Chapter 97 Brothers

That was a group of seven people, and they were all holding weapons tightly. The person in the front was extremely large and wielding a sword in one of his hands.

Behind him was one fat person and one thin person. The fat one was so big that people couldn’t even tell if he was walking or rolling.

As for the thin one, he was skin and bones, looking just like a chimp. They were both tightly holding their swords and following behind the person at the front.

Everyone was completely shocked to see this group appear. Looking carefully, some people couldn’t help but exclaim, “Isn’t that Shi Feng who won the competition during the Phoenix Cry Lantern Festival?”

“It really is him! There’s also the other two right behind him who I recall being very close to Long Chen!”

“Could they be thinking of stopping the execution?” said some people in disbelief. It was true that Shi Feng was a genius, most likely only second to Long Chen.

But even so, he was only someone who had just advanced to the fifth Heavenstage of Blood Condensation, and he was only leading a group of insignificant Qi Condensation brats. This was no different than sending themselves off to die.

“This is true brotherhood. I heard that Long Chen has given them many favors. They’re probably doing this to repay him. Only such people are true men.” Some people couldn’t help but sigh regretfully about their deaths, but at the same time, they were filled with respect and admiration for them.

This was basically a path of death they were walking. For them to do such a thing required more than just sheer courage.

Looking at this group of people that had suddenly appeared, Chu Xia frowned. He knew that Shi Feng and them were extremely close to Long Chen.

But he also knew that Shi Feng would be his generation’s peak expert. He had hoped that he could pull him in and groom him as one of his subordinates. That was why they hadn’t been implicated at all this time.

However, he hadn’t expected Shi Feng to be so bold and actually dare try to stop the execution with the top experts of both Phoenix Cry and the Grand Xia present. 

Before the fourth prince even said anything, there was already a group of soldiers who blocked their path.

“Those who try to block me will die!” Shi Feng shouted angrily and raised his sword. He charged forward valiantly.

“Charge! Save brother Long’s household!” Fatty Yu also followed closely behind Shi Feng. With Shi Feng in the lead, their small group charged a squad of over a hundred elite soldiers.

“If you dare keep coming forward, all of you will die!” shouted the leader of the squad coldly when he saw that Shi Feng still didn’t stop.

In truth, he was actually being kind. He hoped Shi Feng would stop while he still could. In front of this many experts, there was not even the slightest chance of them succeeding, and so he tried to give Shi Feng and the others a path to survival.

At the same time, he was also influenced by Shi Feng’s loyalty that was unbending even in the face of death. His troops, which had seen blood before, admired such a brotherly camaraderie even more than the commoners. 

Unfortunately, he was disappointed to see that Shi Feng didn’t stop at all, instead advancing even faster. 

Shi Feng raised his sword and heavily slashed it at that leader’s spear. His power exploded and that squad leader, who was also at the mid stage of Blood Condensation, was forced back a dozen steps.

That was definitely surprising. No one had expected Shi Feng to be so strong at such a young age. The squad leader quickly stabilized himself and pierced his spear at Shi Feng.

Suddenly, Blood Qi exploded from Shi Feng’s body. His mid Blood Condensation aura immediately erupted and his sword slashed down once more.

That squad leader’s arm turned numb and his hand split open. His spear was sent flying dozens of meters away, and it continued to tremble incessantly even as it pierced the ground.

He was completely astonished. Seeing Shi Feng continuing forward, he realized that he would be unable to resist in the slightest and he helplessly closed his eyes in the face of death.

However, that expected sword blow never fell. Instead, he felt himself being kicked tumbling into the distance. Although he appeared like a miserable figure, he wasn’t really harmed.

In just two moves, Shi Feng had defeated their strongest member. Those troops behind him couldn’t help but become panicked. Seeing Shi Feng charging forward, they hastily raised their spears to block him.

But those soldiers were only ordinary troops. Some of the weaker ones had yet to even enter Qi Condensation. It was impossible for them to block Shi Feng, and they were all sent flying.

When Chu Xia saw that Shi Feng was so shockingly powerful, he frowned and waved his hand. “Stop them! Remember to capture Shi Feng alive!”

The fourth prince’s order caused three small squadrons to completely surround Shi Feng’s group. Three mid Blood Condensation troops advanced forward to block him together.

Shi Feng seemed possessed by a god of war. His sword danced through the air, and even one against three, he still didn’t fall into a disadvantage. However, he was unable to advance any further.

Fatty Yu and the others had been surrounded by the troops. They did not possess Shi Feng’s combat abilities, and the strongest amongst them was only at the sixth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation.

Most importantly, they had all been advancing by relying on their passion. In reality, their combat experience was essentially zero. As soon as they made contact, one of them was immediately heavily injured by a spear.

Fatty Yu had only just blocked a spear when a second had already reached his armpit, giving him a great fright.

But that spear was sliced in two by Shi Feng who had been keeping an eye on them. Pushing back his opponents, he had returned to save fatty Yu’s life.

However, because he had been distracted, the spear of one of the squad leaders brushed across his shoulder, and blood slowly flowed out.

“Brothers, don’t be afraid! Even if we die, twenty years from now, we’ll still be remembered as heroes! Long Chen treats us as his brothers, and we can’t let his household die in before our eyes. Today, we choose death! If there is a next life, let us continue being brothers!”

Shi Feng knew that today was already hopeless. This result was something he had long since known would happen.

Originally, they were a group of nine people that followed Long Chen. They had already obtained favors from Long Chen, going from unwanted characters in the background to their families’ most important members.

All of that had been given to them by Long Chen. It was Long Chen that had changed their destinies.

So, when the Long household ended up in a crisis, even though they knew their deaths would be certain, they had still come. They would use their passion as evidence of their camaraderie.

Two of their original group of nine had fled when seeing those troops. Their eyes were filled with shame and remorse.

They had once been a member of them, but they hadn’t had the courage to come. When Shi Feng had brought up going to stop the execution, they had chosen to remain silent.

But Shi Feng hadn’t become angry and he didn’t resent them. Instead, he told them to remember their brothers, and when they had time, to come to their graves to burn some incense and pour some alcohol for them.

Xia Youyu saw that Shi Feng possessed a great potential and lightly said, “Just now there was a person who said that those who would destroy the peace between our two empires could not be pardoned. It seems prince Chu Xia is still a bit soft-hearted. I’ll help you out. Ha Qi, go kill those troublemakers.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

One of the people behind him immediately floated over to Shi Feng like a wisp of smoke.

Chu Xia’s expression changed slightly. He knew Xia Youyu had seen through his intentions of recruiting Shi Feng. He was doing this as a bit of revenge for his son. However, Chu Xia didn’t move to stop this.

He now realized that Shi Feng was an extremely unbending person. The odds of Chu Xia being able to convert him into one of his subordinates was not high. And so he didn’t say a single thing in objection.

Ha Qi’s speed was extremely great, practically inconceivable. He traversed a distance of hundreds of meters in just a couple of blinks. Arriving beside Shi Feng, he sent a palm forward.

Shi Feng, who was originally fighting three squad leaders, suddenly felt a shiver run through his body. A terrifying aura completely locked onto him.

The four of them were astonished and stopped fighting immediately. A terrifying palm wind descended, and they quickly blocked it.


Shi Feng had been the first to realize something was wrong. He wasn’t like those three who stupidly stood still to block it, but instead quickly retreated.

However, he was still scraped by that palm wind and he became like a kite whose string had been cut, tumbling back dozens of meters and spitting out blood.

Now looking back to that spot, those three squad leaders, who had been fighting with him, were now unrecognizable as their corpses lay on the ground. Their bones had all been shattered and their auras had disappeared.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I guess that was a bit too strong.” Ha Qi smiled slightly. However, that apology of his was not the least bit apologetic.

The battle completely stopped. All of them were stupefied by this sudden change. Looking at those corpses that didn’t even have a human form anymore, everyone was silent for a long time.

Those were their squad leaders at the mid Blood Condensation realm! All three of them had been killed by a single palm; how could that not be appalling?

“A Tendon Transformation expert!”

Finally, someone let out an alarmed cry. Only a Tendon Transformation expert could so easily kill the three of them.

“You…” Chu Xia’s expression sank. How could he possibly not realize that Xia Youyu had done this on purpose to embarrass him?

“Ah, what an unexpected mishap. After all, a Tendon Transformation expert is also human, and fists do not have eyes. No one can guarantee anything in the midst of battle. I think that prince Chu Xia should be able to understand this. What do you think?” smiled Xia Youyu.

He had purposely told Ha Qi to do this. He wanted to tell this nephew of his that although he had that person’s support, he wouldn’t be able to support him for a lifetime. So he should be more reserved and not so excessive.

How could the fourth prince not understand Xia Youyu’s meaning? He was full of fury, but he didn’t make a move. Instead, he was recording this hatred in his heart.

After Shi Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, he slowly stood back up. Even in the face of a Tendon Transformation expert, he didn’t have the slightest intention of retreating.

“Shi Feng, quickly run! Don’t sacrifice your life in vain!” Mrs. Long couldn’t bear to see him send himself to die for nothing.

Shi Feng didn’t reply. In fact, none of the others replied either. Other than one person that was too heavily wounded, the others all stood behind Shi Feng, facing off against Ha Qi together.

A cruel smile appeared on Ha Qi’s face. “Excellent, you guys really are smart. Dying one by one really is worse than dying altogether. I’ll help finish all of you off quickly!”

Ha Qi laughed coldly and stamped his foot. Veins appeared on his fist as though vines were under his skin. He smashed his fist into Shi Feng.

Many of the Phoenix Cry Empire’s people, whether it was soldiers or commoners, couldn’t watch as Shi Feng and the rest were smashed into pulp, and so they all closed their eyes.

Suddenly, the sound of a sword being unsheathed rang through the air. A cold light flashed in the air as a sword slashed down upon Ha Qi.

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