours passed and they had flown out of the region of the Cyan Scaled Monsters. But the amount of Neidans they had gathered caused the senior disciples to smile ear-to-ear.

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