Chapter 969 Only Imitated, Never Surpassed

A lump of flesh flew over to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s senior disciples.

“Does anyone else want to curb the arrogance of the newcomers? Come!” challenged Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s bright head combined with his fierce expression made him seem like a large monster. Adding on how he had just defeated one of the senior disciples in one move, he appeared exceptionally imposing.

“Hmph, arrogant brat, I’ll handle you!”

Another senior disciple flew onto the stage, immediately summoning his runes and attacking.

Having gained experience from the previous person, he immediately let loose a magical art. They had all realized that these newcomers weren’t as easy to handle as usual.

As a result, he immediately used the magical art he was most proficient in. Although his cultivation base was suppressed to Sea Expansion, it was at the peak of Sea Expansion. As a Foundation Forging expert, his proficiency in magical arts was much deeper than a Sea Expansion disciple. With just a wave of his hand, his magical art shot out. His cast time was extremely short, making it so there was practically no chance to interrupt him.

This was an absolute advantage they had even though their cultivation bases were suppressed. Their proficiency in magical arts usually allowed them to completely suppress the newcomers.

Strength wasn’t something that could be judged purely by cultivation base. This was why the newcomers were always bullied by the senior disciples.

Even with cultivation bases in the same realm, the older generation disciples had ten extra years of experience. This difference was extremely great.

This senior disciple in particular would count as above average in this group. He saw that Gu Yang was a powerful brute-force fighter, so he didn’t fight him head-on.


Gu Yang’s fists smashed onto the runic fist-image, shattering it.

“What?!” All the senior disciples were startled. But seeing Gu Yang suddenly release a powerful pressure containing Blood Qi, all their expressions changed.

“Spirit Blood?!”

Gu Yang had activated the power of his Spirit Blood. After refining the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, he had condensed his own core runes. His Spirit Blood attribute increased the power of his physical body.

This was the most terrifying thing about Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. A person who originally had no Spirit Blood could use it to excavate their potential in the area they were most proficient in and condense their own core runes.

For example, a disciple might be proficient in two, or even three attributes. However, those attributes wouldn’t be balanced, making it so each one of them was useless. After refining Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, they could increase their ability in all of those attributes, and they could also choose to condense their core runes with one of the attributes. Once the core runes were condensed, then with the assistance of the Ten Thousand Spirit Blood, their new Spirit Blood would possess only one attribute. That way, all their talent would be concentrated, giving them immense power. This was the heaven-defying power of Ten Thousand Spirit Blood.

In the Immemorial Path, lord Heaveneye had given Long Chen over a thousand drops of Ten Thousand Spirit Blood. Other than what he had used on the Dragonblood Legion and a small portion, Long Chen had sent over five hundred drops to Yue Xiaoqian.

Not only that, but other than the rank four Heavenly Dao Fruits, he had sent all the others to Yue Xiaoqian. In other words, he had sent her tens of thousands of Heavenly Dao Fruits.

Other than those two things, anything he had extras of, he had sent her. He was going all-out to equip this ally of his, giving himself a powerful backer.

In Long Chen’s mind, there was no such thing as a good or bad person. There were only enemies and allies.

Even if the original devil race was wicked beyond redemption, as long as they sincerely helped him, he wouldn’t mind forming a pact with the devil.

However, Long Chen didn’t feel that the original devil race’s people were evil. Back in the Immemorial Path, he had seen murals showing the human race bowing to the original devil race.

There was also the fact that the Eastern Wasteland Bell had lost control and furiously cursed when it had heard that the original devil race was being hunted by the whole world. That meant there were some problems with what was publicly known.

But even ignoring all that, Long Chen trusted Yue Xiaoqian, and since he trusted her, he would trust her fully. Practically everything he had accumulated had been given to her.

He also hadn’t wanted to part, but his mind told him that they couldn’t be seen together in the open yet. Long Chen had intentionally handed Yue Xiaoqian a long list of things to handle so that she would be busy instead of wallowing in sadness all day.

Right now, Long Chen only had a few rank four Heavenly Dao Fruits remaining. As for the Dragonblood Legion, even the squad leaders were rank four Celestials.

The remaining rank four Heavenly Dao Fruits he had weren’t enough for everyone else, and so he decided to have them temporarily stay as rank three Celestials.

Gu Yang wasn’t just a rank four Celestial, but he was also someone who possessed exceedingly pure Spirit Blood. Once he activated it, his power was incomparably terrifying.

The senior disciple’s expression changed upon seeing his magical art being shattered in one move. He was just about to switch moves when he saw Gu Yang’s blinding head grow closer and seemingly brighter.


Gu Yang’s head smashed into that senior disciple’s nose. The sound of bones breaking rang out.

The senior disciple’s face looked like it had been smashed by a hammer. It caved in, and with a miserable cry, he flew back.

Long Chen was speechless. When did the Dragonblood Legion begin fighting like this?

“Boss, how was this move of mine?” Gu Yang laughed. His attack had struck cleanly. It was truly not bad.

“Wipe off the snot from your head before you speak.” Looking at the blood and mucus on Gu Yang’s head, Long Chen was speechless.

“Aiya, I forgot!” Only now did Gu Yang react. Rubbing his head, it felt slimy. Looking at his blood-and-snot-covered hand, he himself felt a wave of nausea.

No longer in the mood to fight, Gu Yang jumped off the stage and quickly washed it off. Although he wasn’t mysophobic, this was just too disgusting.

Guo Ran now pointed at Gu Yang, using him as an example of what not to do. “Do you see? This is the result of trying to be a poser without having any skill. If you want to be a poser, you have to look at the situation, the people, the time, the weather, the light, the angle, the size, the enthusiasm, etc. As Dragonblood warriors, each one of our movements relates to boss’s face. Our slogan is: no being posers without assurance, and no being posers without any technique!”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er turned their heads away in embarrassment, refusing to look at Guo Ran. This kind of wording was unbearably vulgar.

But of course, none of the men by Long Chen’s side were refined and elegant. They were always casual and carefree, often spouting such coarse language. They were mostly used to it now.

“If you want to be a poser, you have to follow boss’s example. I’ve studied boss’s posing for twenty years, but I’ve only managed to imitate him, never surpass him. You disciples, listen well. Our boss is a professor of posing. You can try being posers at other times, but don’t try it in front of my boss. My boss has a simple principle: posers need a beating, and the manner doesn’t matter. So if you don’t want to be beaten, you better behave,” said Guo Ran.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He glanced sideways at Guo Ran. Day by day, Guo Ran’s ability to spout nonsense grew. Now he even dared to tease him.

He was only twenty-one. How was Guo Ran supposed to have followed him for twenty years? Could it be that ever since he learned to talk, Guo Ran had been by his side, studying?

Although he was a bit displeased to be used in this manner, Long Chen still felt that this kind of carefree, joking manner made them much closer.

Guo Ran’s shouting caused the senior disciples’ expressions to sink. As a result, one of them jumped onto the martial stage. He furiously glared at Long Chen, but after a long while of hesitation, he pointed at one of the ordinary Dragonblood warriors. “You, get up here!”

Originally, he had been planning on challenging Guo Ran, because Guo Ran’s aura was extremely weak. But as soon as he had been about to say it, he suddenly stopped.

Something as unusual as that had to have something behind it. Since Guo Ran dared to say such things, even daring to use Gu Yang as an example of what not to do, he had to be at least on Gu Yang’s level. So he chose someone else.

That Dragonblood warrior stepped onto the stage, and the senior disciple immediately launched a magical art. A runic wall crashed toward the Dragonblood warrior.

The Dragonblood warrior suddenly released his Blood Qi, destroyed the runic wall with a single punch, and grabbed his opponent’s hair, slamming his head into his knee.

He slammed him three times, and that pitiful senior disciple felt like his head was spinning. His ears buzzed, and he stumbled around for a while before collapsing on the ground.

“What? Another one who possesses Spirit Blood, and a rank three Celestial at that?”

All those senior disciples were startled. Contrary to Gu Yang, this Dragonblood warrior wasn’t so strong. In order to instantly defeat his opponent, he had summoned his Heavenly Dao runes and Spirit Blood power at the very start.

“I refuse to believe all of you have Spirit Blood!” Another senior disciple jumped onto the martial stage.

Rank three Celestials had a definite Heavenly Dao suppression over rank two Celestials, but that effect was only apparent in battles against the same realm. Since they were Foundation Forging experts, the Heavenly Dao suppression didn’t have much effect on them. All they were afraid of was the power of their Spirit Blood.

“Hehe, little fellow, you’re quite smart. You’ve seen through our weak point with just a glance. Yes, there truly are people without Spirit Blood among us. In fact, they don’t even have Heavenly Dao energy. If you’re lucky, you might be able to pick them out,” laughed Guo Ran.

The Dragonblood warriors also laughed. In the Dragonblood Legion, the ones who weren’t Celestials were Long Chen, Yue Zifeng, and Wilde. Thinking of the results if the senior disciples encountered them, they all became excited.

That senior disciple didn’t have that luck though. He picked out a squad leader, and in just a moment, he was lying on the ground.

The senior disciples’ expressions only grew uglier. Four people had gone out to fight, and four people had been beaten black and blue without the slightest ability to resist.

“You, come out! I challenge you!” The squad leader didn’t feel satisfied after beating one person. He beckoned to one of the senior disciples.

“I refuse. With your Spirit Blood, you can release unbeatable power, while I have to suppress my cultivation base. It’s unfair,” said the senior disciple.

As soon as he said that, the senior disciple disappeared.

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