Chapter 955 Not Having Any of It

“We could have resolved our differences with words? Who do you think your ancient races are? They were absolutely tyrannical within the Immemorial Path, forcing aside anyone who found treasures before them, and if they resisted, they would kill them. Do you not know the character of your ancient race disciples? Although you claim to be neutral, just how many outrageous acts have you committed? A wolf shouldn’t act like a sheep!” sneered Long Chen.

“Long Chen…” Ouyang Qiuyu pushed Long Chen lightly, meaning that he should take it easy.

The ancient races’ King’s expression sank. “Even if the ancient races were in the wrong, you can’t just slaughter them all!”

“Did I slaughter them all? Didn’t I leave you with quite a few?” Long Chen smiled icily.

“Quite a few my ass! Tens of thousands entered, but only a few thousand escaped. Furthermore, not one of the peak experts remained!” he raged.

“So what? The winner is king, and the loser is nothing. If I lost, not one of my people would have lived. By not killing all of them, I was already being nice to your ancient races,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“You’re absolutely shameless! You didn’t kill them all because you didn’t have that chance! Considering how vicious you are, if you had the chance, you wouldn’t have let any of them live!”

“You’re not me, so how would you know that? Didn’t I end up releasing the Righteous experts in the end? Are your eyes too blind to see how I always repay enmity with kindness?” asked Long Chen.

“You… I…”

“You, I? Do you still not know how to speak? Furthermore, don’t point at me with your finger. Did your parents not tell you that pointing at people is rude?”

The ancient race expert was about to go crazy. When it came to power, ten Long Chens were not his match. But when it came to a battle of tongues, ten of him would still be toyed to death by Long Chen.

He took a deep breath and forced himself to stay calm. “Then when the ancient races later came to the Xuantian Dao Sect to reason things out, why did you kill them all?”

“Reason things out? Are you sure your brain isn’t made of crap? When you reason things out with others, do you first destroy their sect and torture their people? Those idiots from your ancient races were going to destroy the entire Xuantian Dao Sect. Instead of killing them, was I supposed to treat them to a meal? Are you sure your head is screwed on right? You know what, speaking of which, didn’t you just say that even if others were in the wrong, you couldn’t slaughter them all? So why didn’t those ancient race experts just properly talk instead of wanting to kill us? When you try to advise others, you should first think about your own conduct,” sneered Long Chen.

The ancient race expert clenched his fists so hard that they turned white. He realized a cruel fact: when it came to eloquence, he wasn’t even close to the same level as Long Chen. If this continued, he would just lose more face. He switched topics, shouting, “What did you use to kill them all?”

Everyone’s ears perked up. Back then, Long Chen had used the Eastern Wasteland Bell. That scene had been recorded with photographic jades.

But the images recorded by the photographic jades were muddled and unclear. All it showed was a blinding flash of light. After that flash, the King items shattered and their wielders were killed.

Those photographic jades had been transmitted popularly throughout the Eastern Wasteland. All the Kings present had seen them and were very curious as to what that terrifying weapon was.

“That was just a fart,” said Long Chen.

“Impossible! You’re lying!”

“It’s the truth. When the air is bottled up for too long in the body, it will ferment and become another kind of energy. When the sunlight, wind, temperature, and atmosphere have all reached the perfect level, then adding on some exterior force, it’s possible to release a heaven-shaking power,” said Long Chen.

“What a fart!” raged the ancient race expert.

“You’re right, it really is an amazing fart. With this one fart, I killed your ancient race experts.” Long Chen nodded. He naturally wouldn’t say anything about the Eastern Wasteland Bell. He was just trying to infuriate this bastard.

Before leaving, the Eastern Wasteland Bell had told Long Chen to keep its existence secret. Otherwise, it would bring boundless karma. Although he still didn’t know what exactly the existence known as karma was supposed to be, he could sense the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s kind intentions. So he chose to trust it, and he didn’t say a thing about it.

This irritating attitude infuriated the ancient race expert. But he was unable to do anything to Long Chen. “So you refuse to tell the truth, is that it?!”

“I’m telling you the truth. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do about that.” Long Chen shrugged. With Ling Yunzi and Feng Xinglie here, he didn’t have anything to be afraid of.

Ling Yunzi supported him one hundred percent, and Long Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that he was a true expert amongst experts. He was worthy of being a sword cultivator. With such a powerful backer, if he really acted cowardly, then he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

In truth, the main goal for all these experts in coming here was to find out about that mysterious weapon. Any of their powers would go crazy to obtain such a treasure.

But since Long Chen refused to say, the ancient race expert didn’t dare to push him. The atmosphere became awkward for a long moment before Li Changfeng said, “Since Long Chen refuses to say, let’s just let that be. After all, that’s one of his personal secrets, and it doesn’t threaten any sect. He can keep it secret without harm. Furthermore, that thing left as soon as it finished attacking. I’m sure with everyone’s wisdom, you all deduced that someone like Long Chen is unable to control such a terrifying weapon.”

The Pill Valley’s King said, “We know that, but such a dangerous thing shouldn’t be kept in a child’s hands. Young people are impetuous, and who knows if in a fit of worry, whether or not he’ll lose control of himself? We’re doing this for Long Chen’s own good.”

Long Chen was amazed by this level of shamelessness. They were clearly trying to find some clues regarding the Eastern Wasteland Bell’s whereabouts, but apparently, it was for his own good.

Long Chen was just about to retort when Ouyang Qiuyu viciously glared at him. That glare gave him a chill.

Although Ouyang Qiuyu was a half-step King with a thousand years of experience, Long Chen’s display today was making her worry that her soul would flee in fright. His conduct was pushing the limits of her imagination. Even as a youth, she hadn’t dared to think of the things Long Chen was doing.

The Pill Valley’s King had clearly expressed that he wouldn’t continue investigating, so she had an urge to put a stopper in Long Chen’s mouth so that he couldn’t continue speaking.

Right now, she was praying for time to go faster so that these powerful Kings would hurry up and leave. Each time a King got angry, she would be on the edge of her seat, afraid Long Chen would be killed with the swat of a palm.

“Many thanks senior brother for your kindness. Long Chen is young, and as his seniors, we didn’t teach him properly, causing you to worry,” laughed Li Changfeng.

Long Chen was speechless. Seeing Ling Yunzi’s calm face, it seemed he was used to this kind of thing and numb to it. As for Feng Xinglie, his mouth was curled into a mocking sneer.

“Is there anything else? If not, I’ll leave first. My back has been bothering me lately. I’m tired, so I think I’ll take a nap.” Long Chen stood, stretching his waist and yawning.

He really was tired. The pressure had been extremely great during this time. With Meng Qi’s help, he finally relaxed, and only then was he able to sense how tired he was. 

Lu Minghan’s expression sank. He was about to chide him when a look from Li Changfeng stopped him. He definitely didn’t want to see Long Chen once more curse Lu Minghan in front of these people, nor did he want them to become any more hostile.

He was already clear on Long Chen’s temperament. He definitely couldn’t be handled with ordinary means.

Long Chen’s decision to leave caused Li Changfeng to smile without saying anything. But the Kings from Pill Valley, the ancient races, and the ancient family alliance all didn’t know what to do.

They looked at each other. The Pill Valley’s King thickened his face and said, “Long Chen, it seems you gained quite a bit in the Immemorial Path.”

Long Chen sneered inside. After he had come back from the Immemorial Path, the Dragonblood warriors had all become Celestials. That was a shocking move, and Long Chen had long since expected someone would ask him about it. Patting some dust off his sleeves, he indifferently said, “My gains were alright. I can just barely keep myself clothed and not hungry.”

“I wonder, just how many yuan spirit stones do you have?” asked the Pill Valley’s King.

“Why do you want to know?” Long Chen stared at him.

“Cough, what I mean is, if you do have more, I can represent Pill Valley to purchase a few,” he added.

“Purchase? I doubt it’ll be that simple. If I bring out the yuan spirit stones, you’ll ask me to compensate you. I killed your two disciples, I killed that many ancient race experts, and I killed so many disciples from the ancient families. But you want to purchase yuan spirit stones from me? Do you think I’m as stupid as you? Your people are dead, so you’ll ask these two Elders for some compensation. There’s no way to further investigate your people’s deaths, so you want to get a few yuan spirit stones instead.

“For a person to be shameless to this extent, I really have to admire you. Were all your years of cultivation spent on thickening your face? I don’t mind telling you that everything I have, I risked my life for. You want to take what’s mine? Fuck the hell off. All your losses were caused by yourselves and are unrelated to me. Don’t play this kind of game with me, because I’m not having any of it,” sneered Long Chen.

The three Kings’ expressions sank.

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