Chapter 962 Suppression (Teaser)

Lu Minghan had just attached his head before he began to roar furiously. Killing intent soared out of his body.

A grand King had been injured by a group of Sea Expansion disciples, and even had his head cut off. That was an unbearable insult.

“Lu Minghan, calm down!” shouted Li Changfeng.

“Shut up, how am I supposed to calm down!? I’ll kill that bastard Long Chen. Break!” Lu Minghan roared furiously. Majestic energy suddenly erupted from within his body, causing heaven and earth to shake.

“Have you gone insane? You want to obliterate the entire Xuantian Dao Sect?!” shouted Li Changfeng. Lu Minghan was using his core energy. The core energy of a King would destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Shut the hell up! Release me from these nuisance chains now, or I’ll do anything I want!” roared Lu Minghan.

Lu Minghan and Li Changfeng were both from the head sect, but they were from two different departments. Li Changfeng was part of the Elder’s Hall, while Lu Minghan was part of the Law Enforcement Hall.

When it came to official titles, Li Changfeng’s position was a level...

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