Chapter 971 Extorting a Confession.

“Long Chen, let me handle it. I know what to do.”

Meng Qi slowly walked forward. She floated onto the martial stage, her white robes and black hair billowing. She looked like she had walked right out of a painting, appearing indescribably graceful and sacred.

Seeing Meng Qi come onto the martial stage, Wang Mang’s heart shook. A bad feeling rose within him.

He had long since thoroughly examined the disciples from the Eastern Wasteland. Meng Qi had very weak Heavenly Dao fluctuations, and she seemed harmless. Furthermore, she was a soul cultivator, and so he thought her to be the weakest target in the Dragonblood Legion.

But once Meng Qi came onto the martial stage, despite her appearing tranquil and calm, an intense feeling of unease appeared in Wang Mang’s heart.

“Wang Mang, you shouldn’t have tried to use me to infuriate Long Chen. From your eyes, I can see your greed and guess your goal. For you to want to provoke Long Chen so much, you’re clearly using your position for selfish purposes. You have a hidden agenda-”

“That’s enough. Senior disciples teaching the new disciples is the tradition of the Xuantian Dao Sect. You can’t change it, so don’t waste so many words,” shouted Wang Mang.

But anyone with sharp eyes could tell he was putting on a fierce act to hide his panic. Meng Qi had clearly guessed right.

“I was just warning you out of the kindness of my heart. But since you don’t want to be grateful, forget about it. Be careful, because an Underworld Soul Magical Armor won’t provide you with much safety.” Meng Qi shook her head.

“Underworld Soul Magical Armor?”

The senior disciples were startled, while the Eastern Wasteland’s disciples didn’t know what it was.

This armor was something that came from a Magical Beast only the size of an ordinary ox. Its body was in the shape of a pangolin, but its scales were exquisite and practically transparent.

It was an extremely rare Magical Beast capable of soul energy attacks. Its hide could be manufactured into a soul item that could make someone practically immune to spiritual attacks. That was because its Spiritual Strength was stored in every one of its scales, and those scales possessed shocking absorptive properties.

However, Underworld Soul Magical Beasts were extremely rare, as well as crafty. They were sensitive to danger, which made their armor exceedingly precious. It was unexpected for Wang Mang to be able to possess such a rare thing.

What was even more unexpected was that Meng Qi could see through her opponent’s trump card before even attacking.

“So what if you know about the Underworld Soul Magical Armor? You’ll still be helpless against me!” Wang Mang was startled, but there was no way for him to stop now. With a shout, he charged at Meng Qi.

Three-colored runes formed a sea around him. Forming hand seals, a huge runic spear condensed in the air and shot toward her.

“Bastard!” The Dragonblood warriors became even more infuriated. This bastard instantly used his full power and such a terrifying move. He was going too far against a soul cultivator.

Suddenly, a roar rang out. A huge claw smashed down, shattering the runic spear.

A huge Earth Dragon appeared. It opened its mouth, spurting out golden flames that enveloped Wang Mang instantly.

“You’re a Beast Tamer!” Wang Mang was startled. He hastily condensed a runic barrier around himself against the Earth Dragon’s flames.

He had only just blocked the Earth Dragon’s flames when a bird cry rang out. A Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix appeared above him and its true feather rose.

The runes on its feather circulated and a red light suddenly shot out.

Wang Mang’s barrier shattered and the red ray continued. Wang Mang was horrified. This was no spiritual attack, and his armor had no effect against it. It would take his life like this.

The Redeye Sacred Blood Phoenix had reached the eighth rank under Meng Qi’s care. Furthermore, since Meng Qi could direct it, its divine ability was now able to achieve many times the effect of it attacking alone.

This was the most terrifying aspect of Beast Tamers. A Magical Beast wasn’t frightening. But a Magical Beast with intelligence was, especially one being controlled by a Beast Tamer.

Although the Magical Beast’s intelligence was low, their divine abilities were hereditary. When adding on the technique and timing of the Beast Tamer’s direction, their power was brought to a pinnacle.

“Xuan Scale Armor!” At this life and death juncture, Wang Mang couldn’t have so many misgivings. He released his Foundation Forging cultivation base, forming a huge runic shield to block this attack.

He had no choice but to go all-out, because using a Sea Expansion cultivation base, this defense of his wouldn’t have been summoned fast enough. Only by using a Foundation Forging cultivation base had he been able to instantaneously use this magical art.


Shockingly, the runic shield Wang Mang summoned with his Foundation Forging cultivation base also shattered upon being struck. But fortunately, the red ray also disappeared. Before Wang Mang could even sigh with relief, a huge tail swung over.

That was the Earth Dragon’s tail. Under Meng Qi’s control, the timing was perfect. By the time Wang Mang sensed it, he had already been struck.

Wang Mang wildly vomited blood, feeling like his body was about to be torn apart. He flew back.

“Be suppressed!” Meng Qi’s Soul Suppressing Tower appeared, and it descended, smashing into Wang Mang’s body.

When the Soul Suppressing Tower rose once more, everyone was horrified to find that Wang Mang had been turned practically flat, like a housefly that had been slapped against the wall.

However, he hadn’t died. His body was flat, but his head remained. That was the result of Meng Qi being merciful, or it was unknown how many times over he would have died. But his Underworld Soul Magical Armor was shattered.

Everyone was silent, even the Dragonblood warriors. They had never seen Meng Qi use such domineering techniques.

Previously, when Meng Qi killed people, her enemies would always lay on the ground like they were simply sleeping. It was never so bloody.

“You challenged me in order to infuriate Long Chen. I really can’t understand why you people would be so stupid as to constantly test Long Chen’s bottomline. He’s tired, and he’s suffered enough. His shoulders are under enough weight, but you still want to step on him. Since you’re so foolish, then I also won’t mind dyeing my hands with blood and becoming a bloodthirsty devil.” Meng Qi indifferently looked at the terrified Wang Mang who was lying in a pool of his own blood.

Meng Qi was always tranquil and never liked fighting. But then Little Snow had died. Long Chen’s heartbroken cry showed just how powerless and aggrieved he had felt.

That scene was deeply imprinted in her heart. On that day, she swore to no longer be a benevolent woman. She wanted to share Long Chen’s burden, and if she had to become a blood-soaked devil to do so, she didn’t mind.

In the cultivation world, there was no clear yardstick for right and wrong, kind or cruel. Now, she no longer cared. She was tired of caring about what was right and what was wrong. What she wanted was to protect Long Chen.

Long Chen had given them so much that it was too much. He was tired, and what Meng Qi wanted was to share as much of his burden as she could.

Looking at Meng Qi’s face, her words echoed in Long Chen’s heart and he felt a warm current inside. He was indescribably grateful to have such women, as well as slightly distressed. He felt like he had wronged them by having them by his side.

“Speak, why did you target us,” demanded Meng Qi, looking at the flat lump on the ground. She had no pity for him.

“I… I am following the rules! AH!” Wang Mang wanted to quibble when a burst of pain erupted from his soul. It was like millions of needles were piercing him.

“Elder Sha… save me!” he wailed.

Elder Sha didn’t move. His expression was still cold as he indifferently said, “That wouldn’t be in accordance with the rules. As the challenger, you have to take responsibility once you lose.”

“I… I’m going to die… She wants to kill me… You… you’re just watching as I die…” Wang Mang was constantly wailing from the pain Meng Qi was causing him. But his body was unable to move.

“According to the rules, once you die, I will cancel her qualifications to join the Xuantian Dao Sect,” said Elder Sha indifferently. It was like nothing could interest him.

“Release me… release me… I’ll tell you… It was a senior apprentice-brother from the Law Enforcement Hall. He told me… to take care of you…” Wang Mang finally submitted.

“Law Enforcement Hall?”

Long Chen and the others instantly understood. This should be something caused by Lu Minghan. But that also seemed wrong. Lu Minghan should understand Long Chen’s power, so why would he send people to their deaths?

After thinking about it for a bit, Long Chen understood. This was definitely related to how Li Changfeng had captured Lu Minghan. Two Elders fighting would definitely cause a wave in the Xuantian Dao Sect, and most likely, the disciples from the Law Enforcement Hall had gotten wind of it. Wanting to suck up to Lu Minghan, they had told Wang Mang to take care of Long Chen and the others.

Without even thinking about it, it was obvious Wang Mang had to have received quite some benefits from those people to follow their orders.

Otherwise, without having received a heavy bribe, there was no way he would continue to antagonize Long Chen by challenging Meng Qi once he had seen how strong the Dragonblood warriors were.

Most likely, he had just wanted to embarrass Long Chen a bit. Then he could report his success back. After all, not doing work after being paid was no good. But this work’s price was extremely great, almost costing his life.

Long Chen snorted coldly. His gaze swept through the other senior disciples, causing their hair to stand on end.

“It has nothing to do with us! We had no idea!” cried those disciples in terror.

Now that this matter was done, Elder Sha turned to leave. But Long Chen suddenly said, “Disciple has some things he would like to ask. Elder Sha, can you teach me?”

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