Chapter 956 The Essence of Greed

“Long Chen, pay attention to your words! Don’t be rude!” shouted Ouyang Qiuyu.

Inside, she grumbled. Just what was this little brat thinking? Even if he wanted to refuse, couldn’t he have just directly said that he didn’t have any?

But he just had to insult them. Those were Kings he was insulting! Being disrespectful to them was a slap in their faces, and so Ouyang Qiuyu was driven to anger.

“Courtesy is for reasonable people. But I can’t be courteous to hypocrites wanting to kill me. These three came here with the excuse of avenging their dead, but it was all for my secrets. If it weren’t for sect leader and third uncle, who knows how I would be captured, or even what torture I would be suffering? You want me to be polite to such people? It’s just regretful my cultivation base isn’t high enough, or I’d personally cut off their heads,” said Long Chen indifferently.

The three Kings’ expressions turned ugly. Of course what they wanted was Long Chen’s secrets, but having that stated so openly infuriated them. Now they not only wanted to learn about the Eastern Wasteland Bell, but they also wanted the yuan spirit stones. Yuan spirit stones were extremely precious in the Martial Heaven Continent.

Other than the Eastern Wasteland Bell and the yuan spirit stones, the most important thing was how Long Chen had been able to turn ordinary people into Celestials. That was an ability every power desired.

“Good brat, you have some courage. Just say it and third uncle will help you cut off their heads,” laughed Feng Xinglie.

Everyone jumped in fright. If such words had come from another person, they would think it as nothing more than a threat. But anyone who understood the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect knew that these fellows didn’t know what a threat was. If they said they would do something, they would do it. 

But Long Chen shook his head. “Many thanks for your good intentions, but I’m a man. I will personally avenge my enmities.”

Li Changfeng sighed with relief. He really had been worried. One was young and impetuous, while one was incomparably tyrannical. They could do anything.

“Long Chen, you’re slandering us. I, Lu Tianhua, am someone with status and prestige within Pill Valley. How could I possibly do something so immoral because of greed?” said the Pill Valley’s King.[1]

The other two also glared at Long Chen, appearing infuriated. Now they even looked down upon Ouyang Qiuyu a bit as well as Long Chen.

Just now when Feng Xinglie had grabbed his sword, they had turned green with fright. But as soon as Long Chen refused, they once more displayed their insulted expressions.

“Lu Tianhua?”

Long Chen’s eyes suddenly lit up and he sneered. Having stayed in the Pill Tower for quite some time, he had learned quite a few secrets from Chai Liehuo and Fang Chang. The major matters of the Pill Tower were all reported to an Elder Lu of Pill Valley.

Thinking of that, Long Chen said, “Lu Tianhua, you really are brazen. You ignored Pill Valley’s rules to interfere with the mundane world’s matters? Good, very good, I look favorably upon you.”

“Nonsense, what are you saying?!” Lu Tianhua immediately became uneasy. He regretted reporting his name in his fury.

He suddenly realized that when Long Chen had heard his name, his eyes had brightened slightly. It seemed he knew some things.

“Lu Tianhua, I’m not talking nonsense. I’m sure you know the best that if the Remote Heaven Gang wanted to ask for help from Pill Valley, they would have to go through the Pill Tower. And the Eastern Wasteland’s Pill Tower is supervised by you, Lu Tianhua. When you received the news, instead of reporting it to Pill Valley, you came here on your own in an attempt to get selfish profit,” said Long Chen.

Lu Tianhua was stunned. He hadn’t expected that Long Chen would know so much. Even Li Changfeng and the others were startled, as even they hadn’t known this.

“Who said I came here selfishly? I… I only came here due to the higher-ups’ orders. I came here to mediate things with kindness-”

Long Chen waved his hand, cutting him off. “Don’t you think it’s boring to spout such nonsense? You’re the one most clear on the truth. Right now, you should just say your prayers. Pray that this matter doesn’t grow any bigger. If your opponents learn about it, they’ll inform the Pill Valley’s higher-ups. Then your good days will come to an end.”

Although Lu Tianhua concealed himself well, everyone here, with the exception of Feng Xinglie, was a wily old fox. They all saw through some clues. Li Changfeng smiled, admiration in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that Long Chen would know so much at such a young age. He was even able to handle Pill Valley’s expert.

“Long Chen, don’t talk rubbish. Brother Lu Tianhua came here with good intentions to mediate things. That kindness is something that blinds the sun and the moon. No matter how you put it, being peaceful is best for everyone. If we can turn a big matter into a small matter, and then just wipe away that small matter, wouldn’t it be wonderful for all?” said Li Changfeng.

His words subtly implied that the three of them should not go too far. After all, Long Chen was standing on the right side of things, and the Xuantian Dao Sect would protect him.

He was essentially saying that if their attitudes were better, there might be some room for negotiations. But if they weren’t, then they had better be prepared for this matter to blow up into a huge one. If they made things hard on the Xuantian Dao Sect, the Xuantian Dao Sect could also make things hard for them all.

Li Changfeng’s meaning was clear. Everyone should just try to peacefully discuss a way to let this matter be, and then this matter would be over.

This counterattack of Long Chen’s was extremely effective. The one Li Changfeng had been most worried about had been Lu Tianhua, but now Lu Tianhua was caught by Long Chen. He didn’t dare to do anything more, so now this matter was easy to handle.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s guess was also entirely correct. In such a huge power like Pill Valley, who didn’t have a bunch of opponents competing with them?

Lu Tianhua was silent, indicating he was retreating from this matter. He had never seen a person like Long Chen. He was practically a madman. But the most terrifying thing was that this madman knew how to use his brain.

Long Chen was someone who dared to do anything. Before he was assured of being able to kill him, he didn’t want to provoke him further.

As soon as they saw that he didn’t speak, the other two Kings sensed things had taken a discouraging turn. The ancient races’ King said, “No matter who is right or wrong, when you look at the results, it is my ancient races that suffered the most harm. Brother Changfeng, don’t you think you owe us an explanation?”

He didn’t want to talk to Long Chen, as he had tasted the sharpness of Long Chen’s tongue. A single sentence from him could choke him, so he’d rather talk to Li Changfeng. He represented the ancient races, and even if they were in the wrong, so many of them had died. That was a slap in the face to all the ancient races, and he had to gain back some prestige. Otherwise, the ancient races’ dignity would be gone. 

The ancient races and ancient family alliance’s Kings had come with the approval of their higher-ups. If they didn’t even dare to make a sound after suffering such losses, they would become the laughingstock of the cultivation world.

Li Changfeng nodded. “That is true. Just looking at the results instead of the course of events, it does seem like Long Chen went a bit too far.”

Long Chen was just about to open his mouth when Ouyang Qiuyu pulled him by the neck and clamped a hand over his mouth, not letting him say a word. She was definitely afraid of Long Chen now.

Li Changfeng pretended he didn’t see Ouyang Qiuyu’s actions, continuing, “But after all, Long Chen is young. He’s only in his early twenties, and his ability to understand right and wrong is still in the midst of developing. This matter can’t be blamed on children. If someone needs to be blamed, then the only ones to blame are the older fellows like us. We didn’t give enough care to our children.

“Long Chen, no matter what the reasons for your actions were, you killed too many people, and that’s wrong. Even if it was justified, it’s not justified to kill so many. For peace and harmony, split a few of your yuan spirit stones with them as an apology. You shouldn’t feel so aggrieved. As they’re all people with status and prestige, they have to maintain their dignity no matter what. You’ll understand when you grow up, so be a good child!”

Li Changfeng talked gently as if he was chiding a child and telling him to apologize. There was no way around that, as Long Chen was only amenable to soft coaxing like this. If he pushed him too hard, it would be over.

Only then did Ouyang Qiuyu let go of him, letting him speak. Looking at Ouyang Qiuyu’s beseeching expression, Long Chen sighed.

“Fine, an arm can’t beat a leg, and a man can’t beat a pack of wolves. Considering the sect master’s face, I’ll bring out everything I have.” A bitter expression of pain washed over Long Chen’s face.

The three Kings were delighted. Long Chen had formed a relationship with the aboriginals in the Immemorial Path, so they had definitely gifted him quite a few yuan spirit stones. Just from the yuan spirit stones supporting the grand protective formation, it was clear Long Chen had to have an enormous amount.

“Ah, thank you. You know, the truth is that we were all ordered by our higher-ups and had no choice but to come here. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have thrown away our face to make things hard on a child…” said the ancient family alliance’s King.

“Exactly, we were also forced. After all, we’re all people with certain statuses, and we had no choice… ah, I won’t talk about it,” said the ancient races’ King. But the light shining in his eyes completely sold him out.

“Good child, we definitely won’t let you suffer. If you need anything in the future, just send a message to Pill Valley. I, Lu Tianhua, will definitely come to support you…”

When Long Chen had said that he would bring out everything, Lu Minghan’s expression had changed, and he had been about to say something when Li Changfeng stopped him with a look.

“Here, this is everything I have. From now on, we can unite and work together peacefully.” Long Chen extended a hand, ignoring their nonsense. That pained expression was still on his face.

When the three of them saw what was in Long Chen’s hands, their applause and praise came to a sudden stop, and their expressions turned incredibly ugly. “Are you trying to dupe us!?”

[1] The Lu character in Lu Tianhua is a different one from Lu Minghan. 

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