Chapter 958 Split the Heavens’ Divine Runes

Not only had Long Chen summoned the Four Star Battle Armor, but he had also brought out the Green Dragon Battle Armor. His power was pushed to its absolute peak.


Feng Xinglie let out a single punch, stopping Blooddrinker barehanded. A powerful qi wave blew Long Chen away.

“This is the power of a King?” Long Chen was shocked. Long Chen felt like his arms were about to break.  Although he had always had a high opinion of a King’s power, he hadn’t expected that he was still so much weaker.

Feng Xinglie hadn’t even taken out a weapon. Barehanded, against his strongest attack, he injured him. The difference in power was like heaven and earth.

Originally, Long Chen had thought that he would have the power to fight against Kings once he consumed the Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill. But that confidence was shattered by one punch from Feng Xinglie.

“Your arms didn’t break? Hahaha, your physical body is quite strong.” Feng Xinglie’s eyes shone as he looked at Long Chen.

“Third uncle’s power is mighty. I’m completely convinced,” said Long Chen sincerely.

“Hehe, you don’t need to be discouraged. In truth, my fist contained the power of my cultivation base. It was imbued with powerful spatial strength, so I’m surprised your arms didn’t break, and you didn’t even cough up blood. Don’t blame me for being vicious. If I didn’t test your true power, I wouldn’t dare to transmit the fourth form of Split the Heavens to you,” said Feng Xinglie.

“The fourth form?” Long Chen was ecstatic. As his cultivation base grew, the second form of Split the Heavens was no longer able to keep up with his power.

“With your power, cultivating the third form of Split the Heavens should be no problem. But it’s still not enough to cultivate the fourth form. Even I can only barely use it. However, it’s unknown when I’ll see you again, and since your physical body is this powerful, you should be able to cultivate the fourth form within two or three years,” said Feng Xinglie.

“Thank you, third uncle!”

“In truth, the Split the Heavens you’ve learned are nothing more than the superficial forms. My guess is that the first form you obtained is something that a traitor of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect took. We have many disciples that can come into contact with the first form, but only once you cultivate to the third form will you learn the truth. After all, Split the Heavens is our most powerful technique. How could it be so easy to cultivate? Although you obtained the qi circulation portion and can use it, you haven’t grasped the divine meaning of Split the Heavens.

“However, you, Long Chen, are truly talented. You know you have to go through all eighteen acupuncture points in one go to use the second form instead of pausing at the ninth. Furthermore, your will corresponds with the principles of Split the Heavens. Even without obtaining the divine meaning of Split the Heavens, you are able to release the second form with such power. That’s extraordinary. But although its power is immense, it’s still not the true Split the Heavens. Today, I’ll show you how to truly use Split the Heavens.”

Suddenly, Feng Xinglie took out his broadsword. He gripped it with both hands, his feet slightly apart. An invisible current of qi flowed around him.

“Look closely at how I circulate my spiritual yuan.” Feng Xinglie’s spiritual yuan gradually began to soar, and Long Chen clearly sensed its movements. It was circulating in the same way his own did.

But when his spiritual yuan entered his acupuncture points, a faint rune would light up within them. When that rune lit up, his spiritual yuan would explosively grow in power.

“What are these?” Long Chen was shocked.

“These are Split the Heavens’ divine runes; they are nourished within the acupuncture points. It’s like you’re raising experts within your body who will go all-out to help you once you use Split the Heavens. Now, be careful…”


Feng Xinglie’s power burst forth. His spiritual yuan poured through eighteen acupuncture points, growing in power eighteen times.

“Split the Heavens 2!”

Feng Xinglie slashed his sword down at Long Chen.

“Break!” Long Chen roared furiously, also slashing down with the second form of Split the Heavens. Both their moves were the same.

But Long Chen was horrified to see that when his attack struck Feng Xinglie’s sword-image, it instantly shattered.

Long Chen shot back like a shooting star, piercing straight through the mountain behind him. He almost vomited blood. This attack was absolutely terrifying.

“This attack is something I released with a Sea Expansion cultivation base’s power. Now you should understand why Split the Heavens is the priceless treasure of my Heaven Splitting Battle Sect,” said Feng Xinglie.

Long Chen wiped off some blood at the corner of his mouth, a fervent look in his eyes. Split the Heavens was actually much, much stronger than he had imagined. The stronger it was, the more exciting it would be for him.

“Third uncle, teach me!” said Long Chen. He was unable to control his own excitement.

“Yes, but before that, there are a few things you must know. After learning Split the Heavens, you cannot transmit it to anyone. Hehe, but that really is worrying over nothing. Without a body as powerful as yours and the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s unique canon, others would simply kill themselves if they tried to use it,” said Feng Xinglie.

“Getting back to the point, the old man told me not to investigate your secrets. So no matter what technique you use, the sect won’t care. You just can’t transmit Split the Heavens to others. Other than that, right now, you still haven’t joined the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, but you are still one of our disciples in name. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s disciples must be united like brothers. You can fight, you can mess around, but you can’t be vicious to your own brothers. That is a grave taboo. I trust your character, but I am afraid you might lose control of your temper. So, if you do find some disciples from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect annoying, you can beat them, but you can’t kill them,” said Feng Xinglie.

“Don’t worry, third uncle, I will never forget the kindness the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect has shown me. I’m not someone who forgets kindness,” said Long Chen. He was sure that the straightforward men of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect would be much easier to get along with than the people in the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Furthermore, considering he was still in the Xuantian Dao Sect, he wouldn’t have a chance to even interact with any disciples from the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“Furthermore… tch, I can’t be bothered to say so many useless words. In any case, I trust you. Open your soul to me. I will transmit the method for condensing and raising Split the Heavens’ divine runes…”

Six hours later, even with Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength, he felt incredibly dizzy after being imparted Split the Heavens’ secret techniques.

This was an extremely important part of Split the Heavens, and Feng Xinglie didn’t dare to be careless. Not only did he transmit the core of the techniques, but he also added in his own experience and tips, as well as some taboos.

“Many thanks for this favor, third uncle-”

“Don’t learn from those idiots and play around with these useless means. The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect doesn’t care for trivial things. If you’re grateful, just remember it in your heart. Just saying thanks has no meaning.

“You’ve now learned the way to raise Split the Heavens’ divine runes. However, this is a very slow process. You must do it steadily. Once the divine runes grow strong enough, you’ll see how strong Split the Heavens is. I’ve also transmitted the third and fourth forms to you, but remember, with your physical body, you absolutely cannot use the fourth form until you reach Foundation Forging. Otherwise, your body will explode!” warned Feng Xinglie solemnly.

Split the Heavens had harsh requirements when it came to a person’s physical strength and energy. However, its requirements for a person’s cultivation base were low. When Feng Xinglie had transmitted the technique to Long Chen, he had carefully examined his physical body and meridians.

He found that Long Chen’s physical body was even stronger than he had thought. But that made him worried that Long Chen would be young and impetuous. If he tried to use the fourth form, then it would be best if he failed to fully activate it. If he did and hadn’t reached Foundation Forging, he would definitely die.

“Alright, I’ve done everything I came here to do. I’ll be leaving,” said Feng Xinglie.

“Third uncle…” Long Chen was unwilling to part. Although Feng Xinglie was offhand and casual, he looked after him just like an elder. Long Chen was incredibly grateful.

“Don’t cry like a woman. That courage that you brought out when you killed people right in front of Kings is what makes you a man. Although the old man doesn’t like it when I talk so much, let me just say some final words. The Xuantian Dao Sect’s sanctimonious fellows are irritating. I despise them. So if you’re one day bullied, remember to send a message to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect in the Central Plains. We’ll help you. Okay, I’m really leaving now.”

Feng Xinglie laughed and pressed his foot down. He vanished from Long Chen’s vision.

He had come and left so suddenly, but his refreshing and no-nonsense attitude was something Long Chen wouldn’t forget for a long time.

Looking in the direction Feng Xinglie had left, Long Chen felt like he was in a dream. He felt overwhelmed by the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s favor and had never imagined that they would look after him so well.

“I’ll definitely remember this favor and repay it when I can. Wait, I forgot to give him some yuan spirit stones!” After all, yuan spirit stones were treasures that contained the original primal chaos energy when the world first formed. The energy within it was also beneficial to Kings.

But they were treasures that were most needed for Sea Expansion and Foundation Forging. They allowed a person to cultivate rapidly, which was why they were precious enough to cause people to go crazy for them.

Feng Xinglie had left. Long Chen sorted out his feelings and returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect. When he did, he saw a chaotic scene in front of him, as well as furious roars. Those voices were familiar.

Long Chen hastily rushed over and saw that the Xuantian Plaza was filled with disciples. Pushing through the crowd, he reached the center.

He saw Guo Ran and the others, with Li Changfeng and the Kings surrounding them. Lu Tianhua was cursing at the Dragonblood warriors.

Long Chen frowned. Then glancing at the ground, he realized what had happened. A strange expression appeared on his face.

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