Chapter 970 Fool

“What happened?!”

Everyone was startled by this sudden change. They hadn’t seen how this person had disappeared. Even Long Chen’s guard went up, as this change was too sudden.

“Heavens, he’s flown out!” Someone let out a startled cry. Looking outside the flying boat, they saw a figure rapidly shrinking and disappearing. Although it had just been an instant, they had still managed to see that senior disciple’s look of despair and terror.

“I’ve already said that anyone who dares to say that something is unfair in front of me should be ready to be thrown out. Did you treat my words as just wind through your ears?”

Just at this moment, the cold Elder Sha appeared in front of them. They felt pity for that disciple. Just because he had said something was unfair, he had been thrown out. With how large the Eastern Wasteland was, it was unknown if he would be able to find his way back.

“Hmph, he should count himself lucky. This place is still above the Eastern Wasteland. With his cultivation base, he has a high chance of being able to live to find a cultivation city and return to the Xuantian Dao Sect. A bit further and we’d have entered the region of the Martial Heaven Sea. Then he’d have died. I don’t care if you’re a newcomer or an old disciple, you better all remember that rules are rules. When you don’t have the power to break them, be well-behaved,” said Elder Sha.

This was Long Chen’s first time feeling that Elder Sha wasn’t so dislikable. Although his refusal to compromise or bend was displeasing, after this event, Long Chen realized that he should simply be a stubborn old man. He was the kind of person who followed the rules no matter what.

Although this kind of person wasn’t someone easy to like, he also wouldn’t cause others to feel too much dislike for him. Now that he understood his temper, things would be much easier.

“Did you hear him? Elder Sha has said that as long as we don’t break the rules, anything goes. Whoever wants to go challenge them can go ahead. Don’t miss this opportunity. It’s not just any time that you can beat the senior generation disciples. Furthermore, while you beat them, they can’t even release their true power and can only use the Sea Expansion realm’s power. Whether it’s for tempering yourself or probing how strong the experts from the Central Plains are, it’s a great opportunity. Brothers, what are you waiting for?” said Long Chen.

His words caused the senior disciples to be infuriated. Why was it that at their generation, things were reversed? When they had come to the Central Plains, they had been bullied. Now that they finally had a chance to repay the favor and teach a lesson to these brats, they were once more the bullied targets.

One of the Dragonblood warriors jumped onto the martial stage and pointed at a senior disciple, directly challenging him.

With Elder Sha present, that disciple didn’t dare to hesitate. He immediately jumped onto the martial stage and began a fierce fight with the Dragonblood warrior.

But what startled everyone was that the Dragonblood warrior didn’t release his Spirit Blood. He fought without it.

“Why aren’t you activating your Spirit Blood? Are you looking down on me?!” shouted the senior disciple. He felt like he was being looked down upon. He would rather be defeated than suffer this insult.

“Since you can’t use your full power, then I’ll also hold back. Furthermore, I’m a rank three Celestial while you’re only rank two. I already have such an advantage, so if I activated my Spirit Blood, it would be unfair. Let me see just how strong the experts of the Central Plains are. Even if I lose, I won’t use my Spirit Blood,” said the Dragonblood warrior. Runes filled the air as his fists danced. Other than not using his Spirit Blood, he wasn’t holding back at all.

Elder Sha’s expression was still icy, but a bit of praise appeared in his eyes. It was rare to see such a courageous disciple.

Hearing this, the people who had fought before immediately felt regret. Other than some satisfaction from being posers, they had gained nothing. The right decision was to see just how strong the Central Plains’ experts were.

“Hey, what are you all looking at me for?! When you were being posers, you looked so happy. Now you want to push all the responsibility on me?!” Guo Ran glared back at the few people that were glaring at him.

Those people didn’t say anything. They just watched the battle. That Dragonblood warrior’s cultivation base was at the fifth Heavenstage of Sea Expansion, and three-colored runes revolved around him.

As for the senior disciple, his cultivation base was suppressed to the peak of Sea Expansion. With each wave of his hand, runes shot out. His techniques were extremely refined. This was the skillful control of a Foundation Forging expert.

The Dragonblood warriors’ expressions grew graver as the battle progressed because they were now at a disadvantage. The power of these senior disciples was now finally showing.

Although their cultivation bases had been suppressed, their skill in magical arts was unmatched. They came in an unending stream with almost no cast time and left no openings between their moves.

The Dragonblood warrior exchanged over a hundred blows against the senior disciple, testing all kinds of methods, but was unable to escape from his disadvantageous position. Suddenly, he shouted, “Be careful!”

A saber appeared within his hand. A fierce aura soared and berserk killing intent caused everyone to turn cold.

His saber slashed out three times in a row, each time shattering his opponent’s attack. On the third time, it blasted through his opponent’s runic shield and stopped less than an inch from his head.

A drop of blood fell from the senior disciple’s head. That quiet sound struck like a hammer in all the senior disciples’ hearts.

The instant the Dragonblood warrior had brought out that saber, it had felt like he had transformed into a bloodthirsty fiend. His boundless killing intent had shaken them to their core. The senior disciple had been terrified and instantly defeated.

Seeing this, Long Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. They were more like greenhouse flowers that possessed power but couldn’t release it.

It went without saying that the Central Plains’ experts were powerful. But when it came to the firmness of their wills, they were much weaker than the Dragonblood warriors.

“You’ve lost. How boring. You didn’t lose to me, but to the terror in your heart.” The Dragonblood warrior shook his head and returned to his side.

That senior disciple remained on the martial stage for a long time, and only after a while did he react. He turned completely red when he realized the meaning of his words.

When the Dragonblood warrior had released his killing intent, the senior disciple had been enveloped by a sensation of death. In that instant, the first thing he had thought of was to flee. But then he immediately thought to himself that his opponent wouldn’t dare to kill him. However, what if he did end up dying?

His head had been a complete mess. That made him ashamed. Now he didn’t even feel like a cultivator, or a man.

Elder Sha didn’t say a word. He stood there like a statue, but he also didn’t leave.

Following the senior disciple’s defeat, the Dragonblood warriors began a series of challenges. Some of them even said that they wouldn’t kill them so they could attack as they pleased.

But whenever the Dragonblood warriors released their killing intent, it made it impossible for their opponents to believe that. Feeling that killing intent enveloping them, the senior disciples were unable to release even eighty percent of the power they should have been able to.

Over ten of them were defeated in a row. The Dragonblood warriors were starting to get less excited, feeling like such a battle didn’t have any meaning.

Long Chen had long since told them not to fight any meaningless battles. The reason they were fighting now was merely to test the strength of the Central Plains’ experts. But now the senior disciples were too terrified to fight. Originally, they had thought that the threat of death would allow the senior disciples to release their true power, thinking it would be oil on fire. But instead, it was like water on fire, and their flames had extinguished. So what was the point of still fighting?

The Dragonblood warriors lost the desire to fight. The other experts had an urge to fight, but then they also didn’t dare to.

“If you don’t even dare to lose, what qualifications do you have to win?” said one of the Dragonblood warriors. That encouragement finally tipped the scales.

Someone immediately went up to fight. As a result, he was beaten in just a moment. But now, a loss was just a loss, and he didn’t suffer any humiliation.

In the past, the newcomers would all be bullied by the senior generation in order to grind down their sharpness. It was to avoid them being arrogant once they arrived in the Central Plains and refusing to be managed.

But this generation was different. These senior disciples didn’t dare to go too far now. They were afraid of provoking the Dragonblood warriors.

The ordinary disciples weren’t a match for the senior disciples, while the Dragonblood warriors weren’t interested in wasting time on the senior disciples. The atmosphere became a bit awkward.

“You, girl, do you dare to fight me without activating your Spirit Blood?” Suddenly, Wang Mang, who had been silent throughout these proceedings, jumped onto the martial stage and challenged Meng Qi.

“Courting death!” Wang Mang’s actions immediately infuriated the Dragonblood warriors. Meng Qi was always peaceful, isolating herself from battles whenever she could. She was like a fairy beyond the mundane world.

Furthermore, she was clearly a soul cultivator. For Wang Mang to dare to challenge a soul cultivator, he definitely had a protective soul item. Combined with the limited space of the martial arena, he had an immense advantage over Meng Qi. He was truly sinister.

“Wang Mang, I don’t know if you are really this stupid or you were bribed by someone. But you’ve succeeded in infuriating me. How about this, Wang Mang? I’ll give you a chance. I, Long Chen, possess no Spirit Blood, nor am I a Celestial. I’ll fight you. You can use your full power and not suppress your cultivation base at all. We’ll have a life and death battle,” said Long Chen coldly.

Toward other people’s insults, disdain, and contempt, Long Chen could brush it off with a laugh. But he didn’t allow others to touch his reverse scale.

Everyone jumped in fright, especially those senior disciples. They looked in horror at Long Chen. Was he crazy? He wanted to challenge the Foundation Forging Wang Man to a life and death battle?

Only the Dragonblood warriors had excited expressions as they all looked forward to seeing Long Chen fight. Each time, they would feel their blood boiling.

Wang Mang’s expression changed, because in that instant, a terrifying sensation of death rose in his heart. That feeling was like a death god was staring at him.

“That is against the rules. It is not permitted!” said Elder Sha, his voice icy without the slightest emotion.

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