Chapter 964 Condensing the Divine Runes

It went without saying that Zheng Wenlong’s efficiency was astonishing. On just the second day, he sent him thirty million high grade spirit stones. That was equivalent to three billion middle grade spirit stones.

This clearly showed the level of Zheng Wenlong’s position. High grade spirit stones were things only experts above Xiantian could absorb.

Although they couldn’t compare to yuan spirit stones, they were still rare items on the Martial Heaven Continent.

With this money, Ouyang Qiuyu finally smiled and the haze from the past few days blew away. She praised Long Chen for his abilities. 

These thirty million high grade spirit stones immediately turned Ouyang Qiuyu into a wealthy and imposing sect master. She immediately sent out a call for people. The sects that had participated in the battle against the Corrupt path rushed over, while the larger sects also sent out people. Reconstructing the Xuantian Dao Sect required a huge amount of manpower in addition to resources.

After sending him thirty million high grade spirit stones, Zheng Wenlong then sent him a huge mass of material. There was enough material to fill up half the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Long Chen had to prostrate himself in admiration toward Zheng Wenlong. He not only sent resources, but he also sent capable craftsmen. They were the highest level craftsmen in the Eastern Wasteland, so now Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t need to worry about that.

Ouyang Qiuyu didn’t stand on courtesy when she saw how rich Long Chen had become. In any case, the trouble had been caused by him, and Long Chen had promised to reconstruct the Xuantian Dao Sect to ten times its previous size.

Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen worked through the night designing and planning the new construction. Discussing it with the craftsmen, they quickly settled on the final details.

The very next day, they got to work. But just as the construction was underway, an unexpected event occurred. Countless Righteous experts were making their way over.

With the ending of the Remote Heaven Gang, the Eastern Wasteland’s Righteous path was completely dominated by the Xuantian Dao Sect. Since they were in the midst of reconstruction, it was the perfect time to suck up. Millions of Righteous experts worked for free for them. The construction became much easier thanks to that.

They had money, material, craftsmen, and workers. Ouyang Qiuyu and Shui Wuhen excitedly stared at the diagram of the construction as they constantly directed people. It was like they had returned to their youth and were personally constructing a new home for themselves. Their laughter didn’t pause at all during this time.

Seeing the two of them working so passionately, Long Chen didn’t bother them. He brought the Dragonblood Legion to a secluded mountain, and after excavating a hole, they began cultivating.

The Dragonblood warriors had just advanced to Sea Expansion. After experiencing consecutive large battles, their auras had stabilized firmly.

Long Chen directly used yuan spirit stones to form a formation, and he took out the Immemorial Altar Lamp. The Eastern Wasteland Bell had taught him how to use it.

It wasn’t an offensive weapon, but a priceless treasure used to assist cultivation. It contained the blessing of supreme experts from the ancient era. The flame inside could draw out the Heavenly Daos and shine upon a person’s heart, allowing them to enter a perfect meditative state where they felt immeasurably closer to the Heavenly Daos.

When people normally cultivated, they first needed to expel random thoughts and enter a meditative state. Once their minds were empty, they would attempt to connect to the Heavenly Daos. This was extremely difficult, and the effect was different for every person. 

Sea Expansion was a realm where the difference in cultivation speed was the greatest. By this realm, cultivators had to have already begun to touch heaven and earth’s laws. That made Sea Expansion an extremely important foundational realm. It wasn’t as simple as simply expanding the sea.

But with the Immemorial Altar Lamp, under its light, everyone felt warm and relaxed. It was like they had returned to a state of fetuses within their mothers’ wombs. Their spiritual yuan naturally circulated. Even without meticulously doing anything, they felt the lamp guiding them to an indescribably miraculous state.

Long Chen was shocked to see that everyone’s qi seas were slowly surging. They were undergoing a slow, second expansion.

“Even without pills, they can expand their seas a second time? It’s no wonder the Eastern Wasteland Bell said that the Immemorial Altar Lamp is amazing.”

But Long Chen found that it had no effect on him, nor Wilde. He was just sleeping, an innocent smile on his face.

“Wilde, how about you go play. Remember the landmarks, so you don’t get lost,” said Long Chen upon seeing how bored Wilde was.

After so many battles, Wilde had used up all his rations. The best thing for him was to go out and get more.

However, although Wilde promised he wouldn’t get lost, Long Chen still gave him a special talisman. Through that talisman, Long Chen could sense his general location. Although it couldn’t give him a specific location, its sensing distance was extremely great. It would be easy to find him if he got lost.

After handling Wilde, Long Chen decided to act as a protector over everyone as they cultivated. He also began studying the secret part of Split the Heavens that Feng Xinglie had taught him.

Although he could use the third form of Split the Heavens, in truth, he didn’t feel like its effect was too great without having condensed the divine runes.

Back when he had used it against Lu Minghan, the only reason Long Chen could have injured him was because Lu Minghan had been careless. If it had been Feng Xinglie using the third form of Split the Heavens back then, then even if Lu Minghan had been completely prepared, he probably would have died.

“What profound principles. Each rune contains a profound connection to each other. Is a human really capable of coming up with something like this?”

Long Chen sighed inside. He had only just begun studying the first nine runes, but he was instantly drawn into the intricate principles within them.

Each one of them represented a different law, a different meaning. As for what their meanings were, Feng Xinglie had directly told him not to ask, because he also didn’t know. In any case, Feng Xinglie just cultivated it according to the instruction of the old man from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

But when Long Chen looked at these divine runes, he seemed to understand a kind of principle. It felt like he understood what they meant, but when he carefully thought about it, he couldn’t figure it out.

“The club beats the tiger, the tiger eats the chicken, the chicken eats the insect, the insect eats the club? Each complements each other, but they also counter each other?”

Long Chen focused, circulating his spiritual yuan through the first nine acupuncture points of Split the Heavens. Within each acupuncture point, he left behind a spiritual yuan cyclone.

At the center of each cyclone, he left a strand of divine sense. Each strand of it contained a different kind of energy.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples found it incredibly difficult to do so. This was like planting a seed within the nine acupuncture points, with the spiritual yuan as the fertilizer and the divine sense as the spiritual seed.

Each seed contained the embryonic form of the divine rune. It was a slow process, almost a bit like incubating an egg.

Due to cultivating the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s cultivation technique, their disciples didn’t have a very strong Spiritual Strength. So controlling it in this manner was incredibly difficult.

But Long Chen finished this first step in an instant. All he needed to do was awaken the divine runes with his Spiritual Strength. But this process was complicated, as it wasn’t just one divine rune at a time, but all nine. He had to split his Spiritual Strength into nine portions to nourish them at the same time.

Furthermore, he had to split his Spiritual Strength evenly so they grew at the same pace. If they became imbalanced, they would essentially be ruined. If that happened, he would have to erase them and restart.

Due to his powerful Spiritual Strength, he also had great control over it. The nine embryonic forms quickly formed within his acupuncture points and began to grow. They became clearer and clearer.

When the nine divine runes fully appeared, Long Chen’s expression suddenly turned grave. He softly chanted, “To split the heavens of the universe, my soul energy condenses. Split the Heavens’ divine runes… appear!”

This was a mnemonic Feng Xinglie had taught him. This was his first time chanting it, and he felt like it sounded nonsensical. But after a while, he could feel a mysterious kind of energy within the world.

This energy was formless and invisible, but he could sense it. The nine divine runes in his acupuncture points lit up as if they were coming alive. They began to slowly revolve.

Each divine rune seemed to possess its own life and will. They were connected to his soul, so it was like nine newly-born babies starting to become active.

“Does this mean there really are gods’ blessings in this world?” Long Chen’s heart pounded wildly as he examined the movements of the nine runes.

This energy wasn’t his. After chanting the mnemonic, that mysterious energy had helped him fully activate the spirit of the nine runes.

When Feng Xinglie had explained the activation of the runes’ spirits, he had explained it vaguely, merely saying that he would understand when the time came. Now he finally did understand. This kind of thing couldn’t be described with words. 

Having succeeded in condensing the divine runes, Long Chen’s confidence rose. It had been extremely easy, and he was just about to start condensing the next nine when a disciple suddenly came over to report that someone was looking for him.

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