Chapter 962 Suppression

Lu Minghan had just attached his head before he began to roar furiously. Killing intent soared out of his body.

A grand King had been injured by a group of Sea Expansion disciples, and even had his head cut off. That was an unbearable insult.

“Lu Minghan, calm down!” shouted Li Changfeng.

“Shut up, how am I supposed to calm down!? I’ll kill that bastard Long Chen. Break!” Lu Minghan roared furiously. Majestic energy suddenly erupted from within his body, causing heaven and earth to shake.

“Have you gone insane? You want to obliterate the entire Xuantian Dao Sect?!” shouted Li Changfeng. Lu Minghan was using his core energy. The core energy of a King would destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“Shut the hell up! Release me from these nuisance chains now, or I’ll do anything I want!” roared Lu Minghan.

Lu Minghan and Li Changfeng were both from the head sect, but they were from two different departments. Li Changfeng was part of the Elder’s Hall, while Lu Minghan was part of the Law Enforcement Hall.

When it came to official titles, Li Changfeng’s position was a level higher than Lu Minghan’s. But because Lu Minghan came from the Law Enforcement Hall, his position was rather special.

The Law Enforcement Hall’s Elders all had the power to punish disciples and Elders. An insufferable culture had begun brewing there, and their way of speaking to others was loathsome. But because of their special power, the other Elders had to endure it, which only stoked the flames of their arrogance.

Although this mission was being led by Li Changfeng, Lu Minghan didn’t respect him much. In his fury, he didn’t care anymore.

Fury brought more fury. Li Changfeng finally stopped restraining himself. He originally didn’t like the people from the Law Enforcement Hall, especially not when they acted like this.

“Be suppressed!” Li Changfeng’s expression was dark as he formed new hand seals. The chains binding Long Chen and the others released and bound Lu Minghan.

Chain after chain rapidly whirled around Lu Minghan. He was tightly bound into a ball.

“Li Changfeng, you dare to suppress me?! I-”

Bound by these chains, he found his power suppressed, and he was unable to release any of his techniques. His furious roar was cut off suddenly as the chains began to move even faster. Even his head was bound, until he eventually became a chain cocoon.

Li Changfeng was ashen. Lu Minghan was completely unreasonable. With a wave of his hand, the ball of chains that was Lu Minghan disappeared.

“Long Chen, come with me.”

Long Chen and the others hadn’t even reacted to what was happening when Li Changfeng extended a hand. Not allowing Long Chen to resist, the two of them disappeared.

Long Chen was shocked. Although they were both Kings, Li Changfeng was much stronger than Lu Minghan. He didn’t have the slightest ability to resist him. He finally understood just how far he was from a King.

The two of them appeared on a mountain that was tens of thousands of miles from the Xuantian Dao Sect. He didn’t know what technique Li Changfeng had used to bring him here.

“This trip to the Eastern Wasteland was handled poorly,” sighed Li Changfeng.

“Senior…” Long Chen didn’t know what to say.

Li Changfeng waved his hand, saying, “This matter isn’t your fault. Of course, it can’t be blamed on me either. Ugh, I’ll have to go back and report on this mission now.

“However, before I go, let me warn you, Long Chen. Being too stubborn will make you lose more. Whether you want to view me as an Elder or just an old senior, it doesn’t matter. After all, you are one of my Dao Sect’s disciples. I don’t want to see your temper provoke a calamity. Although you had people come to support you this time, luck isn’t dependable. You shouldn’t always depend on such an ephemeral thing.”

Li Changfeng was giving him his heartfelt advice. He felt pity for him, but his temper also gave him a headache.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. He knew Li Changfeng was being kind, but what other way was there? Whether he was low-key or wildly arrogant, he seemed doomed to have a bumpy life full of frustrations.

Since the results either way were the same, why not do as he pleased? Why always concede and compromise? It was one thing if yielding would make him safe. Then he would yield. After all, he had people he cared about. But yielding didn’t make things safer; it just made things worse. More people would think he was easy to bully, not hesitating to trample over him. So why yield then?

“I’ll remember senior’s golden words of wisdom.” Long Chen bowed slightly. Long Chen wasn’t actually someone who didn’t know how to repay kindness. He knew exactly who had been good to him.

“As for your secrets, I’m not interested in them, and the Dao Sect isn’t interested in them. But you have to remember, when five fingers extend, they aren’t all united. In a sect with as many people as the Xuantian Dao Sect, it’s difficult to avoid some people who have wicked thoughts. So be careful in the future. Always try to leave some thoughts for the consequences instead of just losing your mind in a fit of rage,” said Li Changfeng.

“Yes.” Long Chen could only nod.

Having completed the fourth star of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his senses were only growing stronger. He was extremely sensitive to feelings of kindness or wickedness. No one could trick him.

So from the start, Long Chen had known that Lu Minghan wasn’t a good person. The only thing in his heart was greed, and so he wasn’t courteous to him at all.

“There’s still half a year until the branch sects’ elites can gather for the head sect’s disciple selection. Once you pass, you’ll be able to cultivate in the head sect. The Central Plains is the true place for heavenly geniuses to cultivate. As for the Eastern Wasteland, you’ll understand how insignificant it is in the future. Alright, people really do talk more as they get older. I have to return to the head sect to report on this matter. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can go ask your sect master.”

Li Changfeng’s figure suddenly vanished from Long Chen’s sight. Long Chen didn’t even know what direction he had gone.

“The Central Plains?”

Long Chen was a bit apprehensive and excited. He had long since heard that the Central Plains was a holy land for cultivation. Geniuses covered the land, and no matter how talented you were, you would be drowned by countless other geniuses.

He also knew that the Skywood Divine Palace was in the Central Plains. In other words, only by going to the Central Plains could he see Chu Yao again.

Thinking of Chu Yao, of their interactions in Phoenix Cry, a fire lit up in Long Chen’s heart, as well as some grief.

Chu Yao was a peaceful girl who didn’t like fighting. She was easily satisfied. But to protect Long Chen, to make herself stronger, she had left the Eastern Wasteland and had gone to the incredibly distant Central Plains. All of that had been for him.

However, Long Chen felt uneasy. His origins were a mystery, one that had been perplexing him for a long time. Instead of feeling like he was getting closer to the answer, as his cultivation base grew, all he felt was that this world grew vaster with him.

Before he reached the peak of the martial path, he was not to investigate his origins. That was what that unknown servant had said before disappearing.

Back then, Long Chen had thought that the servant should have been a Xiantian expert. But back then, he hadn’t understood what a Dao Transformation was. But now he knew. Only Celestials possessed the qualifications to do so, and they had to have at least reached the fourth rank.

Transforming into the Dao required the assistance of Spirit Blood. The servant had turned himself into nothingness and severed all karma related to him, all to protect Long Chen.

He shook his head, forcing out those unsteady thoughts. No matter how strong his enemies were, no matter how terrifying they were, there was no need to have so many misgivings since he had made his choice.

Furthermore, once he went to the Central Plains, he wouldn’t be alone. Chu Yao was there, and he had also sensed Ye Zhiqiu’s aura in the Immemorial Path. He was sure she would also go to the Central Plains. In fact, perhaps she was already there.

Other than that, he thought of a certain person who liked to laugh and show off. That person’s face was still a bit immature and baby-like. He was Mo Nian.

According to his grandfather, Mo Nian would definitely become an amazing figure now that he was a Celestial. He had to go to their ancestral land in the Central Plains to receive the inheritance. Back then, Mo Nian had said he would soar and reach the peak of the continent.

Thinking of that, Long Chen felt a burst of warmth. He didn’t just have enemies. He also had friends he could depend on.

The thing that Long Chen found odd was that a person he had been expecting hadn’t appeared. Where was Leng Yueyan?

She hadn’t appeared during their attack against the Corrupt path, and she also hadn’t appeared when the Corrupt path had attacked the Xuantian Dao Sect. 

Had she already left the Eastern Wasteland? Or was she in seclusion? After thinking about it for a while, Long Chen decided to not bother with her. In any case, her target was him, not the others. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Another matter that rested in his heart was the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He didn’t know where it had run off to. If he had a chance, he would definitely get it to owe him another favor. Then he really would be unstoppable.

Long Chen’s thoughts were chaotic for a while as he thought of many things. Some things were exciting and some things were nerve-wracking. The Central Plains would be his bigger playing field.

Long Chen suddenly thought of those four idiots that had undergone tribulation in the Immemorial Path. Perhaps he would be able to encounter them in the Central Plains.

“Fuck, there are really too many idiots. How am I supposed to be low-key? Am I supposed to just let them step all over me?”

Long Chen spat on the ground. The best way to handle these idiots was to viciously slap them in the face. Only once their faces swelled up to the same size as their asses would they remember their lessons.

Although Li Changfeng had advised him kindly, Long Chen had his own experience. He decided to continue according to his own style. 

He returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect and told Ouyang Qiuyu that Li Changfeng had left. Ouyang Qiuyu was currently infuriated. Li Changfeng had been enraged by Lu Minghan’s actions and couldn’t bring himself to see Ouyang Qiuyu again. Although it hadn’t been his fault, he was too embarrassed to see her.

“Big sister, I need to ask you a serious question.” Long Chen suddenly thought of something.

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