Chapter 960 Departing One by One

“Boss, don’t! I have so many women in my family, so many babies that need my support! They live off my salary-!” Guo Ran’s face was covered in tears and snot.

“That’s enough!” Lu Tianhua’s hair stood on end from rage. They were clearly just playing with him. He had given them a way to step down when he thought that Long Chen was giving him face. However, it was a complete waste of time. 

This was too much. No one would play with people like this. After beating someone, they were now wrangling over a few gold coins? Lu Tianhua had no choice but to stop this nonsense.

“Long Chen, I wasn’t haggling with you over the gold coins!” raged Lu Tianhua.

“You weren’t? Ugh, why didn’t you say so sooner?” Long Chen sighed. To Guo Ran, he said, “Alright, since they’re not going to pursue it, this matter can end here. I won’t garnish your salary.”

“Many thanks, boss!” Guo Ran’s mournful expression vanished. The speed at which he returned to his old self defied imagination.

“Long Chen, don’t try to avoid the important thing! I was talking about how your people beat my disciples!”

“That? There was nothing wrong with that!” said Long Chen righteously.


“How many times do I have to say it, don’t point at me with your finger. Have you gone senile with age?” raged Long Chen. “What’s wrong with youngsters exchanging pointers? Furthermore, it was all caused by your people, but you don’t feel ashamed to cry foul? What, when you win you laugh, but when you lose you cry? Only you can win, but others can’t? What kind of logic is that? If you are brazen enough to come and wag your tail in front of other people’s faces, you had best be prepared to be slapped. If you bare your butt to others, be ready to have your ass kicked!”

Choked laughter erupted from countless people. These words were amazingly profound, the pinnacle of conciseness and comprehensiveness.

“Alright, alright. A fight between youngsters isn’t something seniors should interfere in. Young people should have that energy. The earlier youngsters suffer, the better it is for their future. Brother Tianhua, let’s just leave this matter as it is. With your magnanimity, there’s no need for you to quibble with a child,” said Li Changfeng.

He had no choice but to try and advise Lu Tianhua. Looking at his infuriated expression, he had to admire Long Chen. Whether it was combat power, the sharpness of his tongue, or his ability to cause trouble, he was practically peerless.

According to regular methods, he should have given his guest face and first chided his own child. But with Long Chen’s temper, he felt uneasy doing that, so he instead advised Lu Tianhua not to quibble over this.

He, a grand King, was quibbling with a child over face? Well, if he could win, then that would be fine. But the main thing was that he couldn’t win, so he was just losing more face.

Even if Li Changfeng wasn’t present, Long Chen had Feng Xinglie and Ling Yunzi supporting him. He, Lu Tianhua, wouldn’t dare to touch even a strand of hair on Long Chen’s head. So in Li Changfeng’s opinion, continuing to set himself against Long Chen was foolish for Lu Tianhua.

“Fine, Long Chen, let’s just wait and see!”

Obviously, although Lu Tianhua was a King, he was incapable of just brushing off such a matter. He came from Pill Valley, and he was used to being arrogant and getting his way. Even though he was leaving things as they were, he said some final words to express his fury.

Just at this moment, a person squeezed their way through the crowd. That person was Yue Zifeng. He said to Long Chen, “Boss, sect leader Ling Yunzi has left. He asked me to give this to you and to tell you to be careful.”

Lu Tianhua had been in the midst of leaving, but when he saw what was in Yue Zifeng’s hand, he came to a shocking stop.

“A King from the Bloodkill Hall!” 

That was a human head with a fierce mask on it. And although it wasn’t possible to see its true face, that terrifying pressure that came from it caused all the Xuantian Dao Sect’s disciples to tremble. That was the head of a King.

Li Changfeng, Lu Tianhua, and the others were all shocked. That was no ordinary King, but a terrifying assassin King!

That mask was a sign of his origins, the specific mark of the Bloodkill Hall. Just thinking of a King-level assassin caused the Kings to tremble.

Assassins were the most terrifying professions. Even if their actual combat power was weaker than yours, they still had a thousand ways to kill you.

Killing someone in the same realm was incredibly easy for them. That was why all those Kings were fearful.

“Why would a King from the Bloodkill Hall come here?”

Everyone was startled and looked at Long Chen. It seemed there was only one reason for him to come.

In the Immemorial Path, the Corrupt path, the Righteous path, and the ancient races had taken heavy losses. But the ones to be completely annihilated were the Bloodkill Hall.

They had been too concentrated in one location. All the experts below Huang Junmo had been gathered on the ground and exterminated with one attack. Not one of them lived to tell the tale.

“Could it be that the Bloodkill Hall is ignoring their own rules? Did they send a King to assassinate Long Chen?” Li Changfeng’s face was dark.

The Bloodkill Hall was loathsome, as they were a pack of monsters who would kill anyone for money, even their own parents.

They were assassins with no morals, but everyone knew they had one rule, and that was that they would never assassinate someone in a lower realm than them.

But now, one of their Kings had snuck their way into the Xuantian Dao Sect. If they were to say that he had just come for fun, no one would believe it.

“Haha, Long Chen, congratulations on having the Bloodkill Hall place their sights on you. I wish you a long life!” said Lu Tianhua delightedly. Then he brought out his flying boat and took all his heavily injured disciples away.

The ancient races and ancient family alliance’s Kings also left. Their emotions were about the same as Lu Tianhua’s. But their delight in Long Chen’s misfortune was covered up by their shock and terror.

That King-level assassin had definitely been targeting Long Chen, but he had been killed by Ling Yunzi. That kind of power was absolutely terrifying.

It was said that the Bloodkill Hall did not accept missions to assassinate sword cultivators, because sword cultivators’ spiritual perception was extremely refined. It was difficult for the assassins to even approach them.

This head further proved that sword cultivators were the bane of assassins. With such a terrifying figure supporting him, they didn’t dare to have any thoughts of doing anything to Long Chen. Although Ling Yunzi had left, the head he had left behind was a shocking display of power.

Long Chen was also a bit surprised to see a King-level assassin, but this was within his expectations. He had known the Bloodkill Hall wouldn’t take this matter lying down.

For the Bloodkill Hall to slap its own face and break the rule it had established was a bit out of his expectations. However, after a moment of shock, Long Chen wasn’t scared. His fourth star was completed, and his spiritual perception had only grown stronger. Furthermore, Feng Xinglie had imparted Split the Heavens’ divine runes to him. Once he condensed those, he wouldn’t fear anyone. Even if he couldn’t beat them, he would feel assured of being able to get away.

“Senior Ling Yunzi left? Why was he in such a rush?” asked Long Chen.

“It’s unclear. Senior didn’t say.” Yue Zifeng shook his head. After giving him the head, Ling Yunzi had left just like that. His actions were incomprehensible.

“Zifeng, you… your Heavenly Dao energy…” Long Chen suddenly took a closer look at Yue Zifeng. The fluctuations of Heavenly Dao energy had disappeared from his body.

“Senior erased my Heavenly Dao energy, saying that while it could help me now, it would be a hindrance to me in the future. The gains don’t make up for the loss. For a sword cultivator, just one sword is enough,” said Yue Zifeng.

Li Changfeng and Lu Minghan were deeply shaken. Just what kind of power did Ling Yunzi possess for him to be able to wipe away a person’s Heavenly Dao energy? He was able to turn a Celestial into a normal person without causing any damage to them? That was incomprehensible.

Long Chen came to a sudden comprehension. Ling Yunzi was right. Sword cultivators walked a different path than others. He had almost accidentally harmed Yue Zifeng. Fortunately, Ling Yunzi had righted that mistake.

Now that Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie had left, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed and frustrated. Since Phoenix Cry, he had always relied on himself. He had never depended on others, but this time, this matter had grown to a shocking level. Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie’s arrival had caused him to feel how nice it was to be protected. He was extremely grateful.

Once everyone scattered, Long Chen was called over by Ouyang Qiuyu. Within a private room, Ouyang Qiuyu hesitated for a long time before saying, “Long Chen, do you really not have any yuan spirit stones left?”

“I do, but I won’t give them to just anyone,” said Long Chen directly. He knew that Lu Minghan and Li Changfeng had pressured her into asking this, or Ouyang Qiuyu definitely wouldn’t have asked.

“Then have you thought about offering a few of those yuan spirit stones to your seniors? You’ll gain more benefits, and when you enter the head sect-” said Ouyang Qiuyu.

“Let’s just forget about that. Just our Eastern Wasteland’s Xuantian Dao Sect is rotten to its core. It’s not hard for me to guess what the situation will be like in the head sect. If I offer up yuan spirit stones, I won’t be able to obtain anything I want. Instead, I would become someone who ends up being promoted through bribes, and that’s definitely not worth it. So it’s best for those things to stay in my hands. If I encounter things I need in the future, then I might trade them. So no matter what, I won’t give them any yuan spirit stones. Big sister, you can go back directly and tell them there’s nothing for them. When I was powerless, when I needed help, did they help me? Now that I have some good stuff, they came here to talk about morality and principles? Do they think I’m an idiot?” sneered Long Chen.

If Ouyang Qiuyu needed them, then Long Chen wouldn’t even frown before giving them to her. But he wouldn’t give them to others.

Ouyang Qiuyu knew Long Chen’s temperament, so she didn’t try to change his mind. Long Chen left just like that. But a day later, he got a message to go see Ouyang Qiuyu again.

As soon as he stepped to the palace, Lu Minghan appeared in front of him, his expression icy.

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